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Adrenaline Activity – Biking Down Death Road in Bolivia from La Paz!

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Updated 2019:

I like a good adrenaline rush so when I got to La Paz Bolivia’s capital city I knew I had to book the death road trip. (Despite my mum saying ‘you are not doing that’ haha)

Basically there’s a road that connects La Paz to some other towns further down the mountains and until around 2006 was the only road available except it’s not very wide, its very windy and has huge drops off the side and many people have died driving a long it and because of this it is now named one of the most dangerous roads in the world! In about 2006 they rebuilt a new road which is a lot safer (although still very windy) so now the old road is mainly used for crazy tourists to bike down!

I booked my trip with ‘Altitude biking’ who were a great company. The guide spoke English, we had good bikes and really good protective wear and it cost about £80, you can probably get it cheaper but you have to ask yourself is it really worth it?

death road bolivia bike ride

From the top where we started


Now I was pretty nervous seen as the last time I road a bike was in April 2014 around Gilli T island and before that it has been a good few years. And I won’t lie, when I was told the van follows us down the road and if we feel ill or we don’t like it we can get in the van I thought hmm maybe I could just go in the van and then technically I’ve still been down death road, especially as I had the common La Paz illness for the 2 days before the trip BUT I was also determined to do it, not fall off and just survive the experience!

death road bolivia bike ride

Starting off


We started the trip biking down an actual road to get used to the bikes and then proceeded to ‘death road’. What struck me first was how bumpy it was, I was thinking I can’t even see straight how am I going to do this for 3 hours?! But as we went a long it got better and I actually really enjoyed it!
I stayed at the back the whole time but for me I was still going fast enough and I wasn’t that much behind the rest of my group.
One of the guides takes some photos of you (apparently a girl died not so long ago taking a selfie so let the guides take the photos!!) and we got some of the iconic group photos with us sitting on the edge of one of the huge drops and although there was a few times when I nearly slipped or hit the brakes too hard I didn’t fall off! Yay!

death road bolivia bike ride

Doing well!


Overall it was a great experience and a bucketlist tick! We started off at 4700m surrounded by snowy mountains and ended at 2700m in a tropical climate.

Included in most of the trips is a lunch when you finish at a hotel that has a pool and showers, pictures that they put online and of course a t-shirt to say you did it and survived! The added additions were a sore bum and sore hands from constantly holding the brakes!

death road bolivia bike ride



I wouldn’t say that I’m that brave but biking down the road at a pretty fast speed and seeing some of those huge drops made me think ‘wow I am brave’ and you get such a buzz after it!
I would highly recommend it to anyone going to La Paz and overall I wasn’t a huge fan of the city so this was a definite highlight of my time there for me!

Have you ever done it? What was your experience like?

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