Luang Prabang and the amazing Kuang Si Waterfall!

Luang Prabang and the amazing Kuang Si Waterfall!

My first stop in Laos after getting the slow boat was Luang Prabang. It’s a world heritage town which is very pretty and full of French Colonial style building and many temples located on the Mekong river.

I stayed here a total of 5 nights. Like Northern Thailand it was extremely hot here during the day, in the 30’s at least. I spent most days wandering around the town however I met up with some girls and a guy I met in Pai and we found an outdoor pool where we had a great day playing with the Lao kids and drinking cocktails at the pool bar, the Lao kids are so cute!



There is also a great night market down the main street which is full of EVERYTHING you could ever want to buy in Asia and they have some food stalls where you can load your plate up with as much food as you want very cheaply and their vegetarian friendly!


One of the main things to do in Luang Prabang is to visit Kuang Si Waterfall, I had seen pictures of this waterfall in 2011 and seen many pictures since so I couldn’t wait to go. We got a group of 6 girls together and took a tuk tuk there one morning from the town, we were told to get there early as by midday all the tour groups arrive and it gets really busy.

It really is an amazing waterfall, it starts with some small pools flowing into eachother at the bottom and the water is so blue and the further you walk up the side of the water the more pools you see until you then reach a huge waterfall pouring down with a pool you can swim in at the bottom. We were also told however to keep climbing higher as this wasn’t the best part so we started off uphill, there were steps to start with but then it turned into rock and mud steps and we kept thinking this must be wrong because it was such hard work! We actually ended up going too high and ended up right at the top of the waterfall but here there weren’t any pools and looking down we could see the blight blue pool we wanted to be in so we headed back downhill which was a bit annoying and then had to climb inwards towards the waterfall by climbing up some rocks with fast flowing water on, I was worried they would be slippery but actually it was a lot easier to do than it looked and we then reached the pool we were told about. It had a waterfall going into it and then you could sit on the edge like an infinity pool and look down at the pools below, it was pretty high up but the edge we sat on was quite wide so it also looked scarier than it was.

All in all it was a great day, it was definitely the best waterfall I’ve been to and will take a lot of beating.





Another thing I had heard about in Luang Prabang was the late night bowling as all the bars shut at midnight so after a few drinks at a cool bar called Utopia by the river we jumped in a tuk tuk to a bowling alley about 20 minutes away in the middle of nowhere. It was very surreal as the bowling alley had really bright lights and completely lit up not like bowling alleys at home and that’s where the drunken bowling began. It was actually a really good thing to do and I did pretty well. Some people where buying bottles of vodka and cheap Lao whisky but I just stuck with a Lao Beer and had a good time.


I really liked my few days in Luang Prabang, its a really pretty town with lots of temples to visit too and i would definitely consider going back in the future!


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