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Where To Refill Your Water Bottle in All 5 of London’s Airports!

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Taking a refillable water bottle with you when you travel is great but only if you can fill it up at the airport after security because if there is one thing I hate it’s buying water in the airport. Firstly because of the cost, secondly because of the plastic waste and thirdly because of the principle. In the last 2 and a half years I’ve spent a lot of time in London’s airports and since I very very rarely buy bottles of water outside of being in the airport, I decided I wasn’t going to buy bottles in the airports either, instead I would take my re-useable Water Bottle, and find a water station because there must be one in each London airport right?? This is 2018!

Well some of them took some finding but I can confirm that all London Airports do have areas where you can re-fill your water bottle and therefore you do not need to buy a plastic bottle of water!

Where to refill water bottle in London Airports.

I guess you’re reading this because you are flying out of a London Airport soon, so below are where you can find re-fillable water stations:

London Heathrow T2

I have only flown out of T2 recently but I can imagine all terminals have this same facility. As soon as I went through security and was about to walk into where all of the shops and restaurants are there was a big re-fillable water bottle station either side which was hard to miss. I loved that these are specifically designed for bottles with a sensor and it shows Heathrow are taking this seriously. I also saw re-fillable water stations before I went into the toilets!

Good one Heathrow!


London Gatwick North Terminal

As soon as you pass through security at Gatwick North Terminal, just opposite the tables where you put your bags down to re-pack them and well before you walk down the corridor that enters duty free, there are a few water stations in a row that are perfect for re-filling your water bottle straight away.


Luton Airport

Luton have a big water station just as you pass through security on the left and before you go up the stairs to departures.


Stansted Airport

Stansted re-fillable water stations are a but more tricky to find (I have tweeted them asking them to be more like Luton, don’t worry! lol) and are around the toilets once you’re close to the gates. Unfortunately they do not have them in the main terminal where all of the restaurants are. However there are a lot of restaurants so you could always ask them to fill them up for you, especially Pret and Leon who are usually good with that kind of thing.

Update as of 2019: There is now a re-fillable water station by the toilets between Giraffe and Pret in the main departures area.

stansted airport water refill station

London City Airport 

I have never flown from City Airport so I tweeted them too to ask about the water situation, they told me they don’t have water stations to re-fill bottles (of course I suggested they should), but they did say Cafe Nero is happy to refill bottles!


If you’re looking for a new water bottle to take travelling, I really recommend a Chilly’s Bottle. They are leak proof, BPA Free and because they are insulated they keep water cold for 24+ hours and hot for 12+ hours.. perfect for those long travel days!

I hope this post helps you out, if you notice any water stations that I didn’t know about or know of any in other terminals, be sure to let me know in the comments below or by tweeting me @wandering_quinn so I can keep the post updated!

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