Travel Teaches You To..

Travel Teaches You To..

Travel teaches you to trust people; whether it’s a fellow traveller who then turns into a best friend or a local giving you directions.


Travel teaches you to appreciate the little things in life; there’s nothing like appreciating a comfy clean room after being in a not so great (but cheap) hostel.


Travel teaches you to value your money; yes I could buy a hand bag for £200 but i could also spend that on a months accommodation in Asia.


Travel teaches you not to over plan as something will always get in the way so you have to learn to go with it (and often it works out for the best anyway).


Travel teaches you that time will pass; I’m always looking forward to the next trip or place I’m visiting, sometimes it seems like ages away but time passes and before i know it I’m there.


Travel teaches you to get out of your comfort zone; whether it’s socialising with new people, trying new food, or jumping out of a plane.


Travel teaches you that life isn’t boring; there’s so much to see and do in this world, you don’t have to get a normal job, go to university, stay in your home country. There’s a whole world to be explored, people to meet, new jobs to try.


And finally.. Travel teaches you not to regret anything; often people’s biggest regrets are not travelling enough.. if you travel you’ll never regret doing it!



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