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Checking into: King Kong Hostel in Rotterdam. Should You Stay There Too?

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If you’re currently looking at and for accommodation in Rotterdam, it’s likely you will have come across the King Kong Hostel. I say this because before visiting Rotterdam myself I got recommended the hostel quite a few times from other travellers and by someone who lives in Rotterdam. After staying at the King Kong Hostel for 3 nights, I now understand why it’s so highly recommended.

If you’re wondering whether you should stay there or not, my answer is YES. If you want more convincing then read on:

king kong hostel rotterdam review

king kong hostel rotterdam review


The Positives

  • King Kong Hostel is in a great location! It’s a 20 minute easy walk from Rotterdam Central Station with good public transport links. Although Rotterdam isn’t actually that big and I found it to be very walkable. The hostel is also located in the ‘Cool District’ (on Google maps it literally says ‘Cool District’) which is known as the heart of the social scene in Rotterdam (more on that below) and as soon as I walked Witte de Withstraat Street I could see why- it’s lined with bars, cafes and restaurants, there’s lots of street art down the side streets and overall it just has a really cool vibe!


  • I loved the exterior and interior of King Kong Hostel and this is because it is essentially an affordable luxury hostel. If you were just walking past you’d think it was a public cafe because the reception/lobby area is in fact a cafe and bar and open to the public too. There’s some cool seating right by the big windows that look out onto the street which make you feel like you’re in the living room of someones house. There’s lots of seating outside too. It’s all really unique and funky which makes sense when you realise that the location used to be a tattoo shop, an illegal casino and a famous brothel before becoming King Kong Hostel! The layout of the downstairs area makes it really easy to meet people and get a sense of community and belonging too which is what King Kong prides themselves on.


  • These days I don’t think hostels can survive without attention to detail and modern facilities, especially in Europe. Luckily King Kong Hostel knows what travellers like! The bunk beds in the hostel are all really great, I stayed in the luxury 6 bed female dorm on my first night  which has queensized beds (yes you heard that right!) with curtains enclosing them to make it more private, comfy and cosy. I then moved into a 4 bedroom dorm which had 2 normal bunk beds but they were not the squeaky type! All rooms feature luggage storage which can be locked, a plug socket and lamp by the bed plus extra seating in the rooms to make it more comfortable.


  • The hostel has a little guest kitchen with a big fridge so it’s perfect if you are travelling around for a while and want to make your own meals.


  • Breakfast is an additional charge, it’s only a small buffet of bread, spreads, fruit, cheeses, meat and cereal but it’s enough. Plus the homemade granola and homemade peanut butter was enough to sell me!

If your new to hostels or just need a reminder of the unwritten ‘hostel rules’, after this have a look at:

Tips on How to Survive Hostel Life!

The Negatives

  • My only negative point about King Kong Hostel is how warm the rooms were! I visited in May and it was quite warm outside, about 26-30°. During the day the rooms were warm which was kind of expected but at night the rooms kept the heat and I did feel like I was literally melting on the nights I was in the 4 bed dorm, even with the fan on! Hopefully air con will be introduced soon!

king kong hostel rotterdam

king kong hostel rotterdam

king kong hostel rotterdam

king kong hostel rotterdam










Who is King Kong Hostel good for?

  • King King Hostel is perfect for a mix of travellers. If you like to be social then its brilliant thanks to the layout and social vibe of common area/cafe. They offer a free city tour on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00am which are usually good for making friends so I would say that you’re bound to meet someone you can talk to and hang out with.


  • If you like to drink, stay out and party then there’s not a better location to be in. As I said this area is the heart of the social scene of Rotterdam. I saw the street at midnight-1:00am on a Friday and Saturday night and both nights it was packed full of people getting food and sitting outside bars on the street thanks to the warm temperature. I also heard that people don’t tend to go home until the very early hours of the morning!


  • The design and attention to detail of King Kong Hostel makes it perfect for a flashpacker, as well as a backpacker! You know when you ask your group of friends if they want to stay in a hostel during a city break and they turn their noses up at the prospect of a hostel? Well King Kong Hostel will convince them that hostels are nice these days!


  • I wouldn’t say that King Kong Hostel is a party hostel though, if you prefer to get an early night and/or keep yourself to yourself then you’ll be fine there too. You may need some ear plugs depending on whether or not your room is on the street side of the building but I don’t feel like it’s the type of place where you feel pressured to socialise or stay out.

What rooms are available?

King Kong Hostel offers a variety of rooms:

Large doom rooms for 8 people, including a cool loft room, medium dorms for 6 people, a luxury female dorm for 6 people, a 4 bed room perfect for people who like more quietness, a private 4 bed room and a private double room.

king kong hostel rotterdam review

king kong hostel rotterdam review

How Much Does It Cost To Stay at King Kong Hostel?

King Kong Hostel isn’t a really really budget hostel, it is more of an affordable luxury hostel and this shows in how well the hostel is decorated, how pleasant it is to stay in and how well it’s looked after, so costs are going to be more than a typical ‘budget backpackers’s but the larger dorm rooms start from €17.50 a night, the luxury female dorm starts at €27.50 and the private room €70.00 per night.

Breakfast is €7.50.

How do you get to King Kong Hostel?

Thanks to its great location on Witte de Withstraat Street, King Kong Hostel is just a 15-20 minute walk from Rotterdam Central Train Station.

If you don’t feel like walking then catch tram 7 (in the direction of direction Willemsplein) and stop at the 3rd stop ‘Museumpark’ (on the corner of The Witte de Withstraat). Just remember to get a ticket in advance from by the tram stop and tap it when you get on. A one way ticket is €3.50.

I went to Rotterdam from London and thanks to the new opening of the Eurostar it was so easy to get the train from London St Pancras direct to Rotterdam and cheaper than flying direct from London to Rotterdam

If you’re on a budget it might be cheaper to fly into Amsterdam or Eindhoven instead of Rotterdam (no matter where you’re coming from) and then get the train to Rotterdam (the train system in The Netherlands is really easy and fast).

If I was you I would compare the prices on Eurostar, Skyscanner, and The Trainline EU to make sure you get the best and easiest way to get there!

king kong hostel rotterdam review

king kong hostel rotterdam review







Ok, Are you convinced? Are you ready to book? 

I prefer booking hostels on as there’s a free cancellation until a few days before incase plans change. Check out the rates and availability on here!

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I stayed at King Kong Hostel complimentary however all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links but at no extra cost to you.

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