Booking a Spontaneous Trip to Indonesia!

My initial ‘plan’ after Singapore was to head to Malaysia and spend a few weeks there before meeting some friends back in Thailand however after doing some research and speaking to some travelling friends on Facebook I realised i would have way too much time in Malaysia before i needed to meet my friends in 5 weeks time. I saw a another friends status which said she was in Bali and the only reason I had ruled out Indonesia was because I heard it was out of season and might rain but I had heard of a few people heading that way recently and so many people talk about it in Australia because it’s so close so I thought that’s where i want to go!

While in Phuket I booked a flight to Denpasar in Bali for the day after I arrived in Singapore so before I knew it I was back at the airport but as I said I love Singapore airport so I really didn’t mind! (Free internet, movie rooms, plenty of food options, themed gardens and just general niceness= the best airport ever).


I arrived in Bali and got a taxi to Legion where I was staying and we drove through Kuta which I knew I wouldn’t like as I knew it was very touristy and busy and full of resorts for Australians on their holiday. I had prebooked a nights accommodation in a dorm room at ‘The island hotel Kuta’ and when I checked in the guy asked me what I was going to do tomorrow and I said I would probably leave to go to the Gilli islands and he said that tomorrow was silent day so I wouldn’t be able to leave the hotel or else you get fined.. Well that was news to me and I figured that was why my flight was so cheap!

So I booked another night there and thought a day chilling wouldn’t be too bad and the dorm room was really nice and spacious and we had a pool. ‘Silent day’ is a Balinese religious day and Hindu new year also known as ‘Nyepi’ and their thought is that on this day and night monsters and evil spirits will fly over Bali and if they see light or hear noise then they will descend upon this hence why everybody has to stay in and at night all lights need to be turned off (which made the sky full of stars and it looked incredible). Also on the night before they have a street parade where they carry monsters and demons and then take them to the beach and burn them so that was interesting to watch and be out with all the locals.

The day went pretty quickly, we had a small restaurant in the hotel so it wasn’t too bad and I met some nice girls although we had a group of English girls and guys who got really drunk and wouldn’t be quiet at night so the police came in but there wasn’t much they could do and it wasn’t enough to fine them or take them to the station it was just really sad to see how disrespectful they could be.

The following i was then on my way to Gilli T!



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