Yoga & Beach Life in Tonsai.

Yoga & Beach Life in Tonsai.

Once again, after being in Khao Sok I wasn’t sure where to go next.. there are just soo many options and place to visit in Thailand!

I had never been to Krabi and heard that Railay Beach was a must so I booked a mini bus to Krabi which was only a few hours and wouldn’t of been that bad had I not been sitting on the backseats in the middle of a family with 2 children and the girl then threw up!

I made it to Krabi town which was just very hot, sticky, busy town and I met a English guy who had been around that area a lot so I checked into my hostel in Krabi and got a taxi tuk tuk to Ao Nang and then a boat over to Tonsai beach with him.

I had been thinking about staying on Tonsai Beach but didn’t want to take my bags all that way as I wasn’t 100% on accommodation prices and this guy was the best person to have met as he took me where he had stayed before and we asked around for some prices so the next day I headed back there with my bags.


I ended up staying there 6 nights which is now the longest I’ve spent anywhere. It just had a really chilled out vibe and a young-ish crowd but not too young and there were 3 beaches you could visit.

Railay was the best of the beaches and very nice but it is full of resorts and people on holiday unlike Tonsai which is more for travellers. The tide around there is crazy, mid day it comes in really far and by 4:00pm its going out so you can walk between Tonsai and Railey Beach which saves you having to pay for a tail boat or doing the ‘jungle walk’ which is about an hour of going up and down a very steep hill and not that practical in flipflops.



I wanted to do some yoga there and without realising it i ended up staying right opposite ‘Tonsai Yoga studio’. The teacher was a very chilled Australian guy and the classes were very hard..i was literally sweating for a full 90 minutes every class (i was also pretty unfit) but they were good and I learnt a lot.

My days in Tonsai i ended up following a pattern of Yoga in the morning, breakfast and to get some wifi (as there weren’t many places with wi-fi which was kind of nice) and then visit one of the beaches, lots of sleep and again the same day which I really enjoyed!



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