Reasons Why You Should Book a Flight to Tel Aviv, Israel.. Now!

April 24, 2016

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Before doing some research on Israel I hadn’t heard of Tel Aviv and I’ve found that not many people have unless they’ve been there.

When I said I was going to Israel a lot of people questioned why on earth I would go to Israel? Is Israel safe for a solo female traveller? Isn’t it dangerous? What is there to do in Israel?

When in fact Israel is an amazing Country, it’s not dangerous and there’s actually loads to do there!


This post is going to focus on what you’ve been missing out on by not knowing about Israel’s awesome, metropolitan, beach side city of Tel Aviv and why you should book flights to Tel Aviv.. ASAP!


Firstly its proximity– admittedly if you live in Australia, North America etc then it isn’t that easy to get to but its super easy to get to from the UK and Europe!

From London EasyJet and Monarch fly there direct in only 5 hours for roughly £150.00 return, many people from Tel Aviv like to think of their City as part of Europe, so if you want a European weekend getaway then it’s totally plausible to fly here for a few nights!

Search flights here


It’s not a long flight!


However because Israel isn’t Europe and is in fact Asia/ the Middle East then it benefits from far better weather than the rest of Europe. I visited mid October and the days were still very warm, i was out sunbathing on the beach in warm and comfortable temperatures of 25° and although it cooled off at night it was still better than the British Summer. Generally this is the average temperature throughout the Middle of the Year and it does drop to an average of about 14° during the winter.

Summer vibes!


My favourite kind of City is a City with a Beach and Tel Aviv has the most amazing Coastal Location. In fact National Geographic rated it as the 9th best beach city and with 16 beaches spreading 14 kilometres/ 9 miles it’s not hard to see why! Here are the Best Beaches in Tel Aviv to visit!

The city beach!

The city beach!


I spent my mornings exploring the city and my afternoons on the beach and watching the incredible sunset’s because Tel Aviv’s coast is all West Facing!

Sunset time!

Sunset time!


When it comes to things to do in the city there’s so much to see! Tel Aviv is split into neighbourhoods and each one is so different.

Right in the South there’s Jaffa which is the old Arab port town, there’s so much history here. I did a free walking tour which i would highly recommend so you really get to understand the area but it’s also full of nice restaurants, a flea market and it gives a great view of the city in the distance.



Old Jaffa Gate.

Old Jaffa Gate.

The view from Jaffa.

The view from Jaffa.


There’s the neighbourhood of Florentin which is likened to Soho in New York so a complete opposite to what you’ll see in Jaffa, its pretty much the hipster part of the City so head there to check out some great street art!

A great streetart find!

A great streetart find!

Another flea market.

Another flea market.


And for an even more polar opposite neighbour there’s the Yemenite Quarter in the centre of the city which was first established by Jewish Migrants and here i really did feel like i was in the Middle East, especially whilst in the Carmel Market!


Spices in the Carmel Market.


Tel Aviv also has a really great coffee culture so there’s an abundance of Cafes and Restaurants, especially a long Rothschild Boulevard and because of its Middle Eastern location the food is just incredible. I pretty much lived on Falafel but as a veggie it was perfect for me! I also managed to find a place selling Acai which i hadn’t had since Brazil and there are so many ice cream shops!

Rothschild Boulevard.

Rothschild Boulevard.




Although i didn’t get to check it out as i was travelling solo, Tel Aviv is known for its great nightlife and also known as the city that never sleeps as clubs are open 7 days a week and most clubs don’t seem to shut until the following day or until the last person has left so you know you’re in for a good night!


And lastly, i once read that the genes of Israelis are very good and you cannot deny that there are some very attractive people there, especially in Tel Aviv. Israel’s girls seem to be voted some of the most beautiful in the world and the guys aren’t bad either!


I hope that this gives you enough reasons to want to visit Tel Aviv. If you have time i would highly recommend staying longer in Israel and visiting Jerusalem too as i did but if Tel Aviv is all you can do then that’s just fine!


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  1. Veera Bianca says:

    I absolutely ADORE Tel Aviv! I went there a couple years back and everyone was mainly questioning its safety, but it truly is an amazing city <3

    Love connecting with you on Instagram babes!

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