Border Crossing from Laos to Cambodia.

Border Crossing from Laos to Cambodia.

I’d heard and read some bad things about crossing the border into Cambodia by land but my experience crossing from the 4000 islands in Laos was absolutely fine, i think the worst crossing is from Thailand into Cambodia but in general they seem to have really cleaned things up in the last few years.


We got a boat back over from Don Det to the mainland where we stopped and exchanged some money into US Dollars and then went to the bus station. When we got there a guy was handing out forms and telling us we needed to complete this and hand it in along with our passport and $30USD. I had read that the visa was $25 but a few posts said when going through the border control and doing it themselves they had to pay $2 each side for a stamp so i was happy paying $30 for them to do it for us.

We then got onto a bus and headed towards the border which wasn’t too far. We had to get out and walk across the border, our bags stayed in the bus as we stayed on that bus all the way to Phnom Penh. We had to wait the other side for 30 minutes or so but this gave us a chance to have some food at the many stalls that were set up.



Next thing we knew we were having our passports handed back with our visa printed on a page for a months stay in Cambodia! It was so easy and stressfree! We then continued in the bus to Phnom Penh which took about 8 hours, the roads were just like everybody had described.. very bumpy but it wasn’t too bad!


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