My Travel and Content Creation Process To Stay On Top Of Everything!

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As of writing this I have been travelling for the last 6.5 months and during that time I have pretty much been posting 3-4 blogs a week and 2-3 vlogs a week produced from every place I have visited whether that’s a City, Beach, Island or Town.

It has taken a lot of dedication to stay up to date and not get behind on the blogs and videos and in all honesty there hasn’t been many times in the last 6 months where I’ve had a huge backlog to do. (Although that doesn’t mean I don’t have a long list of things to do!)

I know it may seem easy, surely you all have the time in the world to blog when you travel?

Well that’s kinda what I thought too, and when I gave myself longer in places in India it wasn’t as hard but I moved around Turkey and Lebanon at the start of my trip quickly, I moved around South India quickly. Recently I have been travelling very fast around Taiwan and Japan going somewhere new every 2-3 days and alongside resting and sleeping this doesn’t leave much time to work to be honest.

However over the last few months I’ve created some blogging processes that really help me be productive when I travel so I can keep up to date with social media, my blog and YouTube channel and do not get behind.

So I thought I’d share my general process and schedule I’ve been working to with you, to help you work more productively and efficiently when travelling too.

This does not need to be on a big trip like me either. If you work full time I know it’s hard to get content up quickly after a trip so you may have some ‘ah ha’ moments from the below to help with this too!

(I’m also writing this for my own use so I remember how to be productive and why I should be!)

balance of travelling and blogging

It often involves a lot of time in cafes and buying drinks I don’t need.. but this latte was good!

Let’s say I’ve just arrived into a new place late afternoon ready to fully explore the next day, here’s how I’ll balance travelling, social media and content creation:

Night Before

I’ll make sure my Camera Batteries are charged. I use a Canon M50 eos (and a Canon G7X now and again) and I have 3 batteries for my Canon M50.  I get through at least 2 batteries a day, usually nearly 3 so these need to be charged!

Not long after I got the camera I purchased a new USB charger so I can change 2 batteries at a time via USB / Battery Pack which is much more helpful than the standard Canon Charger that goes in the wall and only charges one at a time!


Check social media and my emails. Most of the time I do not push myself to go out exploring really early so if I have a work station in my room or in a common area I’ll do an hour or so of editing a blog or vlog in the morning, not always though.

During the Day Exploring

Of course whilst I’m out exploring, I am taking photos on my camera, taking the odd few photos and videos on my phone for Instagram Stories, I’m also filming the vlog.

If you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, I would appreciate a subscribe which you can do here!

I usually add information to a notes page on my phone throughout the day. Important information like costs, transport, key facts that I’ll want to add into a blog post.

On this note, I usually know what kind of blog post I’ll write which helps me take photos in the right place and gather the right information. I focus very much on informational posts on my blog and SEO friendly posts to gain traffic and help answer people’s questions so I like to gather all the practical travel information.

If I have a local SIM and internet I like to post Instagram Stories in live time throughout the day so it’s not ‘another thing to do later’, if I don’t then I’ll draft them up, for example if I fancy using the Unfold templates I’ll make these so they’re ready to geotag and upload straight away when I do have internet.

I like to do this in dead time, for example on transport or in queues, or when I just fancy a sit down in a park or something, then, I can sit down and be productive!


Once I have pretty much finished my day I firstly transfer the photos from my Camera to Phone using the inbuilt WIFI, again dead time like the train back to my accommodation is a good time to do this. I transfer photos that I’ll want to share on my social media, blog post and use on my YouTube thumbnail.

Then I’ll edit the photos in Lightroom on my phone, I have created some presets in Lightroom so I essentially edit most of the photos in one click of the preset.

When I have internet I’ll schedule social media posts. I really like the interaction and community on Twitter so I always schedule a tweet sharing 4 of the edited photos and a caption of what I’ve done using Buffer. To help myself stay ahead of time I usually schedule this for the following day rather than the day of, and because of the time difference I schedule it for the afternoon UK time so it goes out when I’m in bed!

I don’t really like Facebook these days and don’t get much engagement (apart from my Mum & Dad) but every few days I schedule a Facebook post using Facebook’s’ scheduler with an update and some photos.

I also add the Instagram photos that I want to share into the drafts section, sometimes I write the captions right then, it depends how inspired I’m feeling, otherwise I leave it. I usually post photos a day or two late on my Instagram feed and I have to wait until later in the evening to post so the UK is awake!

Sometimes I can do all of the above in dead time on a train or waiting for a train, or during dinner which is where I get a lot of phone stuff done.

On this note I take my battery pack out with me most days as when I have internet I drain my battery in a few hours, this way I can keep using my phone all day!


When I get back to my hotel / hostel the laptop fun starts!

I transfer the photos and videos from memory card to my hard drive.

I airdrop all the edited photos from my phone to my laptop ready to upload to WordPress to use on my blog, and to use on Canva for my Pinterest Pins and YouTube Thumbnails.

This is something I’ve only recently started to do and it’s a huge time saver! I used to edit photos for social media on my phone and the other blog photos on my laptop but this way I don’t edit many photos on my laptop at all and it saves me so much time as I find it much quicker using Lightroom on my phone which is why I transfer so many photos from my camera to my phone earlier in the day.

This is what takes most of my dedication – I try my very hardest to start writing the blog post for where I am / what I’ve done, that evening whilst it’s still fresh in my mind using the notes I’ve been making during the day. I don’t push myself to finish the post but having a good draft version makes my future self happy, and I find I write much quicker when it’s fresh and exciting so even when I’m tired I know it’s worth it. I really hate writing about a place 3 places ago for example, and it takes me so much longer!

Usually in the evening I’ll have a vlog I have edited that needs uploading when the WIFI is good and a blog post that needs finishing off in terms of adding links when I have internet and making sure I have my keywords in using Keysearch and once that’s done I’ll schedule it and make Pinterest pins.

(Soo much goes into each blog post doesn’t it!)

Planing Ahead

In terms of actually finishing the blog post and editing the video I plan ahead, usually if I’ve had a full on day exploring I won’t do as much the following or day so I can sit at my laptop for a good few hours, or the following day will be a travel day and depending on the type of travel, travel days can often be really productive (I’m writing this in draft on a train to Tokyo for example).

I like to edit my vlogs whilst on transport so if I know I’m going on a train, bus (although editing on a bus is usually much harder!) or plane (not that I fly that often) the next day or day after, I load the footage into iMovie so it’s ready and then I leave it to edit on the journey.

If I’m being super productive and have time I’ll write the YouTube title and description in my notes on my laptop so when I have internet it’s fully ready to upload and I only need to make the thumbnail which I use Canva for.

I also find travel days good for writing blogs like this as I don’t need internet to do any research and I can just type with no / little distractions.

And finally, before I go to bed I make sure my Camera Batteries are all charged again for the next day!

how to be productive on your blog when travelling

Another time I ordered a fancy breakfast and coffee.. only to realise their wifi was terrible! This kind of thing hurts!

My Biggest Tips

My biggest tip and what I’ve really found to work for me is doing what I fancy!

I always have something to do whether its writing a blog post on where I am / have just been, whether it’s a random blog post that’s been on my mind to write, a vlog to edit, a sit down video to edit that I filmed a while ago and haven’t edited yet, my newsletter to draft, an email to draft, social media captions to type. It’s literally never ever ending!

If I don’t fancy writing, I’ll edit a video, and I find once I start doing this and doing what I like I get into a good flow and then I’m ok to start the other thing.

For example I’m on a train right now, I said to myself I wanted to edit a video on the train but this post has been pouring out of me so why not write it now as I’ll write it much quicker this way!


The other thing is not pushing myself too much which I know may not sound right seen as I am publishing a blog every other day and 2-3 vlogs a week, but in Japan for example, I’ve made a rule for myself not to write a blog post about everywhere as it will take up too much time. Instead I’m trying to be clever with what I write about, to write a post that I was looking for when searching. This is hard as my natural instinct is to want to share what I’ve done everywhere (that’s the reason I started this blog) but realistically and after doing this for 4 months in India, I know I just do not have the time and it makes me feel stressed and right now my blog is not worth getting stressed over.

never stay up crazy late just to work as I know it’ll catch up with me the next day, I’ll feel tired and unmotivated and then I won’t want to do anything which is not productive in the long run.

I also try to get my own room where possible and not stay in a dorm so I can work whenever I want. I’ve really struggled staying in dorms because you end up going to sleep much later and by everyone else’s clock, I like going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, but in Countries like Japan that hasn’t been possible.

Finally, optimising dead time! We should all be focusing on this to make us more efficient no matter what we’re doing because we do have so much dead time when we’re waiting for something, in a queue, on a journey and a lot can be done in that time, especially when you have an internet connection!


I hope this helps you get an understanding of what I’ve been doing and gives you a few golden nuggets of ways you can be more productive when you’re travelling and creating content at the time time, whether that’s on a long backpacking trip or on a weekend trip when you know you have to go into work the next week and won’t have any time to do anything!

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  • Reply
    April 9, 2019 at 5:42 pm

    Great post, Ellie! I’ve been starting to film vlogs on my last two trips and I don’t like the way they’ve been turning out so I haven’t posted. I think it’ll take some practice but I’m a little frustrated! Yours always seem so smooth and transition well. I’ve used both my camera (a Sony mirrorless) and my GoPro on a gimbal so not sure why they don’t seem smooth. Anyways, I loved reading through your tips and will def be incorporating some of these! I take notes while I travel but I like the idea of getting a good draft right away! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Reply
      April 10, 2019 at 2:09 am

      That’s great that you have started to film but yes it definitely just takes practise so keep going on the filming and editing!
      Thank you for reading, writing up a draft whilst it’s fresh in my mind is a huge help as I write it so much quicker! 🙂

  • Reply
    Ellen Miller
    April 9, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    Love this post! It’s amazing what you can get done in dead time, meaning that you don’t miss out on anything! Do you ever stressed trying to fit so much in when really you just want to relax and enjoy yourself, or do you love what you do too much for that?

    Nell |

    • Reply
      April 10, 2019 at 2:10 am

      Thank you! Exactly, I get soo much life admin done in that time too!

      Not really. I do love going out exploring and I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t see and do everything so I don’t try to which helps not get stressed over it I think 🙂

  • Reply
    April 10, 2019 at 6:44 pm

    I always find your blogging and life posts so inspiring Ellie. It’s great to see your travels and how you are really making the most of your life and opportunities. I’m definitely not the most organised as you know (having sat on my case, whilst I try and zip it up!) Come to think of it, I’m off to Miami with hand luggage only…any packing light tips?! 🙂

    Jaz |

    • Reply
      April 11, 2019 at 2:42 am

      Thank you so much Jaz!
      I saw that you’re going to Miami! That’s so cool!
      I’d say just try and take clothes that go with a few different things so it’s not like you’re taking one top which can only be worn with one set of shorts for example. Depending on the weather dresses are always great I think as it means you only have 1 item to think about rather than pairing tops and bottoms 🙂

  • Reply
    April 11, 2019 at 5:50 am

    Thanks for sharing Ellie! It’s super helpful to hear how other bloggers manage to stay on top of content creation! I need to work on making better use of dead time for sure! I do struggle on buses/trains with feeling sick when looking at my phone/laptop – maybe that’s something g I am work on! But standing in a que can definitely be more productive as can waiting for transport! I also make sure everything is charged the night before – no last minute panicking then! Really enjoyed reading this and will definitely be sharing!


    • Reply
      April 11, 2019 at 11:22 am

      Thank you for reading Alicia and hopefully you got some ideas from it. That’s annoying that you feel sick when looking at your phone, I don’t know how you’d get over that but I guess it’s a good way to be present or listen to podcasts or something else instead.

      But yes, in queues I feel like I can get so much done haha.
      Thank you!! X

  • Reply
    April 11, 2019 at 11:19 am

    This was a great read Ellie! Super helpful, I find blogging while travelling a struggle sometimes. But sitting down and getting on with that same day/night is a great idea – at least making a start!

    Hopefully I can out some of this into practise and improve my content process!

    • Reply
      April 11, 2019 at 11:22 am

      Thank you Emma, that’s it, whilst it’s fresh in your mind it is a lot easier I find! 🙂

  • Reply
    Rushil Verma
    April 11, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    Really helpful tips, and the camera battery thing is so relatable.

    • Reply
      April 12, 2019 at 12:46 am

      Glad you find them helpful and yess, how quickly do camera batteries go!!

  • Reply
    Abbi @ Spin the Windrose
    April 12, 2019 at 9:45 am

    Ellie, I don’t know how you do it! (Well I do, because I’ve just read how you do it haha.)
    I’m absolutely inspired by how hardworking and focused you are. I’m trying to juggle my blog around my job and struggle so much, but seeing you do this (writing a post every other day!? I’m lucky if I get 2 our a month!!) has made me realise there is so much more time in the day I could use more wisely. Great post as always, and I’m loving following your travels!

    • Reply
      April 12, 2019 at 10:56 am

      Haha!! Thank you!
      I know it’s super hard, I struggled working full time too but I averaged at least 1 a week and mostly 2 but again that was generally from writing them on the way back from a trip or as soon a I could after whilst I was still motivated! And I tend to batch write and schedule them so I could finish 2-3 in a weekend but slowly schedule them so it doesn’t feel like one every other day although often it is. 🙂

      And thank you lovely!! X

  • Reply
    Jennifer Williams
    May 30, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    This was super helpful! I’m just getting into the whole blogging thing – I’m still working full time and organising content like blog posts etc, plus figuring things out for the first time AND doing a bit of freelancing on the side, so my time management is being challenged every day! I have a loose schedule I try and stick to, but your point about doing what you fancy is SO important! If I’ve planned to write one blog post, but a different idea comes to mind that I’m excited about, it’s way better to go with what you’re passionate about in the moment! I hope travel blogging and maintaining my insta never feels like work, but we’ll see! Keep up the amazing work! xx

    • Reply
      May 30, 2019 at 4:12 pm

      Hello, I’m so glad you found this interesting! It sounds like you have a lot on but you’re making the right steps. Doing what you fancy is such a good way of getting motivated and I find once I’ve started and into it I can the move onto what I did’t want to do. Right now I can’t be bothered to edit videos but it’s ok as I have lots of blog posts to write so for now I’m doing that. Thank you, keep it up too! 🙂

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