9 Ways to Settle in at Home After Travelling and to Make Sure You Leave Again!

9 Ways to Settle in at Home After Travelling and to Make Sure You Leave Again!

I’ve returned home 4 times between travelling in the last 5 years (and I’m currently at home now), the first time was for just over a year as I’d just done my very first trip to the USA and was saving to go to Australia and the following times were only 3-5 months between trips.

Coming home is hard.. Everything seems so boring in comparison to your adventure packed days while on the road, everything is the same as when you left, you’re back to the dreaded routine of work and you suddenly have parents to answer to.


Every time I’ve come back I’ve already had an idea of when I want to leave and where I’ll go but of course the reason I have to stay those few months is to work and earn the money so I can leave.

Often the problem with coming home is that you then get stuck at home! I’ve also seen it happen many times with people I’ve met travelling and stayed in touch with on Facebook where they’ve gone home, said they’ll be travelling again soon but in the midst of it all got in a relationship or found a job they liked or felt they needed to be a ‘grown up’ and settle down which resulted in them not leaving and now probably won’t leave. If these people are happy then that’s fine, who am I to judge but I know that doesn’t and won’t make me happy which is why I do always leave again.

One of my favourite quotes!

One of my favourite quotes!


Here are a few ways to help make being at home better AND to make sure you don’t end up stuck in a rut and not leaving again

1) Have a goal.
Have a country or section of the world in mind that you want to visit next and set a realistic time frame, this always helps me as I can ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’ before I’ve even landed on UK soil and it will help focus on saving money.


2) Save that money!
If you’ve gone from really budgeting while travelling then you’ll probably want to indulge once you’re earning again- buy a new phone, arrange drinks with friends you haven’t seen in ages and buy new clothes ect but you need to remember the more you spend the longer you’ll be at home!
Think of it in relative terms, a night out that costs £40-£50 could get you over a weeks accommodation in South East Asia and I know what I’d prefer!


3) Be a tourist in your home Country.
Just because your home it doesn’t mean the travelling and sightseeing has to stop. When i’ve came home I’ve realised just how beautiful the countryside is around me, how close I live to London and just how awesome London is!

When travelling people rave about the UK, they want to visit London so much or love it if they have been so try and see your home country/town from a tourist perspective and you might just see it differently than before.


4) Appreciate the little things.
Obviously travelling and being away from home is great but from time to time I miss little things so now is the time to appreciate them whether it’s being able to cook what ever you want when you want, drive a car, watch Sky TV, have brilliant internet connection, a comfy bed, your own room (this is a biggie if you’ve been spending a lot of time in hostels!), appreciate it now before it’s gone again!


5) Catch up with people.
Again another thing we miss while away is our friends and family. Now you’re back make the effort to see them. Depending on how long you’ve been away for some friends have probably got used to you not being around and now have a new circle but if you make the effort to get in touch I can guarantee it will be like you saw them last week.. With a few extra adventure stories to tell.


6) Use the friends still travelling as motivation.
Another way to make sure you leave again is to keep in touch with people you met travelling, some may still be travelling, others settled in a new place to live and work and if they are they’ll be posting great Facebook status’ and photos. Don’t not look at them because you’re jealous, use them as a motivation to know that soon you’ll be back out there and living that care-free, full of adventure life once again!


7) Use this time as planning time!
Personally I like to plan, not over plan but have a good idea of where I want to go on my next trip, the best route and what to do in each place. Use this time at home (and good internet connection) to plan your next move, look into visas, travel costs, things to do ect. Not only will this help know how much money you’ll need but be a great motivator and get you exited!


8) Don’t be in a job you hate.
At least try and get a job that you don’t mind getting out of bed for, being home can be hard enough if you really don’t want to be there so try and get a job that you like and that will look good on your CV especially if you want to move and work in another country as often you’ll get the best opportunities at home as you don’t have visa issues etc.


9) Book a ticket!
And finally sometimes the best motivation we can get to save more money is to book the ticket and know that you’re definitely leaving and have a definite date. Make sure you’re realistic about this as having the date become closer without the funds you wanted wont be fun but finally when people ask (and they will and often in a mocking/jealous tone) ‘so when are you off again??’ You can give them an exact date and stop any apprehensions that you might just ‘stay at home and settle’… Because let’s face it settling is boring!

I hope this helps motivate you if you’re home! I’m at home until October time but keeping all these above things in mind!

Do you have any other tips?

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  1. Jessica Klein
    June 8, 2016 / 5:40 pm

    Loved this post! You are one of those facebook travel inspiration friends for me right now. Where you off to in October? 🙂

    • June 8, 2016 / 6:23 pm

      Ah that’s good to hear! I wrote this last year so October was when I left to do the Middle East and Asia and see you again! 😀
      You seem to be making the most of where you are now though! X

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