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6 Great Vegetarian and Vegan Places to Eat in Zaragoza, Spain!

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The words ‘Vegetarian’ ‘Vegan’ and ‘Spain’ are 3 words that don’t seem to go together too well and although it’s true that Vegetarian and Vegan food can be quite hard to find in Spain, especially Vegan food, it is becoming more and more popular as I found out on my recent trip to the City of Zaragoza in the Aragon Region of Spain.

During my 4 days in Zaragoza I ate amazingly well, from Tapas to 3 Course Meals and it was all Vegan. Zaragoza is known as a City for its incredible gastronomy and many high quality restaurants and I’m glad I still got to experience this without eating any meat.

If you’re Vegetarian or Vegan and looking for places to eat in Zaragoza where you can get good quality food and not feel like you are missing out on the popular gastronomy of the city, here are the places I recommend you visit:

Vegetarian and Vegan Places to Eat in Zaragoza, Spain!


Baobab Restaurant in Zaragoza is incredible and its all Vegetarian with plenty of Vegan options. It will not only please the vegetarians and vegans but it’s so good that I think it will surprise and please the meat eaters too!

Baobab is well located in the University area of the City, the staff are really friendly and helpful, the food tasted incredible and best of all it’s all fresh and healthy. They want to show people who eating out can be healthy and it seems to be a popular place to eat in Zaragoza because of this.

They offer a really good deal of a starter, main, dessert, bread and drink for €14.30 and a main, bread and drink for €9.30. I would recommend booking a table in advance as it does get busy!

Visit the Spanish Website here.

Visit the English translated Website here.

Vegetarian and Vegan Food Zaragoza Baobab
zaragoza baobab
Zaragoza Baobab

La Birosta

La Birosta is all Vegetarian, all natural and all homemade with plenty of Vegan options. Located in the City centre, I went here for Tapas on a Thursday night. There were plenty of Tapas options and most of them were actually Vegan. The two pieces of Tapas I had were Vegan versions of popular Spanish Tapas and to be honest they tasted pretty similar to the original meat/diary thing, in a good way!

The atmosphere in here is also really great, its only small but the staff were very friendly and on a Thursday it was busy inside and outside with the people of Zaragoza enjoying their evening.

Visit the Spanish Website here.

Visit the English translated Website here.

Vegetarian and Vegan Food Zaragoza
Vegetarian and Vegan Food Zaragoza

A Flama

A Flama is all Vegan and right in the centre of the City! I also visited here as part of my Thursday Tapas night out and they had so many options to choose from from Burgers to Croquettes and they also have a good sized menu offering a range of main dishes as well as the Tapas.

View them on Happy Cow here.

Vegetarian and Vegan Food Zaragoza
Vegetarian and Vegan Food Zaragoza

La Retama

I didn’t make it to La Retama but it’s a Vegetarian restaurant with Vegan options and I heard it’s a good place to visit with a good value 3 course lunch option.

Visit the Spanish Website here.


La Olla Vegetal

Located in the Student and University area of the City, La Olla Vegetal is nothing fancy but it offers good quality Vegetarian food with Vegan options for a good price.

They do a €10 deal which includes 2 main meal options, a dessert, bread and a drink.

It’s in a canteen style in the sense that you order at the bar and are given your food within a few minutes. You also need to pick up your own cutlery, drink and dessert from the fridge. The portions are a great size and the it’s quick to eat there so I can see why it’s popular with students!

Visit their Facebook page here.

vegetarian food zaragoza

La Fresca

Another place I didn’t get to visit but I wish I had is La Fresca. They serve Vegetarian and Vegan Food which is all fresh and made from quality ingredients.

They serve Smoothies and Juices as well as a range of Sandwiches, Pizza, Salads and small Sides.

Visit the Spanish Website here.

Visit the English translated Website here.


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I visited Zaragoza with the Zaragoza tourism board but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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