Exploring the Malls of Bangkok & Staying Outside of Khao San Road!

Exploring the Malls of Bangkok & Staying Outside of Khao San Road!

The last two times I had been to Bangkok I has just arrived in Thailand and stayed on the oh so famous ‘Khao San road’ and although it is definitely a must do I decided that this time I was going to stay in another part of the city, close to public transport and a bit of greenery!

I stayed in ‘Etz hostel’ which was a great hostel and not too expensive and had a street full of cheap night market food just outside which was great!



On my first day I headed to ‘Terminal 21’ a shopping mall a girl I had met in Malaysia had told me about, it’s designed to be like an airport and every level is a different country, it was pretty cool especially the London and San Francisco floors. To go here I also had to use the MRT and sky train and while in those stations I felt like I could of been in with KL or Singapore they were so alike and so easy to use!



That evening I met up with my best friend from home who had a stop over on her Emirates flight and we headed out for drinks, we did end up on Khao San road but the drinks are cheap there and you know you’re in for an interesting night which resulted in many buckets, a club and then mcdonalds!

The next day was Nikki’s birthday and although we had planned to spend the day doing something a bit ‘cultural’ we actually slept for most of it in the Holiday inns amazingly comfy beds and then just got a pedicure before she had to fly back.

The following day the girls I have been travelling with were leaving and it’s easiest to get transport to the islands from khao San road so we ended up back there again but it was good because the clothes, food and massages are cheap cheap! So we got a few bits and then they headed to Phi Phi on the overnight bus.


I then had to start my way back to the hostel, I was going to get a moped taxi because it was just me but the travel agent lady told me a bus number to get and the location to get off at near where I was staying. Now I don’t know if she got confused with where I was staying or if I got on the bus on the wrong side of the road but I ended up heading out of the city in completely the wrong direction!!

Luckily I have a map that doesn’t need wifi so I could track where I was going and then I thought I need to get off otherwise I’m going to end up even further away!
I got off and started asking taxi drivers to take me to where I wanted to go but they either didn’t understand or wanted way too much money for the trip. I started to worry and didn’t know what to do but first I went over the bridge to the other side of the road as that’s the direction I needed and luckily found a moped taxi driver who knew where I meant and didn’t over charge me (well too much!) so I went with him and oh it was an experience! Mopeds always weave I and out of the traffic anyway and this was rush hour so it was crazy and I just kept thinking as I always do.. ‘They do this everyday, this is their job, it’s safe!’ But it definitely was fun once I calmed down! And it was a lesson to trust your intuition and just stay calm, you often get lost travelling but you can work it out!


The following day I took the skytrain to MBK shopping mall which is another huge mall I had heard a lot about but honestly I wasn’t impressed at all! It was mostly Asian shops and phone and electronics however it was good because it meant I didn’t want to spend any money!


On my last day in Bangkok i met Nikki again who had another flight and stopover Bangkok so I headed to the Holiday Inn in the morning looking like a right backpacker with all my stuff and then we headed to Chatuchuk market which is the biggest market in Thailand and the largest weekend market in the world.. Very impressive! It did actually have some good stalls but I was trying not to buy much and it was soo hot we barely went inside because it was even hotter inside than out so we had a walk around and I got a fake mulberry bag.. It had to be done! And then headed back to her hotel before I started my long journey to Koh Phangan.


I’m really glad I’ve seen this side of Bangkok. It’s definitely made me like the city so much more and not dread having to go back. There is more to it than the smelly, busy Khao San area but at the same time you have to love that side too!


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