Checking into: Sofitel London Gatwick Airport Hotel

February 20, 2018

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Gatwick Airport isn’t the easiest airport to get to for many people, especially when you have an early morning flight. This is the situation I was in recently so I booked a room at the Sofitel London Gatwick Hotel the night before my flight to Austria and I was pleasantly surprised with the hotel!

Sofitel London Gatwick Hotel is located in the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport. The North terminal is generally where European flights fly from with Easyjet being the most common airline.

I got the train from Central London to Gatwick Airport (for only £9.00 from St Pancras on The Train Line!). The train station is in the South terminal which meant I had to get the free shuttle to the North terminal. On exit of the shuttle, I turned left, took the lift to the ground floor and there was the Sofitel Hotel standing right in front of me!

The Sofitel London Gatwick’s reception is on the first floor, also known as the Podium. Upon arrival to that floor I realised why and my first thought about the hotel was definitely ‘FANCY!’. The podium is a big open area home to reception but also the restaurant and bar. The hotel rooms above overlook this area giving it a real courtyard vibe. In fact I even had to look up to see if there was actually a ceiling as it seemed so open (luckily there is, because this is London and it rains a lot!).

I stayed in a double room which overlooked the Podium. The only issue here though is that you need to remember to close your curtains otherwise everyone downstairs can see in…

Anyway, the double room was really spacious and again, very fancy! The bathroom was not a let down either especially as it was filled with ESPA products! Shampoo, Body Wash, Body Cream and a Cleansing Bar which I popped in my bag to use later on my trip.

Sofitel London Gatwick Review

Sofitel London Gatwick Review

Sofitel London Gatwick Review

Sofitel London Gatwick Review

The tea selection was good, the hair dryer was Babyilis and therefore really good which often isn’t the case in hotels and above all the bed was super comfy!

I didn’t have breakfast as I had an early flight to catch and it was so easy to get to the terminal from the hotel, I went down the escalator, walked through an underground tunnel and there I was in the departures area ready to drop my bag and go through security!

Overall if you’re looking for a hotel to stay in the night before or after a flight from Gatwick Airport I would really suggest Sofitel London Gatwick Hotel for convenience and a bit of fancy luxury!

Sofitel London Gatwick Review

Rates start from around £80.00 for a prepaid room. Breakfast is extra at £19.00 but when you’re so close to Gatwick Airport you probably won’t need to eat there.

TO BOOK: Have a look at Booking.com like I did!

This is an affiliate link at no extra cost to you. This is not a sponsored post, I just really liked the hotel and would recommend it!


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