Does Travelling Turn us into Snobs??

Does Travelling Turn us into Snobs??

I have this theory that travelling turns you into a snob.. or at least it’s turned me into a snob, let me explain further..

I wouldn’t consider myself a snobby person and If anything the art of travelling, especially travelling as a backpacker on a budget makes you leave your high maintenance tendencies at the boarding gate and throws you into a world of hot, cramped bus journeys, rocky boat rides, questionably clean hostel beds and street side food. So in this way travelling does not make you a snobby person and i believe it can and will make you the exact opposite.


However what I’m talking about is when travelling turns you into a snob because of what you’ve seen! The more i travel and the more i see, the more i find myself thinking, ‘yes its good but i’ve seen better…’.


Of course i haven’t seen everything but in the last 5 years of travel i have seen a lot. I’ve visited a number of the Wonders of the World and witnessed view’s so beautiful i didn’t even know my eyes could see something that beautiful.

At one wonder of the world..

At one Wonder of the World.


And at another Wonder of the world!

And at another Wonder of the World!

For Example, when i visit a small waterfall in Asia or even when i visited Plitvice Lakes in Croatia which was indeed very incredible i think ‘yes its good but it doesn’t compare to Iguazu Falls which falls over 3 different counties and is one of the new 7 natural Wonders of the World’…

Lots of photo opportunities.

This was pretty..


But this is better!

When i visit a beautiful beach, take Boracay in the Philippines for example which has been voted Asia’s best beach multiple times, i thought ‘yes its nice but remember that time you visited White Haven beach in Australia, or when you practically had the whole beach to yourself on Koh Phayam in Thailand or in Ayampe in Ecuador’…

Boracay beach is gorgeous but it gets so busy..



But i had this beach in Ecuador nearly all to myself!

When it comes to trekking and wildlife, i’ve trekked in the Jungle of Sumatra in Indonesia and seen Wild Orangutans and i’ve visited the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador where i saw more wildlife than i can even remember so any future hikes and treks have a lot to live up to…

There's only 2 places in the world you can visit Orangutans in the wild and I've been to one!

There’s only 2 places in the world you can see Orangutans in the wild and I’ve been to one!

When it comes to religious sites, after seeing the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi which is by far the grandest grand mosque i have ever seen i know that its likely no other mosque will compare and i have, after all visited the Holy Land of Christianity so a basic Church isn’t going to live up to this either.

Can this be beaten??

And I have seen a lot of beautiful Sunrises but seeing the sunrise over Cappadocia, Turkey with the hot air balloons in the distance was truly an amazing experience. Watching the sunrise in Bagan in Myanmar also complete with hot air balloons which some say is the best thing to do in Myanmar very nearly topped it but not quite!

Just wow..

Now, even though this post is making me sound very spoilt i want to point out that i still appreciate everything and i think this is what makes the difference and makes becoming a snob not a bad thing!


First off, I may think ‘yes its nice, but I’ve seen better’ however i still appreciate what I’m seeing right then and there and if anything it makes me appreciate even more just how amazing the place i saw that was ‘better’ really was, because often i find myself appreciating my trip and the places I’ve been even more afterwards rather than when i was there!


Secondly, it just ignites my Wanderlust and need for adventure even more. We’re always looking for the most beautiful beach, the highest mountain to climb, the best view, the most historical site, the new adrenaline activity and this is what will keep me travelling and wanting to see more and more and to top what i’ve already seen.


So all in all, i would say being a travel snob isn’t all that bad!

**What do you think, do you agree??**

Still appreciating the beach even though it was cloudy!



  1. Phu Quoc
    March 3, 2016 / 11:41 pm

    It’s isn’t to bad at all…
    So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover 👍

  2. March 4, 2016 / 6:49 pm

    I totally agree with you but in this case I don’t think it’s such a bad thing. I feel like it’s more of a good thing as it just ignites your passion for traveling to find the next best thing, discover new places that’ll take your breath away and make you say “I didn’t even know a place like this even existed!”. It fuels the traveling spirit and brings out the explorer in you ha

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