My First Vlog! Exploring Copenhagen!

My First Vlog! Exploring Copenhagen!

So my first Vlog has just gone live on my YouTube Channel and although i am quite nervous incase people think its rubbish I’m also really excited!


Firstly if you’re reading this it’s likely you know what a ‘Vlog’ is, but if you don’t then it’s basically a video blog so instead of you just reading about my trip you can now just watch it!

I first became aware of ‘vlogging’ by the Queen of Travelling Blogging- World of Wanderlust as throughout her trip in 2014 she was regularly filming what she was doing and sharing it on Youtube and ever since then her Vlogs have just got better and better and I’m still obsessed with watching them.

Infact, when i went to South America at the start of 2015 i wanted to film it in a vlog style SO much but i just didn’t have the confidence and i also didn’t take a laptop which would have made it hard to edit so i didn’t, however looking back i would have got some incredible footage!

I continued to be scared of this filming yourself in public, talking to a camera, having people possibly stare thing for quite a while until last weekend when i headed to Copenhagen for a 2 day trip with a newly brought Sony a5000 Camera with a flip screen perfect for filming myself!


Most recently I’ve been obsessed with Zoella & her boyfriend Alfie Deyes who are vlogging machines, Alfie has been doing a daily vlog for the last 2 years and recently, more often than not, i find myself spending 20 minutes of my day watching what he did the day before..! Another big inspiration recently is PsychoTraveller a British girl who lived in Oz and New Zealand for a few years and is now back to travelling through Asia whilst also writing a book and vlogging every few days!


Anywho, although i can’t see daily vlogging happening in my future any time soon (but who knows!), I am going to keep vlogging the trips that i do as i really enjoyed filming it (even if i did get a few stares) and i also really enjoyed editing the video (although it can get a little frustrating).


For now, here is my very first vlog from Copenhagen.

**If you have any feedback or comments on how i can do better on my next one then let me know!**



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