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2016 Roundup!

by TheWanderingQuinn

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It’s hard to believe that I started 2016 on a beach in Koh Phangan still in full backpacker, traveller mode and a nearly a year later I can well and truly call London my home!

This year has been a slightly strange one, I finished off my Asia trip, moved to London, a few months later I was ready to leave and head to New Zealand again before my working holiday visa completely ran out however at the last minute I ended up loving London and staying and it’s a decision that I don’t regret, after that, I continued to live in London and fall in love with it even more. Between London life I’ve also done a few trips to Countries in Europe which was my main aim when I decided to move to London a year ago.

Its been a brilliant year although I definitely didn’t follow my new year’s resolution of not overplanning! (Maybe next year I’ll do better??)

2016 Highlights

I found myself in the Philippines for 2 weeks in January which ended my 4 month backpacking trip on a high. This Country was one of the last Countries in South East Asia I needed to visit and it’s soo beautiful! I only scratched the surface but what a good couple of weeks it was!

In February I came home and moved to London pretty much straight away! Despite the cold, I was excited for the year to come!

After starting a job, quitting it, and starting another one it was time to make the most out of being so close to Europe so during the Easter weekend in March I headed to Belgium! I loved my few days in this Country, the buildings are so beautiful, spring was just arriving and don’t even get me started on the chocolate!

April is the month I started to settle into London life and this was mainly due to starting a job at the Science Museum (my third job in London) where I still work now. Working here also enabled me to see a new side of the city and means I get to walk past the incredible building that is the Natural History Museum every day!

I have a few highlights for May, firstly I turned 26 and had a great day with my friends, Spring fully hit London and I too joined in with Wisteria Hysteria! I then ended the month by going to Barcelona on a girls (and 1 guy) trip and had a great few days there!

A weekend in Copenhagen started June off perfectly and gave me my first taste of Scandinavia! I also published my first vlog following this trip!

Summer seemed to arrive in London in July and one of the highlights was finally going to Duck & Waffle for Brunch with a city view and my bestie!

I stayed in London for all of August but the weather was gorgeous and it was filled with weekend picnics in the Sun and my Dad also came to visit me and we had a great sunny weekend together.

September‘s highlight is a no brainer- a week in Italy visiting Pisa, Florence, Milan & Venice! I also vlogged this trip and starting trying even harder on my blog after a slight summer slump!

In October I found myself fully appreciating the arrival of Autumn. I spent my weekends exploring London’s parks, coffee and camera in hand, loving the colours and the fallen leaves.. it’s the little things hey!

November was a good travel month and a month for returning to places I’d been last year! I went to Paris for the weekend with my best friend, and then I went on my first press trip with Jet2 to Budapest!

December was, of course, the month to get into the Christmas spirit in London and I loved having so many Christmas markets, ice skating rinks and festivity around me! I also visited Lithuania for the weekend with the girls which was my 40th Country!


Who knows what next year is going to bring! They’ll be plenty more adventures in London, the UK, Europe & slightly further afar that’s for sure!

I want to keep growing my blog and keep up the vlogging but also make sure I keep a good balance of actually having a life outside blogging & working full-time! I want to collaborate with some brands and companies that I can relate to enable me to see more and show you more!

But for now, thank you for reading my blog this year, thank you for every like and comment on Instagram (which has grown dramatically! I had about 5k followers this time last year and now I have over 20k!), thank you for every view on YouTube and here’s to an amazing 2017!

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