My Second Full Moon Party in Thailand!

My Second Full Moon Party in Thailand!

After being in Bangkok I headed to Koh phangan to chill in the north for a few days, I found a lovely bungalow on a really quiet beach which was exactly what i wanted  but soon i was ready to head down south to Baan Tai where i met up with the 2 girls i had been travelling with ready for the Full Moon Party and the pre-parties.



We stayed in Baan Tai backpackers which was a decent hostel and had a good atmosphere, its so expensive to stay in this area around the Full Moon Party, we paid 700TB a night and it was a minimum 5 nights stay.

The pre- full moon parties are just as popular as the actual Full Moon party so we went to the Maya Party on our first night which was pretty good, the next day we were pretty hungover so just went out for dinner.


On the night before the full moon party we went to the jungle party. It started off pretty bad anyway because we had to queue for over an hour just to get a drink and everyone was getting annoyed, then it started raining and then to top the night off I trod on a broken Chang bottle! At the time I didn’t realise how bad it was so the next day I bandaged it up and headed to Haad Rin to the full moon party.



I loved the Full moon party when i went in 2011, it took me some warming up this time aka a few buckets but ended up loving it this time too! When we first got to Haad Rin at 11:00ish it was so busy (which i expected) and everybody was so drunk whereas we were pretty sober but after a few hours the lightweights had left so it wasn’t as crowded. It was the World Cup final too so that cleared the beach even more and afterwards we had a great time dancing until the music went off at 10:00 in the morning!




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