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A Day Trip to Richmond, London – The Village in the City.

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A few Sundays ago I decided to take the overground out to Zone 4 and head to Richmond. I’d seen photos of Richmond Hill on Instagram and heard how nice it was so i had to check it out myself.

Walking out of the station onto the main road I didn’t feel like I was anywhere overly special, the buildings were nice but there are a lot of nice buildings in London and the standard high street stores lined the streets whilst i walked towards the river but on arrival at the river this is when it changed.

I no longer felt like I was in London, i felt like i was in a small village, a million miles away from the bustle of London. It was the first weekend it actually felt like Spring with a slightly warmer temperature than the last few months and the sun was shining and i soon realised i wasn’t the only one making the most of the weather. The grass area opposite the river was filled with people sitting down as were the banks of the river, an ice cream truck was present and people were enjoying their sunny Sunday.

day trip to richmond london guide

The river banks.

day trip to richmond london guide

This had to be done!


The mix of people in Richmond was still typically London, there were the people who most likely live in Richmond and therefore have oh so much money in their nice weekend wear with their coffees and whole foods bag, there were the fitness lot in gym gear running or walking a long the river and of course there were the tourists, of which i was probably one!

day trip to richmond london guide

A different side to the river thames.


I carried on walking a long the river, which is in fact the River Thames but totally different to the River Thames you see going through the city of London. I headed under the bridge and towards the fields, if had carried on i would have been at the historical and beautifully looking Ham House and Hampton Court Palace but i decided to leave that until another day. Instead i headed up onto Richmond Hill and found that iconic path and view that i had seen pictures of and its no surprise that this hill viewpoint is famous for its sunsets (also another reason i need to go back).

day trip to richmond london guide

Richmond Hill.


After walking up here and reading the signs at the top which detailed what everything was from the viewpoint i headed back into the town and via smaller streets and these are the streets that i love in London and England in particular with their old, charming buildings that would have seen more history than you could ever imagine.

day trip to richmond london guide

Reading about the area.

day trip to richmond london guide

So English.


There are so many lovely places to have a coffee and a meal in Richmond but i had been told about Butter Beans Cafe, an Aussie/Kiwi run cafe with amazing brunches and seen as brunch is my favourite meal i knew i had to visit before leaving Richmond. I headed back to the Train Station and continued to walk just past it and a few shops down i found Butter Beans and as promised its menu made me feel like i had been transported back to Melbourne with Corn Fritters and Potato Rosi on the menu and of course a Vegemite option for those Aussies and Kiwi’s craving a bit of home.

I would 100% recommend visiting Butter Beans, it’s a great little cafe with really friendly staff and reasonable prices.

day trip to richmond london guide



Overall I loved my few hours in Richmond, it helped that the weather was beautiful when i was there but i have no doubt that even with the typical England cloud it would still be incredibly pretty and picturesque and its the perfect city getaway whilst still technically being in London.


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    April 6, 2016 at 8:07 am

    I love Richmond, next time you should definitely go to Richmond park too. It’s perfect for a spring walk or picnic in the summer xx

    Holly at x

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      April 6, 2016 at 8:04 pm

      Awesome! I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll try and go back in the summer, i bet it would be lovely to have a picnic there! πŸ™‚

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