The Chilled Side to Thailand.

The Chilled Side to Thailand.

After a week or so in Thailand having spent a few days in Bangkok and then heading to Koh Tao on the overnight bus where I met some lovely people, went round the island on mopeds (on the back of course), went diving, did some yoga and watched the most amazing sunsets i felt like i was back in Thailand mode!



I spent 3 nights in Koh Tao and then headed to Koh Phayam. I hadn’t heard about this island until one of my travelling friends visited a few months earlier and said i would love it. When i told people where i was going they answered ‘Where’s that??’ which is exactly why i wanted to go!


Although the journey was long it really wasn’t that bad. The overnight boat was a lot better than the one I got in 2011 where it was just mattress on the floor! This boat had bunkbeds and we were assigned beds before we got on, there were a lot of locals as well as backpackers and I got a few hours sleep so it went pretty fast. Next was a mini bus from Chumpon to Ranong and then a boat over to Koh Phayam, there are 2 options, one which is 200TB and takes 2 hours or a fast boat which is 350TB and takes 40 minutes and after 12 hours of travelling I just wanted to get there so I got the fast boat along with 2 German girls that I met.



I had read that Koh Phayam didn’t have any cars so I was wondering how we would get from the pier to the beach that I wanted to stay at but of course they have mopeds and the taxi driver put our bags on the front by their feet and we sat on the back and headed to Aoi Yai (Long beach) and it was only 70TB. I hadn’t prebooked accommodation but had seen some recommended bungalows on Wikitravel so I started to search for them, this bit was probably the worst part as it was reaching 30c and walking along the sand with a backpack is not fun! At the start I was getting quoted prices of 600TB a night which was too much for me so I kept walking and found one for 400TB which I was happy with but then thought I’d check in 1 more place and i came across South Star Bungalows who had a bungalow for 200TB a night (£4 or $6.50)! Perfect! It was very basic, just basic bed in the room and an outdoor toilet with a hosepipe for a shower but that was all i wanted and needed and i couldn’t complain with the price.. plus it had a hammock out the front so it was great!



Koh Phayam is very quiet, on Wikitravel i had read that its like Koh Samui 30 years ago and i could see what people mean and this is exactly what i wanted to experience. The beach I stayed at had plenty of restaurants and a couple of bars tucked away although I wasn’t too bothered about drinking. It seemed that the main people that went there were slightly older Europeans and Americans. I did hear a few English accents about but not that many!

There was a great little vegetarian cafe just off Long beach which served shakes and Burmese food and i found myself there on a few occasions eating amazing food and reading a book.


The beach that I stayed at (Long beach) really is very long and also very wide, the sea always had waves which I wasn’t a fan of.. but perfect if you wanted to try a bit of surfing and the sand also seemed to be quite black where the tide would come in but you soon stop noticing it and over all I had a very good chilled time there and it was a beautiful place.. i definitely recommend it!




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