How Much Money I Spent Travelling South East Asia for 5 Months.

September 17, 2014

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Updated 2019. At the start of 2014 I left Australia and started my backpacking trip around South East Asia.. I had no commitments, I could go where I wanted, for how long I wanted, my only restraint was MONEY!

People’s reason for not going travelling is often because of money but in South East Asia you can spend as much or as little as you want. I had worked in Australia for the last year saving up for this trip so I knew the longer I made it last the longer I could travel for.

how much money I spent in South East Asia

2019 Update: I have since turned to South East Asia many times over the year. I wrote about how much I spent in 3 months here. I can confirm that although Thailand has gone up in price a bit and so has Indonesia my amounts below are still accurate as to how much you need to travel South East Asia on a budget!

While in South East Asia I stayed in basic bungalows and hostels but also the odd nice hotel, I mainly tried to eat Asian food but I did often find myself eating Western food, I didn’t go out drinking every night but I definitely had my moments, I travelled mainly by land and boats but did fly a few times and I bought quite a few clothes but i’m a girl and I wanted them!

Here is a break down of how much I spent in each country in South East Asia, along with how long I was there for (i went back to Thailand quite a few times!):


Days Spent: 26
Money Spent: £715

Days Spent: 1
Money Spent: £55

Days Spent: 30
Money Spent: £770

Days Spent: 8
Money Spent:  £210

Thailand (Islands)
Days Spent: 12
Money Spent:  £385

Thailand (North)
Days Spent: 10
Money Spent: £220

Days Spent: 16
Money Spent: £365

Days Spent: 18
Money Spent: £495

Days Spent: 20
Money Spent:  £690


The above prices include all my travel on buses and boats etc but I did fly a few times:

Phuket- Singapore – £44

Singapore- Bali, Bali- Malaysia (which I didn’t use!), Sumatra-Malaysia – £275

Phuket- Chiang Mai- £66

Bangkok- Heathrow- £180


If you have any questions on budgeting or want more details please let me know : )


2015 Update: I visited South East Asia again at the end of 2015 start of 2016 for 3 months visiting Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand & Philippines so I have written a Part 2 to this post on how much I spent then, check out – How Much Money I Spent Travelling South East Asia for 3 Months!

To see my South East Asia Blog posts head to:


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