Being Vegan in Rome and 5 Recommended Vegan Places to Eat in Rome!

March 8, 2018

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Going to Rome and being Vegan was going to be difficult I thought.. Cheese and Gelato are what I lived on when I spent a week in Italy the other year and I wasn’t sure how well Italians would understand ‘no cheese on my pizza please’. However I was extremely surprised and impressed with how many Vegan places and options I found in Rome and how easy it was to remove Cheese from a Pizza off of a standard menu!

I’m not going to lie, I did eat a bit of dairy (the arancini balls got me), however I mainly stayed Vegan and eating a bit of Cheese was my choice rather than me feeling like I had to eat it and would starve if not, therefore if you are Vegan and worrying about being Vegan in Rome.. don’t!

Here are 5 places that I either ate at, walked past or read about that I would really recommend you visit in Rome if you are Vegan:

Pasta and Social

I found Pasta and Social after googling ‘Vegan places near me’. It’s not a purely Vegetarian or Vegan restaurant however I was really impressed by the options they had.. as in, they had more than one option! I took some photos of the menu which you can see below. I went for the Spaghetti with Tomato and Basil, it was simple but very tasty.

vegan restaurants in rome italy

pasta and social vegan menu rome

pasta and social vegan menu rome



Again, this place isn’t Vegetarian or Vegan but they offer a good few Vegan choices in their starters, main and even a dessert! The mixed Bruschetta was really good as a starter. I was happy with my pizza choice although it seemed a little dry but this was my first time having a pizza without cheese so maybe it was just that and takes some getting used to? For dessert I had their Vegan Dessert – Chocolate Truffles, they were pretty rich in taste but delicious and they tasted like real chocolate which is what I love!

vegan restaurants in rome italy

vegan restaurants in rome italy

vegan restaurants in rome italy

vegan restaurants in rome italy


Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Talking of real Chocolate, whether you’re Vegan, Plant Based or not, you need to visit Grezzo!! All of their products are, well, raw! They have no added sugar, diary, GMO’s, nothing! Meaning they’re actually pretty healthy! I got 3 scoops of Gelato in a pot – Chocolate, Hazelnut and Pistachio and all 3 were amazing! It’s also in a beautiful and not so touristy area of the city so once you have finished, have a walk around the area!


Il Margutta

I just happened to walk past here and after seeing ‘Vegan’ on their windows I had to have a look at the menu. The restaurant is Vegetarian and Vegan but the Vegan selection is still very good. It’s really close to Piazza del Popolo and after you finish I suggest carrying on walking along Via Margutta as its such a pretty back street. I will definitely be heading here to eat when I visit Rome again!

vegan restaurants in rome italy

100% Bio

I didn’t visit here but I saw 100% Bio recommended in a few Vegan Travel Blogs so it’s definitely on my list for when I go back. It looks really cool with a great menu.

It’s also pretty close to the area of Trastevere which I explored when I was in Rome. You can read my blog post about Trastevere here!


What happens if you’re really hungry and need to go into the nearest restaurant, or you’re with a group and they want to eat somewhere else???

Well, Bruschetta for a starter will more than likely be served everywhere so this is a great option, plus tomatoes in Italy and real and amazing tomatoes!

Pizza can be ordered with no cheese. I only asked for it once but it was absolutely no problem and I didn’t even get a weird look or questioned as to why I was doing this! The second time I had pizza with no cheese (after being in Origano) I made sure to add lots of delicious Italian Olive Oil on top which made it less dry, so maybe thats the way to do it!

Going to Rome in February didn’t make me want to eat Gelato a lot, however I read on a few blogs that it’s quite common to get dairy free and therefore Vegan Gelato in just normal Gelato stores. Failing that Sorbet is usually on offer so that is a good option, especially if its hot and you just want something refreshing!

vegan restaurants in rome italy

Overall, do not let being Vegan, Plant-Based, limited dairy etc put you off visiting Rome! I absolutely loved the City and I am so glad I went!

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Being Vegan in Rome and 5 Recommended Vegan Places to Eat in Rome!






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  1. Sara says:

    Looks like you had lots of yummy Italian food without any fuss! I’m off to Italy for two weeks soon so after reading this I know it’ll be fine 🙂 Happy Cow is also a great app for travelling to find vegan restuarants

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