Heading to the Jungle of Bukit Lawang in Sumatra, Indonesia!

After 4 days in lake toba it was time for another travelling day (and I was hoping that my tummy would be okay as it still wasn’t better!). The next stop was Bukit Lawang which is also in North Sumatra and on the edge of a National Park in the jungle.

This journey consisted of a boat ride back to the main land and then an 8 hour mini bus ride. I had met 2 Americans who were staying at the same guesthouse and they were heading there on the same day so it was nice to travel with them and the journey was surprisingly not that bad! The driver was a lot better than the one I had before and it wasn’t tooo cramped either.


I had reserved a room at a guesthouse in Bukit Lawang (Green Hill) and was told they would send someone down to meet me when I arrived so to wait for them and they would have my name and when we arrived I realised why they said this because we got dropped at the bottom of a path with a lot of people trying to sell their accommodation and jungle tours.
The person didn’t actually arrive and after waiting awhile we decided to follow another group as I knew their accommodation was next to ours. Once we headed up the path we could see the river going a long side of us and it looked beautiful it was so clear! All the guesthouses and restaurants were then a long this path and the further we got the nicer it looked!

I had reserved a basic room for 60,000 because I thought i’d be good and be budget friendly but when I arrived i just didn’t like the feel off it so the next day i got up and started to look for accommodation straight away and found a room in a guesthouse I had looked into online (Sams Bungalows) it was a bit more than I had wanted to pay- 150,000 rupiah but it was definitely a case of you pay for what you get here! I was really happy with the room though. The bed was so comfy and it looked over the jungle and had a balcony and hammock and the bathroom only had part a roof so you could see the jungle while having a shower!

I met up with the 2 Americans and we went for a walk a long the river, booked a jungle trek for the next day and then eventually tracked down a restaurant with wifi as apparently the jungle doesn’t do wifi!



In the afternoon I went back to my balcony and lay on the hammock with some biscuits id brought a few days earlier. It did cross my mind not to take them out but it soon passed and I did anyway. I started to hear a lot of banging but thought it was someone doing some work and then next I sensed something next to me. I looked and it was a monkey! And just as I looked at it it looked back at me with a cheeky face and then snatched my biscuits from on the floor next to me! I got up so fast and ran inside and closed the door and saw it run over the top of other rooms with another 2 monkeys running after it screeching and trying to get the packet! It didn’t give them up though and then disappeared back into the trees. The others then thought that my balcony might still have some other goodies on so they kept walking around it and on the railings so basically for the next 30 minutes I was held hostage in my room by monkeys!




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