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The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Pushkar, India!

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I loved my time in Pushkar and one of the things that helped me love it so much is the array of cafes and restaurants there.

Pushkar in India is the place where you can indulge in Western and International Food without feeling bad, and as any traveller who has been in India or in Asia for a while knows, a bit of Western Food now and again is very nice!

When I say indulge though I generally mean in a healthy way. A lot of restaurants in Pushkar offer healthy options with lots of Salads and there are plenty of Juice stands around too (2 things I was really craving after just 3 weeks in India).

With that being said, there are still plenty of local restaurants and cafes in Pushkar so remember to not look past these. On my first few days, I mainly saw the restaurants with the big neon signs and cool sounding names but there are plenty of local places including sit down restaurants and street food stalls and they are perfect if you are on a budget in India.

Pushkar is totally Vegetarian and Egg-free. You will find Dairy but only in the form of Cow’s Milk, Cheese and Yogurt. Therefore Pushkar is a total Vegetarian and Vegan heaven! Yay!

In terms of drinks, Pushkar is a dry zone too so in this post I’m talking about drink in terms of Chai and Juices!

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Best Places to Eat in Pushkar

Cafe Nature’s Blessing

This little cafe is a bit out of the centre which is a shame (unless you’re staying that way and at one of the big hostels like Zostel Hostel, Backpacker Panda or The Madpackers Hostel in which case it’s really close by) because it’s a really nice little place with a nice owner.

The menu offers fresh, healthy food with Vegan options. Think Salads and warm dishes with lots of Veggies and even Tofu! The first place I’d seen Tofu in India!

I had the Jungle Salad and it was full of flavour and very healthy! I’d really recommend going to Cafe Nature’s Blessing in Pushkar for Breakfast or Lunch.

Cafe Natures Blessing Pushkar

Cafe Natures Blessing Pushkar


The Laughing Buddha Cafe Pushkar

This place really fits in with the hippy feel of Pushkar and I loved it here so much I went twice for lunch.

The Laughing Buddha Cafe in Pushkar located near Gau Ghat in the centre of the markets and although it’s only very small inside and outside with a small terrace it offers fresh and delicious Vegetarian and Vegan food including Breakfast options, Lassis, Vegan Chai, Salads and Burgers.

There’s a small section of Indian food to but to be honest I think you have to come here for the Salads and Burgers with lots of fresh Veggies (which I was craving) and fresh homemade Bread (which is so good!).

Not only is the food and vibe good but by going to The Laughing Buddha in Pushkar you are supporting children’s education in Nadiya as half of the proceeds go to the charity! If you want to help further you can volunteer for a day or more in the cafe too. 

Side note- there is no bathroom here but there are public toilets down the street so go to the bathroom before!

The Laughing Buddha Cafe Pushkar

The Laughing Buddha Cafe Pushkar

The Laughing Buddha Cafe Pushkar

Falafel Street Food Stands in Pushkar

A famous Street Food in Pushkar is Falafel (thanks to how popular Pushkar is with Israeli’s I think) and I’m going to put these stands under one heading because there are about 6 stands along a small stretch of the main market road.

The guys working in them will try very hard to pull you in but luckily they are all really friendly and nice, even if you say no.

I wouldn’t say it was the best falafel wrap I have had in my life but I would recommend going to sit in at one of the stands in their plastic chairs on the side of the road and order a Falafel as the atmosphere is good, the food is cheap and it’s quick!

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La Pizzeria Garden Restaurant in Pushkar

Tucked down a side street from the main market street and in a restaurant that opens up into a garden courtyard I heard this was the best Pizza in Pushkar!

It wasn’t the best Pizza I have ever had but it was very good and so so huge! Luckily the staff at La Pizzeria Garden Restaurant are happy to wrap the pizza for you if you can’t eat it so you can take it for later or tomorrow.

The staff are friendly and it seems like a popular place to eat pizza and other Italian food in Pushkar.

La Pizzaeria Garden Restaurant Pushkar

La Pizzaeria Garden Restaurant Pushkar

Sanjay Restaurant 

As I said above, don’t forget about the local food and restaurants in Pushkar and if you want a local food joint in Pushkar at local prices head to Sanjay Restaurant.

It’s quite dingy inside but that reflects its local atmosphere, there are plenty of food options which are cheap and the staff are very nice.

local food in pushkar

Sixth Sense Restaurant in Pushkar

Located inside one of the most popular hotels in Pushkar- Inn Seventh Heaven, you’ll get a beautiful welcome as you walk through the door into the peaceful hotel courtyard and on the rooftop is Sixth Sense Restaurant.

It has two sections, one with low, comfy sofas perfect to eat lunch on or have a drink on and then a small dining area with more formal tables and chairs.

They have a range of Indian and international cuisine. I had the Dal which I wasn’t a fan of but I can imagine the rest of their food is very good. Plus the prices are good considering it is a nice and popular place to eat in Pushkar.

You definitely have to eat here when you’re in Pushkar!

Sixth Sense Restaurant Pushkar

Sixth Sense Restaurant Pushkar

Sixth Sense Restaurant Pushkar


Street Food Stands in Pushkar

Aside from this, there is plenty of street food stands in Pushkar selling all sorts from Fresh Fruit, Nuts, Pani Puri to Samosa’s, Sweet Treats and so much more! These are a cheap and easy way to eat in Pushkar, especially if you just want a snack.

street food pushkar

Street Food in Pushkar

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Best Places to Drink in Pushkar

Sonu Juice

It turns out you’ll see a few Sonu Juices in Pushkar. I’m not sure if one is the original and the other copied but either way, I went to both of the Sonu Juice’s on the main market road and both were good!

The 2 on main market road state they have been going since 1980 and they offer Juices, Smoothies, Lassis and Fruit Salads with Muesli in so many flavours.

You can sit in the small seating area or take your drink with you to explore more of the market or lake. I enjoyed having a Fruit Salad with Muesli here one morning as the street stands were opening up and the road wasn’t too busy yet.

Sonu Juice pushkar

Sonu Juice pushkar

Krishna Tea Stall

There are plenty of street stalls to enjoy a Chai from in Pushkar but just across the road from where I stayed at Elephant Hotel and Hostel is Krishna Tea Stall, he opens up early and is open all day.

He serves Chai for just 10Rs / 10p and best of all it comes with a smile! (This is his friend below, not him, but also vey smiley!)

Krishna tea stand pushkar

Krishna tea stand pushkar

To SEE Pushkar, have a watch of my YouTube video here!

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    Alcohol is actually readily available all over Pushkar, especially the ever popular KingFisher beer!!!!! ALSO my favorite restaurant in Pushkar is Mamasita! The food is phenomenal and the views awesome. I LOVE PUSHKAR

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