Back to the islands of Thailand.

Back to the islands of Thailand.

I headed back to Thailand on a mini bus from Georgetown.. Well actually it was a total of 3 mini buses! The first picked us up and took us to the Malaysian border where we got out and got our passports stamped, the next took us to the Thai border where we got out and got our passports stamped and the then took us all the way to Krabi totalling 10 hours which was a bit annoying as they told me 8 hours but I’ve learnt not to trust what they say!


I stayed the night in Krabi and got a boat to Phi phi the next day and met 2 of my friends from Australia there. As it was their holiday and it was my birthday while i was there we splashed out and stayed in a nice hotel with a pool.

We had a great few days there, i love the nightlife in Phi Phi so we celebrated my bday with some buckets and dancing on the beach and even fitted in a boat trip while very hungover.

Phi Phi had changed a lot since i was there in 2011, its main beach was really dirty this time round and it seemed even more cramped than it did before. Its such a shame because it is an amazing island and i fear that it won’t be around to accommodate tourists in a few years due to the rubbish and pollution.




Next i was heading back to Koh Lanta and although it was nice it was a bit of a disappointment from when I was there in March as was now low season in that area as the rainy season is coming so the waves where huge and it was generally really quiet so we got a bungalow right by the beach, drank coconuts, had massages and tried to fix our bodies as I had been ill again while in Phi Phi! However its wasn’t a bad way to spend a few days.



Next was Patong in Phuket. This is where all the ‘holiday makers’ go especially the Aussies and in my opinion it’s awful! I mean I knew it would be and secretly I did just want to visit to see how bad it really was.

Our main reason for going was the nightlife and we did have 2 good nights out on Bangla Road.

Anyway, I had a great time with my friends and it was good to have some friends that i actually knew rather than just met but I couldn’t wait to start the next part of my trip so I booked a flight to Chiang Mai from Phuket to finally start Northern Thailand!


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