How Much it Costs to Travel Around Myanmar on a Budget!

March 6, 2016

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I didn’t take a solo trip to Myanmar, I instead went with a few friends and in 2 weeks Backpacking Myanmar I spent £200.00/ $285.00 (!!) and this included everything apart from my flights and visa. So accommodation, buses, taxis, food, bottled water (I didn’t drink any alcohol in Myanmar), a 3 day trek, entrance fees into temples, the entrance fee into Bagan and into Inle Lake, a boat trip, renting an e-bike for 2 days, a day trip in Mandalay and a Burmese Massage, so you get the picture that my money went very far!

Prices of accommodation in Myanmar which was my main worry really differed depending on where we were. Firstly it’s important to mention that we did 3 overnight buses (Yangon-Bagan, Inle Lake-Mandalay and Mandalay-Yangon) and we did a 3 day trek which included 2 nights accommodation so actually we only paid for 8 nights accommodation in guesthouses and there were 4 of us so we could share twin/double rooms which helped us out a lot.

We started the trip in Yangon at Motherland Inn 2 Guesthouse  where we paid $35.00 USD for a twin room per night which is quite steep, working out at £12.00 each and this did worry us for the rest of the trip. However we then arrived in Bagan with no accommodation booked and were taken to Winner Hotel (which wasn’t toooo bad but i wouldn’t overly recommend it) by our taxi driver where we paid a more appealing $18.00 USD for a twin room per night so £6.50 each, then we got to Kalaw and had heard about the Golden Lily Guesthouse where we got a 4 bed room for $14.00 meaning £2.30 each (!!) this was very very cheap and it included breakfast however it was pretty dingy, cold and a bit dirty. After our trek we ended in Inle Lake and paid $25.00 USD for a twin room per night, £8.50 each at Goodwin Hotel (do not stay here!) and finally we ended the trip in Mandalay where we stayed in Nylon Hotel (i definitely recommend staying here) where we paid $16.00 USD for a twin room per night, £5.30 each.


How much things cost in Myanmar:

1 Litre bottle of water: 300k /£0.17/ $0.24

Food: ranged from 1500k-3000k/ £0.85-£1.70 /$1.21- $2.42

Shwedagon Temple Entrance fee: 8000k /£4.50/ $6.50

Overnight Bus to Bagan: 15,000k /£8.50/ $12.10

Fee to enter Bagan: 27,000k /£15.30/ $21.80

Taxi from Bus station in Bagan to temple sunrise to then find accommodation for 4 people: 32,000k/ £18.15/ $25.90

Electric Bike hire in Bagan per day: 6000k /£3.40/ $4.85

Day bus to Kalaw: 11,000k/ £6.20/ $8.90

3 day, 2 night trek including food, accommodation and guide: 45,000k /£25.50/ $36.40

Fee to enter Inle Lake: 13,000k /£7.40/ $10.00

Burmese Massage in Inle Lake: 7000k /£4.00/ $5.70

Overnight bus to Mandalay: 15,000k /£8.50/ $12.10

Ancient City tour in Mandalay for 4 people: 35,000k /£19.90/  $28.30

Overnight bus to Yangon: 15,000k /£8.50/ $12.10


Based on the currency rate of: 1 GBP= 1.43 USD & 1759k.

cost to travel around myanmar

Inle Lake Entrance ticket.

I hope this post will help you when it comes to budgeting in Myanmar. Overall, as you can see its really not an expensive Country to travel, as always you could spend more money especially on nicer accommodation but it can be done on a budget which is the most important thing and it is a fascinating, unique and beautiful Country!

cost to travel around myanmar

There’s lot of gold but you don’t need much gold!

Sorry for switching currencies a lot, as mentioned at the top of this post, in Myanmar although they use their local currency of Kyat everywhere and you can pay for everything in Kyat, they convert the accommodation prices and often some bus prices into dollars but to help my English readers and just myself understand i have also converted it to ££!

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**Have you been to Myanmar in the past and think the costs have changed or are you planning on visiting soon?**


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  1. tallulah says:

    Hey Ellie,

    Love the post, thanks so much for this 🙂

    So did you have your flights booked in and out of Myanmar? What do you think of flying in, then having a flight booked out of burma but not actually using that flight and then doing a land crossing out of burma? or does the visa say you have to state what place you are exiting from too and you have to stick to that? xxx

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