An Abrupt End to South East Asia After Going To Hospital in Thailand!

Over the next few days after the Full Moon party my foot got worse from stepping on the broken beer bottle at the Jungle Party so once we arrived in Koh Samui I visited the hospital there. The staff were so great and friendly to me but my foot was infected by this point which meant they had to cut into it and in short I ended up with a hole in my foot!

After a few days struggling on crutches I knew I needed to go home so I headed back to Bangkok on an overnight bus (luckily my friends were with me and helped me with my bags and things) and flew that day back to Heathrow.




I was gutted but I knew there would be a reason behind it! I mean it was nice to head home as i had been away for 17 months (12 months in Australia and 5 in Asia) which is the longest time i’ve been away for so far, gather my thoughts, see my family and friends, enjoy the comforts of western life and earn some money ready for my next trip.

It’s also made me appreciate even more how much I have done in the last few months, the places I’ve been and the amazing people I’ve met and i know that as soon as its healed i will be back on the road again!



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