7 Uses of Coconut Oil When Travelling That You May Not Have Thought About!

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Whether you like to travel light, light-er, as a minimalist or just more savvy, having 1 product that can act as multiple products is pretty much the dream isn’t it? Well have you every considered or thought about just how many uses Coconut Oil has and how many uses Coconut Oil can have when you’re travelling with a tub of it?

Stay with me.

Coconut Oil has been in the mainstream media for a number of years, cooking with it is a popular way to use it seen as its found in the cooking oil aisles in the supermarket. Using it as a hair mask is something I read a fair few years ago too, but I must say that I wasn’t convinced with some of the other uses such as oil pulling, and I had never knew how good it was as removing make-up until recently.

Taking a pot of Coconut Oil with you travelling honestly means that you can reduce down on the other products you take with you, plus its natural and it smells amazing. These are the ways I have been using Coconut Oil straight from the tub (I say this because if you google ‘uses of Coconut Oil’ so many things come up but most of these ways are separate items with Coconut Oil in them, I’m talking about just 1 pot of the same Oil for lots of uses) for on my travels around Europe recently and why I plan on taking a big pot of it with me backpacking.

Uses of Coconut Oil When Travelling & Why You Should Buy Coconut Oil to Take On Your Trip!

Eye Make Up Remover

Yep, coconut oil is brilliant for removing mascara! Who knew! I just put a bit on my eyelids, rub it around my lashes and then take it off with some water on one of myย washable make-up removal pads! Best of all, it doesn’t sting at all either!


Nighttime Face Moisturiser

I wouldn’t recommend putting coconut oil on your face as moisturiser during the day as it is quite greasy, but for night time when you don’t see anyone, it’s perfect!

My skin has been particularly bad and spotty recently (I’m still trying to figure out why, I think it’s from coming off the pill), and I know that coconut oil is good for cooling and inflammation so I’ve been using it on my face at night recently and I may have seen a slight decrease in spots! (Yay!) Even if it’s not decreasing them, it’s not giving me anymore and my face does feel well moisturised when I wake up!


Body Moisturiser

Coconut can moisturise your whole body! Again, because it’s quite greasy initially I’d recommend using it before you go to bed rather than during the day if you’re getting dressed quickly. Plus a dab of coconut oil really goes a long way, a lot further than cream moisturiser so to cover your whole body you don’t need much. Just another positive of taking Coconut Oil in your suitcase on trips!


Sun Burn Cream

As I said above, coconut oil has very cooling properties meaning its good for reducing inflammation and helping with burns like sun burn! I’m yet to try it on sun burn but from what I’ve heard and from what I can imagine, it’s really great! Having Coconut Oil on hand also means there’s no need to buy a separate sun burn product just incase you do burn!

Teeth Oil Pulling

Oil pulling sounds weird initially I know, but again, stick with me because it’s actually really good for your gums and teeth as I have learned through Ayurveda.

Essentially you put a teaspoon of Coconut Oil in your month and sound swish it around like you would with mouth wash. Initially the coconut oil doesn’t seem to go far but as you keep going your saliva mixes in with it and you’ll end up with a good amount of liquid to swish about! Ideally you should be doing this in the morning for 20 minutes on an empty stomach, that’s the correct Ayurvedic way anyway as Coconut Oil is said to detoxify the body through the salivary glands.

I find it hard to remember to do in the morning so I figure that any time is better than no time and I do sometimes do it later on instead (when I remember!). Try and do it for as long as possible, spit it out and then swill your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth afterwards.


Hair Mask

Again, we’re back to the moisturiser! This may be what Coconut Oil is most known for in terms of beauty products in the mainstream media. To be honest I don’t ever use or buy hair masks but considering I now take Coconut Oil with me in my toiletry bag, when my hair does start feeling bad from the sea and sun, I can use it as a hair mask to rehydrate it!



Finally, cooking! After all of the points above you may forget that Coconut Oil is great to cook with so there’s no reason why you can’t take it from your toiletry bag into a kitchen!

I actually did this when I was on a road trip around Wales. I was staying at the YHA hostels which all have self catering kitchens, I had some veggies to cook but of course I had forgotten to buy Oil and there wasn’t any to use in the kitchen. Then I remembered I actually had cooking Coconut Oil (because you don’t need a separate ‘beauty’ oil for the above beauty ways) with me so I went and got it and it made my dinner so nice!


The Practicalities of travelling with Coconut oil.

The big tubs of Coconut Oil can be quite heavy! I’m taking one like the below with me backpacking but when I think about it, it’s probably no heavier than a big bottle of body moisturiser and a tub of night face cream and it will serve me in all of the above ways so I wouldn’t let the weight put you off initially if you are going on a long trip or have a checked in suitcase.

On my short European trips this Summer I have been using a mini 35ml pot like the one below which is much more practical as its smaller and it fits well in a see-through plastic bag for security. Once you have the mini pot you can then decant oil from the bigger jar into the smaller one when you travel on short trips.. perfect!

On that note, it seems that there is no clear answer online as to whether Coconut Oil is a liquid when it comes to flying. The last time I flew I actually couldn’t fit it in my see-through bag so I left it in my toiletry bag in my carry on suitcase which didn’t get looked at when going through the scanners at security.

I think it will depend on whether the Coconut Oil is a liquid or not as to whether it’s classed as a liquid or not when flying, because when Coconut Oil gets hot/warm it does turn into a liquid!

In my kitchen cupboard at home my Coconut Oil was rock solid all winter, but literally liquid come Summer.

I am slightly worried about my Coconut Oil spilling when its warm andย in liquid form, especially as I’ll be travelling to hot places but I’ll keep this post updated as I go along and I may just put it in a plastic bag to be safe.

The final practicality when it comes to using Coconut Oil during long term travel is whether I’ll be able to replace it in other Countries, but I think if I really look properly enough and especially look in Supermarkets, I will be able to. Again I’ll keep this post updated.


What is the best Coconut Oil to Buy?

I was gifted Coconut Merchant Oil which is pictured in the links above at a health event recently and I can definitely taste the difference between that one and say one from Aldi (especially when it comes to oil pulling). The Coconut Merchant Oil is Raw, Organic & Ethically Sourced so I would really recommend that.

There are so many brands on offer now though. I would personally look for any oil that is Organic and Extra Virgin Oil.

Tesco’s have a good range of Coconut Oil, if you do a weekly online shop, pop one in the basket to try out.

I hope this post has given you some ‘aha moments’ as to why you should be travelling with coconut oil in your toiletry bag on all of your trips!

It’s natural, not that expensive considering how long it lasts and it’s so versatile!

Let me know in the comments below or by tweeting me @wandering_quinn!

This post contains affiliate links to the products I have mentioned which means I get a small commission if you buy a product but at no extra cost to you so if you use them then thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Rebecca Sharp
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    I love using coconut oil because of how multi-purpose it is! I also use it instead of shaving foam ๐Ÿ™‚

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      September 18, 2018 at 7:59 pm

      Oh I hadn’t thought of that! Thank you, I’ll try it when I’m away! It’s a miracle product isn’t it! ๐Ÿ˜€

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