A Few Days Kuala Lumpur Solo & on a Budget!

A Few Days Kuala Lumpur Solo & on a Budget!

After Sumatra it was on to my next Country- Malaysia and after a short 1 hour plane journey from Medan i arrived in Kuala Lumpur. I got the MRT from the airport and found my hostel located in china town really easily.

I arrived around dinner time so headed out to find some food. I always like to see what chinatown is like in different cities but I’m starting to find that they always seem the same- people shouting trying to sell their fake bags, clothes ect ect, smells of some very weird food and just a general dirty smelly place.. However they do hold a lot of history behind those fake Gucci handbags.

The next day my first aim was to track down the famous and iconic Petronas Towers. I got the train to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur city centre), the transport system is extremely easy, cheap in KL.

I got out of the station and looked up and realised I was right next to one of the towers which also had a huge mall inside. I ventured round the side of the tower as I knew there was a grassy area perfect for photos as I had seen it in so many other peoples photos and I found it pretty easily.
It’s funny because they’re just 2 towers full of offices and there’s plenty of other skyscrapers around but they just stand so prominently.. Maybe because there’s 2 of them built exactly the same or maybe because they’ve just become so iconic you can’t help but look at them and take a million pictures (like Sydney’s opera house which is not that pleasant to look at but you can’t help taking photos).



The next place on my list to visit was Bukit Bintang which is also in the heart of the city and full of more malls. Once I got there I wasn’t too sure what to do so I got some lunch in quite a trendy bakery with wifi and read that Malaysia’s biggest shopping mall was just over the road. It has 10 floors, over 1000 shops and a roller coaster inside! The size was quite overwhelming and all the shops were Asian brands so luckily for my purse nothing really caught my eye and I left empty handed.



The following day I wasn’t too sure what to do with myself. I didn’t know what else there was to see and I couldn’t be bothered to head to a temple outside of the city and climb the 200 odd steps there in the heat as I had considered I could do (I’m such a bad tourist lol) so I decided that chinatown and the infamous petaling street of chinatown was right on my door step so I should check it out.
I walked all the way down this infamous street and don’t really understand again what the fuss is about. It’s just china town :/ but maybe I just wasn’t getting it! I found another street cafe and had some very good pineapple fried rice and headed back to the hostel for again for some well needed air con!
I headed back to KLCC in the afternoon to wander and watch the world go by over a Starbucks (they love Starbucks here) and while I was feeling soo cultural I decided to go to the cinema!! I can report Malaysian cinemas are the same as western except some how managed to be even colder than American cinemas!! Luckily I had prepared by wearing long pants and a cardi but socks would have been ideal.. And their popcorn is very good!

I was waiting for it to go dark so I went for dinner (another western meal though opps) and then finally was able to see the towers in the dark!
Again it’s so crazy because they are just man built towers but at night they stand so strongly and you can really see the design a lot better! The pond outside the shopping mall and below the towers had a water show going with lots of lights which was very pretty and people were just sitting around and watching so it was a very relaxing atmosphere.
This was the end of my stay in KL, it was short but sweet and I’m sure there see more things to do if you spend the money but I was personally ready to leave after the 2 day there.


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