Taking a Yoga Class at the Top of The Shard in London!

February 8, 2018

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London has some pretty cool places that offer Yoga classes but surely the top of The Shard, 24 floors up, has to be one of the best?

I saw yoga classes being offered at the top of The Shard in London the other week and as a yoga lover myself who is always keen to do something different in London, I knew I had to book a class!

Yogasphere is the company that runs the classes, they seem to run classes in a few different London venues but their offices are on level 24 of The Shard, so why not hold classes there I guess?

Tickets are £25.00 per person which is a bit steep but I felt it was a one off experience so I was happy to pay it.

yoga class the shard london

yoga class the shard londonMyself and my friend arrived at The Shard nice and early, we entered the fancy doors of the Shard Office, signed in with security, were given a visitor pass, showed our lack of corporate experience by struggling to get through the barriers and headed up to level 24 in the lift.

Mandy who is the founder and our teacher for the session showed us to the room as well as showing us the toilets which are cleverly hidden within a lit up corridor!


Unfortunately the room that the yoga class is usually held in that looks right over the river, was in use for filming during our class so we went into a smaller room to the side of the building.

We still had a great view over the Tower Bridge and onto Canary Wharf, the sun was shining at the start of our class so London was looking fabulous, but I do hope that the room doesn’t get moved too often because it was a bit of a shame as I know we could have done yoga with an even better view in the original room that is shown on their website.

yoga class the shard london

yoga class the shard london

yoga class the shard london

The lesson was really good, we focused on our breath in child’s pose to start with, we did some flows, first slow and then fast and I definitely broke into a sweat and had shaky legs at one point!

Mandy came around and adjusted us throughout the class and spoke many words of wisdom which is what I love in a yoga teacher. We then stretched it out before finishing off in Savasana, my favourite pose!

yoga class the shard london

Overall, I’m really glad I decided to book a Yoga class in at the top of The Shard in London. The view was great, the class was good and things like this remind me of why I love living in London as it just offers so much!

To Book: Head on over to their website here!

Things to note about Yoga at The Shard:

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Taking a Yoga Class at the Top of the Shard in London!




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