How Much Money I Spent Travelling the Middle East for 1 Month.

February 25, 2016

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I spent nearly enough all of October 2015 backpacking some Middle Eastern Countries solo. I love the idea of the Middle East and knew I wanted to go but to be honest I didn’t know how expensive it would be to backpack the Middle East. Can the Middle East be done on a budget I wondered?

I just knew that I had some money saved and I wanted to see the incredible landscape of Cappadocia, I wanted to see the Holy Land of Jerusalem, I wanted to spend some days in the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan and I wanted to see my best friend and experience Dubai so I booked the flights and off I went and generally I found travelling the Middle East definitely wasn’t really cheap but it wasn’t overly expensive either!

middle east travel costs



Below is what I spent in the Middle East on a Backpacker Budget in each Country and how long I was there for:

Days Spent: 10
Money Spent: £551.00

Days Spent: 6
Money Spent: £260.00

Days Spent: 8
Money Spent: £350.00

UAE- Dubai
Days Spent: 6
Money Spent: £300.00


Birmingham, UK- Fethiye, Turkey: £89.00 with ThomasCook

Istanbul, Turkey- Tel Aviv, Israel: £78.00 with Fly Pegasus

Amman Jordan- Dubai: £133.00 with FlyDubai

(I did a border crossing to get from Israel to Jordan, I have a post here with more details on it)


Things to note about backpacking the Middle East on a Budget:

In regards to accommodation, in Turkey and Jordan I opted to pay more so I could stay in my own private room rather than a dorm room so I could have saved more money here. I stayed in dorm rooms in Israel as they were already £10.00 a night and I couldn’t afford a single room, in Dubai I stayed with a friend so I didn’t pay for any accommodation!

Breakfast was generally included in the room rate and I always bought lunch and dinner out. Sometimes I sat in a restaurant/cafe, other times I just grabbed a falafel wrap which are cheap and very yummy!

In Turkey I did a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia which cost £90.00, I would highly recommend doing it but it did take up a good chuck of what i spent there and in Jordan I went to Petra and paid £55.00 for the pass which again is a lot but you can’t go to Jordan and not visit Petra!

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