Reasons to live and work Down Under for a year…or two!

Reasons to live and work Down Under for a year…or two!

Sometimes it seems that everyone has been to Australia on a working holiday visa and there’s many good reasons for doing this, Here are just a few..

Its Easy!

  • For the majority of people you can go online and apply for a working holiday visa instantly by completing the form and paying a fee. Entry into the Country on this visa is valid for a year from when you first apply so you have time to plan and save money before going.
  • Although sometimes it doesn’t seem like it with their strong accents, English is spoken everywhere so if its your first trip away then theres no need to worry about the language barrier.
  • Flights to Australia are so common now so if you look properly and are flexible with your dates you can get a decent priced, non stop flight all the way there with no hassle.



  • Yes Australia is expensive but the average hourly wage makes up for this- on average you will earn $20-$25 an hour, this will apply for a bar job, a call centre job, labouring work etc and if you’re lucky and in the right place the pay can exceed this amount!
  • At the end of your stay in Oz you can claim all of your tax back (as along as you don’t earn over a certain amount within the year). I would definitely recommend getting an accountant to do this for you, you’ll pay them a small fee but its a great way of saving money. On this note you will also be paid Superannuation by all employers, this is basically Australia’s pension fund however because you are not a resident as soon as you leave you can claim this all back too (just remember to keep hold of all the paperwork otherwise you’ll never be able to claim it once leaving the country!)



  • When you first leave home to go Australia you may be a bit sad about leaving your friends from home but there are so many more friends to be met and you will meet them in Australia! Whether its through work or living in hostels or through friends of friends, you will meet people who are more like minded and up for a good time!
  • Sometimes you will be friends with someone for just a few weeks while working at the same place, other times you’ll decide to keep travelling together and be friends for longer and sometimes you might just be friends for the night while staying in the same hostel but either way they will leave a lasting impression on you and who knows where you’ll end up meeting up next!

Very True


  • Not all of your time will be spent tanning on the beach (as i learnt from living in Melbourne during winter) BUT they do have some of the best beaches in the world!
  • Whether you’re living in Sydney and have Bondi beach on your doorstep or you’re working your way down the East Coast there’s plenty of nice (and iconic) beaches to see.


Getting around

  • Australia is a big place and getting around my seem like hard work but if you keep an eye out on flights you can get some great internal flight deals. Subscribe to Jetstar and Tiger Air so you can get emails when they have sales on.
  • Australia also has buses like the Greyhound which can take you to and from most towns and cities and duration can be anywhere between 1-30 hours (note for the longer journeys it may actually be cheaper to fly)


There is so much to see!

  • As well as the amazing Beaches Australia has so many types of terrain. Firstly theres the awesome Cities– Melbourne is definitely my favourite and has been rated one of the top places to live in the World for many years running.
  • Then you have the jungle and rainforest, while on your East Coast trip you can take a trip right up north into the rainforest.
  • If you head into the centre of Australia or inland anywhere really you will soon hit roads where you see nothing but red for miles and miles.. They don’t call it the Red Centre for nothing!
  • And lastly, Islands.. Fraser Island was probably my favourite trip over my 2 years in Australia but there are also other islands you can visit while going down the East Coast which include the Whitsundays and Hamilton Island. Down South from Melbourne you can get to Phillip Island which is most famous for seeing Penguins but its also a really nice little sea side town. And of course there Tasmania which is part of Australia and actually fairly big compared to some Countries but to get there you need to fly or take the ferry.




You might not come home!

  • Lastly, if you really love it that much it is possible to be sponsored by your job and stay out there for good! Your job will need to be a fairly high skilled job and on the list of jobs that they need but i know a good amount of people who have done it and within 2 years you will get permanent residency and another a few years after that you can apply for citizenship and be the holder of an Australian Passport.
  • If living permanently in Australia isn’t for you then you will have still experienced a year away from home, living independently, having to find work and new friends and its likely this will be the start of your travelling adventures!



A few more reasons to go which speak for themselves are:

  • Goon!
  • Kangaroos
  • Hostel Life (you hate it but love it really)
  • Sunday Sessions
  • Tim Tams
  • Working out in public and no one looking at you strangely
  • Did i mention the MONEY??
  • The Weather

**Have you done a working holiday visa in Australia?? Let me know how it went for you!**



  1. January 21, 2015 / 3:47 am

    This sounds tempting! Is it easy to get a visa? Did you like the working environment? That hourly wage IS good, but I assume living expenses are higher than normal there? I may be wrong 😀

    • January 21, 2015 / 11:24 am

      It is really easy to get a visa for most countries. Its all done online!
      Yes the living expenses are higher but i still managed to save wayy more in oz even with paying for rent and reguarly going that than i do in the UK and that includes living at home still!
      I always say that in oz you can spend a lot if you want but you can also save a lot, i guess like anywhere it depends on how well you budget 🙂

  2. February 7, 2015 / 10:43 pm

    Thank you to be so kind to talk about this information.

  3. Amber
    March 29, 2016 / 11:42 pm

    I have a few friends out in Australia at the moment on working holiday visas and they all absolutely love it! Also have some family friends who permanently now live there however I’m kind of terrified to go to Australia for such as silly reason as well, because of the spiders! I’ve heard horror stories and seen pictures and I know I shouldn’t put of going for that reason I definitely think I’d like to go on a holiday first to get a feel for the place before deciding to stay for an entire year! Great post though! I’d love to do something like this one day!

    • March 30, 2016 / 6:56 pm

      Oh no don’t be scared of that! Literally in the cities its just like being in the UK! You won’t see any more spiders there than here! Maybe just go for a holiday first to see but i’m sure you would love it, especially if you have friends there! x

  4. April 3, 2017 / 10:47 am

    I’ve been reading through your Australia posts and its making me nostalgic of my own WHV in Oz! I didn’t manage to get my 3 months regional work done to stay another year but I really wish I had!

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