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How To Spend A Weekend in Amsterdam On a Budget!

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Amsterdam is one of those European bucket list cities, isn’t it? You hear about all of the crazy trips people have there, the famous Red Light District and the even more famous cafes! Not to mention the pictures of the beautiful canals and quirky canal houses.

I had been wanting to visit Amsterdam for years and I nearly did on 2 different trips however, in the end, I decided against it due to money. I thought that Amsterdam was a city that couldn’t be visited on a budget. However, I finally did go to Amsterdam for 2 days on a solo trip and I couldn’t believe how little money I spent in one weekend in Amsterdam and it proved to me that Amsterdam is not as expensive as I had thought it would be or has to be!

Amsterdam on a Budget

Amsterdam on a Budget

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How Much I Spent on a Budget Weekend in Amsterdam

Overall, 2 Days in Amsterdam on a budget excluding flights and accommodation cost me about £100.00 which I was really happy about! With accommodation on a Friday & Saturday night, it would have cost me £180.00.

A few points to keep in mind about how I visited Amsterdam on a Budget for a Budget Weekend in Amsterdam!

I visited Amsterdam solo and I wasn’t bothered about partying or eating in really fancy places in Amsterdam.

My aim of going to Amsterdam solo and on a budget was to see the beautiful and iconic canals and streets, eat some dutch fries and maybe a waffle.

If this sounds like you and what you want from a trip to Amsterdam then read on.

If you plan to go out drinking and clubbing you may not find this post as relatable as your costs will increase!

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Cost of Budget Accommodation in Amsterdam

Accommodation in Amsterdam is expensive so if you’re in Amsterdam on a budget, staying in a hostel in Amsterdam will be your best option.

I stayed at Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg Hostel which I really loved and on a second visit I stayed at Stayokay Vondelpark Hostel which I also recommend.

The dorm room rates really vary in price depending on the season and the day of the week. Based on the Zeeburg Hostel, a dorm room on a Sunday can cost as little as €13.25 a night which is great for Amsterdam! Midweek prices are around €17.00-25.00 with Friday and Saturday nights reaching up to €45.00 a night. If you’re on a budget but you’re flexible this just proves that accommodation in Amsterdam can be done on a budget.

To look up all accommodation in Amsterdam for all budgets check out!

Amsterdam on a Budget

Stayokay Zeeburg Amsterdam Hostel

Cost of Amsterdam Transport

I always assumed that getting from the airport into Amsterdam central would be quite pricy but again, I was very wrong.

A train ticket from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station with then goes to Muiderpoort (where the Stayokay hostel is) cost- €5.70 each way which is a really good price. The train is really easy to use and very quick too!

Amsterdam is really walkable which of course is free which helps with visiting Amsterdam on a Budget!

A return trip to and from Amsterdam Muiderpoort Train station to the Central Train station was €5.60.

Amsterdam on a Budget

Cost of Food in Amsterdam

I found the price of food in Amsterdam to be similar to London. Some examples of what I ate and what I paid are:

Dinner at Stayokay Zeeburg Hostel – €9.90

Lunch & Coffee at a nice cafe in the Centre – €16.20

Brunch at Drovers Dog with coffee in Zeeburg – €14.90

Starter and Main at a Noodle Bar in the Centre – €19.45

Dutch Fries with Mayonnaise from a stall – €3.00

Amsterdam on a Budget

Brunch at Drovers Dog!

Cost of Attractions in Amsterdam

A trip to Amsterdam doesn’t mean buying tickets for lots of attractions. The only tourist sightseeing thing I did and paid for was a boat trip. I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot from the commentary so I’d highly recommend going on a boat trip to Amsterdam, even if you are on a budget. I booked this at a stand in the city and paid €16.00 for an hour trip. Here are some boat trips in Amsterdam for a reasonable price:



Amsterdam on a Budget


I hope this post helps you out and convinces you that you can visit Amsterdam on a Budget and have a Budget Weekend in Amsterdam!

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