A Full Guide to Colaba – The Best Area to Stay in Mumbai!

October 18, 2018

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If you are visiting Mumbai, whether you are a backpacker or not, but especially if you are a backpacker, you should stay in the area of Colaba in South Mumbai.

I want to say that Colaba is most famous because of the book Shantaram but I know that Colaba was a main tourist area to visit before Lin- the main character in Shantaram visited, and luckily it still is a popular place to stay in Mumbai today.

Mumbai is a pretty big City although most of the tourist attractions in Mumbai are in South Mumbai which makes Colaba a great place to base yourself whilst staying in Mumbai.

I stayed in Colaba Mumbai for 6 nights and I loved my time there. Mumbai was the first place I stayed on my India trip and I found it to be a great way to ease myself into India life.

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Getting from Bombay Airport to Colaba

The best way to get from Bombay Airport to Colaba is to get an Uber and best of all you don’t need to have internet on your phone in order to do this.

Go outside in arrivals and go up to floor P7 which is signposted as Uber and they’ll be an Uber desk at the top. They’ll ask for your number and order you one on your behalf (it’s ok if you don’t have an India number yet).

Ideally you’ll be sent an SMS confirmation at the time with the price but I didn’t get mine until hours later, the guy at the desk told me the set price though and then I paid by cash once I arrived like I would with a taxi.

The cost of getting from Mumbai Airport to Colaba at 5:00am was 500Rs, about Β£5.00.

things to do in Colaba mumbai colaba causeway

Where to Stay in Colaba

I stayed at Backpacker Panda Colaba Hostel and I seriously loved it, in fact I was only meant to stay there for 3 days and then switch to another hostel in North Mumbai for 3 days but I loved the hostel and the area so much straight away that I cancelled the other hostel within hours of arriving.

Backpacker Panda Colaba Hostel is by far the best hostel in Colaba, not only because the staff are friendly and helpful, the location is perfect- just off Colaba Causeway and 5 minutes from the Gateway of India and the facilities are good, but because it doesn’t have much competition, it’s one of the only hostels in Colaba.

If a hostel isn’t for you, there are a lot of hotels in Colaba and budget hotels in Colaba Mumbai, including guesthouses.

For the best hotels in Colaba Mumbai I’d recommend having a look on Booking.com as there is a large range of accommodation and what I like best is the flexible payment terms on Booking.com.

There’s also the famous Taj Mahal Palace Hotel which is in fact located right in the middle of Colaba next to the Gateway of India, so if you fancy treating yourself, have a look into rates & availability for The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel here.

best hotel in colaba

Why Stay in Colaba

Colaba has it all, firstly it has that touristy feel and you can tell it’s been used to tourists for a long time. However with that said I didn’t see that many foreigners, most of the people were Indian which may well have meant they were Indian Tourists, and there are still plenty of local people living there and going about their days, it’s by no means a total tourist hub like the likes of Khao San Road in Bangkok.

Colaba is in a prime location and it has the Gateway of India, The Taj Mahal Hotel, Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach all within walking distance (although getting a taxi between these wouldn’t harm). Plus it has Churchgate train station which is a main station that can take you elsewhere in Mumbai.

It has lots of restaurants and there’s plenty of shopping along Colaba Causeway (more on those points below).

Best of all, it’s safe! When I arrived at Backpacker Panda Hostel at 6:00am in the morning and wanted to see the sunrise from the Gateway of India I asked the guy on reception if it was ok for me to go out at this time and he said Colaba is safe all day and night, in fact most people would say that Colaba is the safest place in Mumbai, and I did definitely feel very safe.

I had the odd women and group of children asking for money in the evenings but nothing else and there were very few people begging in the street.

Basically Colaba in Mumbai is a bit of a backpacker and tourist oasis without being too touristy!

In my YouTube video here you can see my first impressions of India and why I loved Colaba so much!

things to do in Colaba mumbai gateway of india

Things to do in Colaba and Things to do Near Colaba

Colaba is only a small area as it is only one of the seven islands that used to make Mumbai before they were joined together to make a City, therefore that is not that much to do right in the area of Colaba but there are a lot of places to visit, opportunities for Instagram photos and points of interest near Colaba which you could easily dedicate one or two days in Mumbai to seeing depending on how much you want to see:


Just Outside Colaba:

A bit further North of Colaba:

West of Colaba:

things to do in Colaba mumbai

things to do in Colaba mumbai

things to do in Colaba mumbai marine drive

Now I do not recommend you see all of the above in one day!

This will take 2 days at least and you can split your 2 days between the areas, I’d recommend Central and North of Colaba in one day, and the Western areas of Colaba on another day.

To get from East to West Colaba you can walk but it is quite far and a long quite a few busy roads, getting an Uber or catching a Taxi is a better idea, or go to Churchgate station which is a 20minute walk from Colaba Causeway and then get the train a few stops which will lessen the walking time.

The above places are many of the best places to visit in Mumbai and the main Mumbai tourist attractions, this is why it is a good place to stay.

Do you have travel insurance to cover you in India? I am covered by WorldNomad’s and I really recommend them as it has been designed for travellers by travellers and you don’t even need to be in your home Country to start a plan. Why not look into travel insurance now whilst you think of it!

Things to do in Mumbai

As well as the area of Colaba and the area’s close to Colaba there are a lot more things to do in Mumbai and things to see in Mumbai:

things to do in mumbai bandra

things to do in mumbai juhu beach


Mumbai Tours

From my experience in Mumbai going on a guided tour around Mumbai is a great idea and a great way to see the City as it is very big and very busy, these are the tours I would recommend:

Mumbai City Tour

I went out with Arpan from Bombay Walks to see a few Mumbai highlights in a local way. Arpan has just started Bombay Walks and I found it a great way to see some area’s I couldn’t and wouldn’t have seen on my own.

He met me at the hostel and we got a train from Churchgate station to Mahalaxmi to see Dhobi Ghat, this would have been easy to see myself as you see it from the bridge right outside the station but this was my first time taking the train in Mumbai (which is actually really easy to do too) but Arpan was able to explain lots to me which I wouldn’t have known without him. We then got back on the train to Dadar to see the very busy Flower Market, then caught a local bus to Worli Village and Worli Fort before heading back through the City to Colaba.

It was so nice to hear and learn about the City from him. If you would like to go on a City Tour with him, contact him via the Facebook Page.

things to do in mumbai dhoti ghat

Dharavi Slum Tour

A Slum Tour in Mumbai is something I had wanted to do for a long time but I wanted to be sure I did a tour that was ethical, responsible and that gives back to the Slum.

Luckily I found out about Dharavi Slum Tour with Reality Tours.

I’m really glad I went on the Slum Tour and would recommend it to you too. You can read about my experience fully in this post: Mumbai Slum Tour to Dharavi Slum – The Positive and Unqiue Side of Slum Tourism.

You can see where I went on the City Tour and see my thoughts on the Slum Tour in this YouTube video!

things to do in mumbai dharavi slum tour

Food Tour

A street food tour in Mumbai is a must because there is so much street food available. However if this is your first stop in India, and even if it’s not, in Mumbai you kind of need someone to show you around and explain everything to you as there are so many foods and so many places to eat street food in Mumbai.

I went out with India Someday who are in the process of creating their Mumbai Street Food Tasting Tour, we had 4 stops to really local places and because India Someday used to have their offices in this area of town they know the streets and a lot of the sellers really well which made for a really unique Mumbai Tour.

You can see all of the delicious food I tasted on my Mumbai Street Food Tour in this YouTube video!

things to do in mumbai street food tour

More Mumbai Sightseeing Tours

There are many tours of Mumbai that you can book online, Viator offer a good range here which are ideal if you want to book something in advance, especially if you have limited time in Mumbai. 

However I’d also recommend checking with your accommodation as they’ll probably be able to recommend tours for a better price.

Where to Eat in Colaba, Mumbai

There are a number of popular places to eat along Colaba Causeway and close to Colaba, I found there is a range of touristy places and local restaurants at a really cheap price.

restaurants in colaba leopold cafe

restaurants in colaba madras cafe

restaurants in colaba britannia restaurant

Where to Shop in Colaba

One side of Colaba Causeway also known as Colaba Causeway Market is lined with Indian Stalls selling all sorts of clothes, books and souvenirs. There’s even a crystal stand and the odd fruit and vegetable stand and therefore Colaba Causeway is a popular area to go shopping a long.

A tip if you do want to go shopping on Colaba Causeway is that it gets much busier at night. This is probably because the temperature drops but if you want to avoid the crowds go in the morning. Also along Colaba Causeway are also some branded stores like Nike and The Body Shop.

There’s also Colaba Market located just off Colaba Causeway is another popular place to shop but here you will get more local items and stores.


I hope this helps you plan your stay in Mumbai and in Colaba. I think Colaba is the best place to stay in Mumbai!

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