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5 Things To Do In The Black Forest in Germany!

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I recently went to an event with Visit Black Forest as they have created a Facebook Smart Hub all about the Black Forest in Germany.

The Black Forest in Germany is somewhere that I have wanted to go to for some time. I didn’t know much about it before the event but I knew that it’s full of nature- as the name suggests, and I’ve always thought of it as quite mystical and hidden, which is also probably down to the name. It also turns out that there are plenty of things to do in the Black Forest!

The Black Forest is a lot bigger than I thought though, spanning approximately 4,250 square miles, home to 3 million people and it has 321 cities and villages.. there’s me thinking it was just a forest! Although it does have over 70 mountains over 1000m high!

I felt really inspired to visit the Black Forest after the event (hopefully I will soon!), so I thought I’d note down a few things I would want to do on my visit to the Black Forest and hopefully this will inspire you to book a visit there or get some idea’s on what to do if you have already booked!

Things To Do in the Black Forest, Germany

Black Forest Things to do

Keep reading for things to do in the Black Forest!

1 – Black Forest Highlands

This area is probably what I have always thought of the Black Forest to be. Described on their website as: Ranging 700 m to 1,500 m, the Black Forest Highlands offer a healing climate and pure air among untouched nature year-round. This vacation region is perfect for discovering romantic villages with lively traditions, untouched countryside, and a versatile range of recreational activities.

I love hiking and walking, and I love fairytale looking Villages which I always relate to Germany, so I think I would love it in the Black Forest Highlands and hiking is one of the things to do in the Black Forest!

Black Forest Things to do

2 – Baiersbronn National Park

Apparently, Baiersbronn stands for pleasure which is a good start, and at this National Park, you can learn how to indulge and get along with nature. One way is by sleeping out under the stars- how amazing! Other ways are hiking and visiting its waterfalls so this is one of the great places to visit in the Black Forest Germany.

Black Forest Things to do

3 – Explore Freiburg

The Black Forest isn’t all about the Countryside through and Freiburg one of the main cities in the area along with being a popular place to visit in the Black Forest.

It’s an ancient city with winding alleys and little streams running through it. The Black Forest website also says it has one of the most beautiful and oldest beer gardens in southern Baden.  What else could you want?

Black Forest Things to do

4 – Black Forest Spa Route

The Black Forest appears to be full of spa and spa hotels so it seems like a must to stay at one of them for one the things to do in the Black Forest!

There is even something called the Black Forest Spa Route as wellness is a longstanding tradition in the Black Forest. 

5 – Eat Black Forest Gateau

It seems that most people know the Black Forest for the cake! This wasn’t actually what I associated it with but I do understand it!

It was good to hear at the event that this cake is still very popular in the area. So much so, that at our event we made a Black Forest Gateau.

Our cooking teacher Fritz has a bakery in the Black Forest called- Bäckerei Cafe Konditorei so I’d definitely go and see him and his bakery as part of my things to do in the Black Forest and I suggest you do too as I can only imagine how nice his cakes are!

Black Forest Things to do

That’s it for now, although there are so many more things to do in the Black Forest too! I better get a trip booked there, hadn’t I!


This post was written in collaboration with Visit Black Forest but all opinions and thoughts are my own. All photos on this page are sourced from the Black Forest Website, except the cake which was my own creation!


Friday 17th of August 2018

What a lovely place to visit, I have never been to Germany before but the Black Forest looks divine - as does the gateau mmmmm yum!

Lynsey || One More Slice

Saturday 28th of April 2018

I visited Bavaria last year and have been desperate to return and explore more of Germany so this October I'm going to the Black Forest and staying in Freiburg! I imagine the leaves are going to gorgeous shades of autumnal colours and the landscapes are just going to be stunning!

I've bookmarked this post and liked the facebook page, so thanks for sharing as it will be valuable for my visit later on in the year! xx

Lynsey || One More Slice


Tuesday 1st of May 2018

Hi Lynsey, That sounds great! Yes I bet it will be so gorgeous there in autumn with all the golden leaves! Thats great to hear, thank you for commenting and letting me know! :D x