Visiting & Loving Georgetown in Malaysia!

Visiting & Loving Georgetown in Malaysia!

My last stop on my 10 day, short trip in Malaysia was Penang which is an island on the North West connected to the main land by a bridge. I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I had heard good and bad things so now it was up to me to decide.

I stayed in Georgetown which was the main city in Penang, it’s full of old British colonial style buildings which gives it a real European look but it has a huge Indian, Chinese and Malay culture which is very different to many other towns and cities.

I stayed in a hostel called ‘the 80s guesthouse’ on ‘Love Lane’ and it may be one of the best hostels I’ve stayed in. The building was nice and very quirky and the staff were so friendly and it was just a generally comfy, homely place.

I had a walk around Georgetown the afternoon that I arrived and saw some of the streetart that is now famous there. I liked what I saw but I felt that already in those 2 hours I had seen it and wondered what I would do the following days. That evening there was a huge storm, It normally rains for an hour or so around 5-6 this time of year but this time it rained from 5.30-9.00 non stop with thunder and lightning the whole time too so I had to have a pretty late dinner that evening and wasn’t able to check out the street food that Georgetown is also famous for!




I was very wrong in my thoughts about Georgetown as the next day I set off to explore more of the city, track down some of the cute cafés there and check out the amazing food that it is known for and I had a great day and completely fell for the city! Every corner I turned there was something different, whether it was streetart or a certain building, a temple or more food. It got very hot during the middle of the day but I battled the heat occasionally going into air con places to cool down. The traffic there is also crazy (just like the rest of Asia!) there’s hardly any crossings so it’s just a case of walking out but I feel like I managed to get it in the end.. You just walk and the traffic will dodge you! And don’t hesitate!!
For lunch I went to little India and got some samosas and other fried Indian treats (so bad but so good) and it cost me the equivalent to 36p/56cents!!! And it filled me up for the rest of the day!


I actually had a huge Indian craving while I was there as I hadn’t had a curry since I was ill in Thailand over a month before and seen as Indian is just as authentic (and great for vegetarians) as Malaysian food in Penang is I ended up eating Indian every evening and nearly every lunch.


I met 2 American girls in my hostel room who were really nice and the following day two of us when to Kek Lok Si which is the biggest Buddhist temple in South East Asia. It really was huge and very beautiful! We got there mid morning and by the time we were leaving at 12ish it was soo hot! Especially because I was in long pants and a t-shirt. Luckily their public buses are also air conditioned very well so we cooled down on the way back.



I hadn’t been to a yoga class since I was in Ubud and saw a yoga studio just down the road from where I was staying so I did a class there which was good and different to classes I have done recently.
I decided to stay one more day in Georgetown as I was really enjoying it. I couldn’t really spend another day wandering around the city so I got a public bus to a beach, i realised I hadn’t been to the beach in about 3 weeks so it was much needed.. Although again it was extremely hot!



I really enjoyed Georgetown and Penang and feel that I could of stayed there for another 2 days at least! While travelling Malaysia and meeting other travellers I also realised there’s a lot of other places that I hadn’t heard of or looked into and in the end I realised I could of stayed in Malaysia for another week or so with plenty to do (I stayed for about 10 days in total) however I had to get back to Thailand ready for my birthday and to meet some friends.
Malaysia was short but sweet and I’m really pleased I went there and checked it out!


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