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5 Awesome Places Not to Miss When Visiting Vietnam!

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I spent one month Backpacking Vietnam and I would say this is a good amount of time to travel the coast of Vietnam North to South or South to North without having to travel too fast and seeing pretty much all the towns and cities a long the way.

However I know that sometimes we can be time poor and now that Vietnam has introduced a free 15 day visa on arrival, whilst I was in Vietnam and South East Asia I met a lot of people trying to travel Vietnam in 2 weeks!

If you have the time I would say its 100% worth paying roughly $40.00 USD/£30.00 for the month visa so you can spend one month in Vietnam and not rushing your travels. Either way here are the top places I would recommend you visit in Vietnam to ensure you see the best bits of the Country!

Note – I travelled North to South which is how I’ll detail this but there’s no wrong way to travel!

The Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

Halong Bay

Well this is a non-brainer really. Halong Bay is one of the natural Wonders of the World and it certainly didn’t disappoint me so a trip here is a must.

The port where you leave to see Halong Bay is a good 4-5 hour drive from Vietnam’s Northern City of Hanoi. I liked Hanoi but a day there is enough if you’re short on time so make sure you get to Hanoi and leave for Halong Bay asap.

Halong Bay tours are sold in the many many travels agents all around Hanoi so it won’t be hard to get a next day booking and although there are day tours available with the amount of travel time it takes to get there you should definitely factor in a 1 or 2 night trip. I did a 1 night trip and it was probably the highlight of my time in Vietnam. Read more about my Halong Bay experience here! And a Guide to Halong Bay here.

vietnam must see places halong bay

vietnam must see places halong bay

vietnam must see places halong bay


Hoi An

Hoi An is probably one of the prettiest towns that I’ve been to (I know I say that a lot but I really mean it). Its full of brightly coloured French Colonial buildings and you wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking that you were no longer in Asia.. in a good way!

There’s a river running right through the town, Chinese lanterns hanging over the streets, plenty of places to eat, plenty of markets to buy some cheap souvenirs and there’s even a beach near by!

Before Hoi An I was in Hue which I got an overnight bus to from Hanoi. From Hue I hired a bike and driver and did the ‘top gear’ route to get to Hoi An which took a few hours.

If you have time to get to Hue and then bike down to Hoi An then this is an absolute must! If not then you can fly into Danang which is a short journey away from Hoi An as Hoi An doesn’t have an airport.

Definitely factor a few days in Hoi An to bike around the town, soak in the culture, hit the beach and basically feel like you’re on holiday!

There are so many activities to do in Vietnam, look here for all of the fun things to do in Vietnam!

vietnam must see places hoi an

vietnam must see places hoi an

vietnam must see places hoi an

vietnam must see places hoi an


Da Lat

After Hoi An the next stop on most people’s itinerary (including mine) is Nha Trang however I would say to skip Nha Trang! Yes its got a fairly decent city beach and night life but it’s just a city with lots of holiday makers and you really don’t feel like you’re in Vietnam there.. in a bad way!

Instead head straight to Da Lat. A small town a few hours in land and South of Nha Trang.

Da Lat is most commonly known for its Canyoning. Personally I didn’t fancy jumping down one of the waterfalls in Dalat into freezing water but the braver people who do it love it!

On arrival I wasn’t sure what I was actually going to do there but as it turns out I really enjoyed it. Firstly due to its inland location you see a completely different side of Vietnam. The weather is a lot cooler than the coast which is quite welcoming and its surrounded by Countryside and Mountains. I spent a full day visiting the Crazy House which is definitely a sight to be seen, taking the cable car to a monastery and finally wandering around the towns lake and streets and enjoying a coffee in a cool cafe and watching the world go by.

This town may seem out of the way and a bit quiet if you’re short for time but it is worth a visit for a day or two!

vietnam must see places da lat


Ho Chi Minh City

From Da Lat I got a day bus to HCMC, it did take pretty much a full day but to save time it’s also possible to do it as a night bus or you could fly from Da Lat or head back to Nha Trang and fly from there.

In the end I only spent a day in HCMC but I think it’s a must visit even for a short amount of time and as its Vietnam’s main international airport its likely you’ll have to visit. It’s the capital city of Vietnam, once known as Saigon and has a totally different feel to it than Hanoi and its a lot bigger.

In a day you can check our the War Remnants Museum which although sad gives a good insight into the Country’s history. There’s also some great European style buildings to see, especially the Notre Dame Basilica and the Post Office opposite.

For a totally different look at the city check out District 1 and Pham Ngu Lao Street which is the ‘backpacker’ district full of lots of shops and cheap eat cafes with amazing food and come evening it really livens up and is good for a night out!

Dave at Man Vs Globe has an awesome Backpacker’s Guide to Ho Chi Minh City which you can read here!

vietnam must see places ho chi minh city

vietnam must see places ho chi minh city


Phu Quoc

Finally, if you have the time then a visit to Phu Quoc is a must! It’s a small island off the coast of Southern Vietnam, just a 40 minute flight from HCMC and flights are really cheap with Jetstar especially if you book in advance.

Even if you just manage to visit for 2-3 days it’s a welcome relief from the crazy and manic streets of HCMC and other parts of Vietnam.

Long Beach is where all the accommodation is a long with lots of restaurants which go right onto the beach. The water is gorgeous and its West facing so each night provides an amazing sunset. I did a snorkelling day tour which was really good and took us to a beautiful beach on the Southern part of the island. Personally i didn’t think it was as nice as the Thai islands but its a great way to end a trip to Vietnam!

vietnam must see places Phu Quoc

vietnam must see places Phu Quoc

Vietnam is an amazing Country, it’s so diverse and beautiful, the food is incredible and the locals were really friendly. As I said if you have 3-4 weeks to spend travelling the Country then do but if you only have 2 weeks then make these places your go-to places!

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