Falling in Love with Gilli T, Indonesia as a Backpacker!

The Gilli islands are a group of 3 islands just off Lombok which is an island next to Bali and I knew I wanted to go the most popular one of which is called Gili T as I had heard so much about it so after silent I headed straight there. We took a mini bus for about 2 hours and then a fast boat for about an hour and a half and had a 2 hour wait inbetween so it felt like another fairly long day of travelling.


As soon as I arrived it looked like everything I thought it would be.

There are no cars and not even any mopeds on the islands just bikes and horse and carts (don’t even get me started on this, it breaks my heart every time I see a pony and from what I’ve read online too I can’t believe they still operate with them as I’m sure it brings a lot of criticism and negativity to the island) the main part of the island is full of bars, restaurants, travel and dive shops, guesthouses ect ect and the rest of the island is mainly resorts for not so backpacker people.

I met a nice Irish girl in my hostel in Bali and we headed to both of the big hostels to look for accommodation. We arrived ‘Gili backpackers’ and ‘Gili hostel’ but they were both full so we got a room in a guesthouse for the first night then moved to Gili backpackers for 2 nights and then I moved to Gili hostel for my remaining 3 nights as the hostel was a lot better with bigger rooms.



I like to know where abouts I am and my surroundings so on our first full day we hired a bike and rode around the island stopping at various nice resorts and buying a drink and using their nice sun beds and pool (I actually did this for quite a few days.. Flash packing rather than backpacking!) the sea is so clear and the sand is so white so that was a day well spent seeing this beautiful island.




The diving around here is amazing and the water is so clear, I looked into doing a dive but decided that if I want to keep doing dives here and there I need to get my PADI and decided i’d get that somewhere else in Indonesia so I just did a snorkelling trip which was so cheap and still had brilliant visibility, we saw about 3 big turtles which was a tick off the bucket list and stopped in 3 different places.



Overall I have loved it here, it’s very chilled but has a good and constant nightlife too. The beaches aren’t that great to actually sunbathe on but you can go to one of the resorts and use their ‘beach’ with sun loungers and possibly their pool too and I’ve realised why everyone raves about it so much!

Its definitely Gilli T Love <3


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