Getting Sick on Koh Lanta, Thailand but Being in Paradise!

Koh Lanta had been on my list to go to since I was in Thailand in 2011 and as i had a flight to Singapore from Phuket it made sense to head there last as its one of the closer islands to Phuket.

 I took a boat from Tonsai to Koh Lanta which didn’t take too long and i topped up my tan by sitting outside. While on the journey i met 2 lovely Canadian girls, we were all thinking of looking for accommodation on Long beach so we took a tuk tuk there, we had a name of a hostel in mind- Chill Out House but when we got there it was full (and in the end im glad it was as it was very cramped and not as close to the beach) so we dropped our bags and had an ask around in the other places, there were so many sets of bungalows but they were all saying full or quoting very high prices!

Baring in mind I only met the girls about 3 hours earlier we found a room for 3 people for 750TB a night with aircon really close to the beach which was a great deal between all 3 of us so we went for that.


Long beach on Koh Lanta was lovely! Very similar to Koh Phayam but busier (although still not that busy!) and with more bars and resorts.. I guess it was once like Koh Phayam before they had more travellers arriving, however considering all the places said they were full when we arrived all we kept asking was ‘where is everybody then?’ so it really didn’t seem as full as it obviously was which was nice.


I had done some research on Koh Lanta and wanted to see the old town and head to some of the smaller beaches and maybe carry on with yoga however my immune system had other plans!

One of the girls I met had been sick about a week before and the other had been sick just 2 days before so was still recovering after getting food poisoning which made me go on about how I hadn’t been sick at all yet and hadn’t been sick in ages actually!

Well.. the first night one of the girls got sick again and was in bed all the next day, this day I did manage to get out on the beach and do some sunbathing but not too much else and that night went for dinner with the girl who was well and the restaurant we went to had Indian food on the menu and I thought I haven’t had Indian for a while so ordered a naan and dahl and joked how I would probably be ill now and this happened to come true at 2:00 in the morning so I didn’t have a great night and this is the reason I was glad of aircon and not being in a dorm room and also really pleased that I was with 2 people who had been going through this recently so i knew i would get through it!

Therefore the following 2 days were spent sleeping and chilling in the shade, but at least I still had a brilliant view and thought life really could be worse and when I did finally manage to eat I stuck to Western food for awhile!


A few days later I had a flight out of Phuket to Singapore so the day before my flight I got a boat to Phuket, this included changing boats at Phi Phi which also involves the Thai’s just throwing your bags from one boat to another (a little scary as your whole life is in those bags)!


I stayed in Phuket Blue Hostel which is in Phuket Town. Like Krabi town it was just so hot, humid and busy! It takes me a while to get used to crossing the roads when I haven’t been in a town for so long and when there’s no crossings, just mopeds and cars everywhere but you soon get used to just walking out and they will dodge you! Although there wasn’t much to do in Phuket town I found it interesting because it hasn’t been designed for tourism so all the malls and restaurants and markets are for the locals which was really nice to see and to observe.

The next morning I got a public bus from the town to the airport which took about an hour and a half and was only 100tb so I was very pleased with that!



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