Do We Ever Get Over Travel Nerves??

Do We Ever Get Over Travel Nerves??

Just over 1 week ago I left the UK to start my next adventure- 3-4 months of travelling around the Middle East and South East Asia before arriving in New Zealand to start a working holiday visa.

I’d spent from June to October at home working, planning and waiting for this trip, however the night before I was due to leave I had major travel nerves!

I kept thinking ‘you’re only going to Turkey to start with, I mean it’s still in Europe!’ but once again I doubted whether I should be going, why I was doing it and why I couldn’t be happy in one place instead of insisting on seeing the world!

Nerves should never stop our 'Wanderlust'!

Nerves should never stop our ‘Wanderlust’!

I’d had the same travel nerves at this start of this year as I was flying to Brazil where I spent 3 months in South America and it took me a good 5 days or so to really settle back into the travelling lifestyle.


Luckily, this time it literally took me 24 hours, when i arrived in Turkey I was pretty tired from getting up early that morning and it was a hard goodbye as I knew I’d be away for 1-2 years and I stayed anxious the whole day and night but thankfully those feelings soon subsided and I was back in travel mode, feeling happy and independent, enjoying seeing new things and ready to take on all these new places.


From my trips in the last few years along with moving to Australia for 2 years, I’ve found that the longer I have between trips then the more nervous I get which i guess makes sense as I’m out of the travelling routine. And don’t get me wrong, even when i’m on the road I still get nerves while on the way to the airport or at arriving at the bus station but not as intense as at the start of the trip.

I think that when you’re leaving for a trip to somewhere you haven’t been before you’re always going to get these nerves!

I also think that travelling solo definitely enhances these nerves, at least when you travel with someone or have someone to meet at your destination you feel like if something goes wrong you have someone to help out and someone in the same position.


Ultimately although these pre travel nerves are going to keep happening I guess we can look at them as a positive- although I was ready to leave home and explore the world again it makes me appreciate that I have a home and people at home that I will miss.

Pre-travel nerves are a mix of excitement as well and we never want that feeling to leave us otherwise we definitely know that what we’re doing is no longer right for us!

And lastly although we are nervous about getting on that plane and landing in foreign lands, at least we’re the ones doing it and before we know it, like me now, we’ll be back in travel mode and thinking how silly we were to be so nervous!

One of my favourite travel quotes.

One of my favourite travel quotes.

Do you always get travel nerves and how long do they usually last??

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