A Few Hours in Singapore Solo on a Budget!

A Few Hours in Singapore Solo on a Budget!

I arrived in Singapore at about 12:30PM from Phuket and needed to go back to the airport in less than 24hours (I’ll explain why in my next post) I had been to Singapore airport twice before on my way to Australia but I had never been outside of the airport.. the airport is pretty amazing though so the city had a lot to live up to from what I had seen already!


I got a shuttle bus from the airport for $9SGD although I could of got the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) for $2 and it turned out to be really easy to use so I should have got that really but I just wanted to get to the hostel without any trouble so the shuttle bus seemed more appealing.


I stayed at The Green Kiwi Hostel on Lavender street which was a really good location and close to 2 main train stations . It was one of the cheaper hostels online with a good rating and the hostel was very busy so really good if you wanted to socialise although the rooms were very small! By this time it was about 3:00PM so I only had a few hours, I knew I wanted to go to Marina bay and see the hotel so I got on the MRT which was very clean and well air conditioned and air con was exactly what you needed as it was very humid outside.


I got off at Chinatown first and had a little walk around but it was just full of stalls selling the same stuff you see all over South East Asia and people shouting at you so I just headed straight to Marina Bay and walked around there for a few hours.

The hotel itself is huge and it would have been good to go to the top and see the city from there but being on my own and being on a budget I didn’t fancy it. I had some dinner and got some randomers to take photos of me (one down side to travelling alone). Marina Bay does look amazing when it starts to get dark, the hotel does a laser show and the city skyline opposite all lights up and it looks really incredible. I guess that it’s always busy but I was there on a Saturday night so there were probably a lot of locals around too and as I walked around the bay they had a lot of different set of lights for children to play with which was really nice.

At 9:30PM I headed back to the hostel, the city feels very safe to be in especially alone and Singaporians speak very good English so it was very easy to get about. I had an early night as I had a day of travelling ahead of me.



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