Recommended Vegetarian Restaurants in Eastern Europe.

Recommended Vegetarian Restaurants in Eastern Europe.

I’ve been a Vegetarian for a year and a half now and i have no plans on going back. Being Veggie has been slightly difficult in some countries but I’ve found there is generally a Vegetarian (and if you’re lucky- Vegan) restaurant in most towns and cities. I wouldn’t say I was a huge ‘foodie’; i like nice food but i would never pay too much money for a dinner in a restaurant especially while travelling.

While i was in Eastern Europe earlier this year i was trying to watch my money by grabbing cheap snacks and making food in the hostel kitchen but i also made it my aim to find a vegetarian restaurant in every place where i could treat myself to a nice dinner or lunch where i could choose from anything off the menu!

Here were my top finds:

1. Lehka Hlava 

Number One has to go to Lehka Hlava which translates to ‘Clear Head’. You’ll find this restaurant in Prague, the building is over 500 years old and just a few streets away from the old town square. It has a great atmosphere with each room decorated in a different way. I went for lunch and found the prices very reasonable for what i was presented with.

I went for the Goats Cheese Tart which is also World of Wanderlust’s favourite. The main problem with this restaurant was deciding what to choose as there were so many starter, main and dessert options!


2. Laibon

My second favourite was also in the Czech Republic but this time in the charming town of Cesky Krumlov, this town is frequented by day tourists so there is no a lack of restaurants but when i arrived at my hostel the guy on reception recommended Laibon to me without knowing i was vegetarian so of course i had to visit for dinner later on that day!

I had the Cous Cous (and a beer of course because i was in the Czech Republic!) which was very yummy! There is plenty of indoor seating, but what i loved were the outdoor tables which lie right along the river with great views of the castle ahead. My waiter was a very friendly and happy chap which made it a pleasure to visit. Laibon is found down a side street so it could be easily missed but its worth finding and the prices were reasonable for the town too (where all prices were hiked up for the tourists!).


3. Hummus Bar

Now Hummus Bar is not completely vegetarian however the majority of options were vegetarian so its going on the list! I found 2 locations while in Budapest but i believe there are up to 10 so you’re likely to come across one somewhere in the city. Think falafel’s, olives, pita bread, mint tea, and of course plenty of hummus and you have a very yummy and fairly healthy lunch or dinner option while in Budapest! And another good thing.. its really cheap!

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4. Green Way Food for Life.

Krakow, Poland was my first stop in Eastern Europe and i was pleasantly surprised with the amount of Vegetarian restaurants that came up when i did a google search.

I found Green Way Food for Life not far from the main square and actually went back to eat there twice. The cafe was well decorated and both times i visited seemed to be popular with quirky students, the prices were really reasonable which is probably why. You order at the front where they have a menu in English to help you out and then call you when your food is ready and you go back up to get it, its then polite to clear your plate onto the trolley in the corner before leaving- a clever way to keep costs down i suppose.

The thing i liked about this place is that unlike the above they did have local food too, i tried some dumplings for lunch which were tasty and then i had a curry when i went back for dinner (although not so local). I would highly recommend this place! And the free WIFI was really good!



I’m going to keep making it my mission to seek out great Vegetarian restaurants on my travels!

Have you got any more that you can recommend??


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