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8 Beautiful Places in Germany in Nature to Visit Next!

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Germany is an incredibly diverse country. A trip to Germany can give you cities, history, ocean, mountains, forest, natural spas and adrenaline activities.

What comes to my mind most when I think of Germany are the many beautiful places in nature in Germany so in this Germany travel blog, I’m going to tell you more about the best Germany nature attractions that I’ve discovered with a little help from technology!

Germany is a fairly large country so when it comes to planning a trip to Germany, you may be wondering where to start! As you may know, Germany is known for its high levels of technology (and organisation) so is it any surprise that there is a German information capsule on Alexa for trip planning and inspiration?!

Yes, not only can Alexa tell you what the weather is, but by using the German National Tourist Board Alexa Skill, Alexa can help you plan your trip to Germany! It works like this:


Alexa, open Germany Travel Tips 

Alexa: Are you into nature or culture?


Alexa: Are you looking for action or relaxation?


Alexa: Ok, based on your interests I have chosen this tip for you!

Let’s get into some of the best nature places in Germany that the Alexa Skill from the German National Tourist Board recommends!

Beautiful Places in Germany in Nature!

places in Germany in Nature
Keep reading for the best places in Geny in tatu

1. Zugspitze

What better way to get into nature than to visit Germany’s highest mountain Zugspitze located in the Bavarian Alps! If you’re a keen and experienced hiker you’ll love hiking this 2,962 metre high mountain with views over 400 peaks in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland when you reach the top.

However if this intense hike doesn’t sound appealing, that’s ok, because there is a cable car ready to take you 2,600 metres up where you can do fun activities at the top like the Zipfelbob sledge and the Glacier Adventure Trail and visit the viewing platform which is a free standing X offering breathtaking views!

places in Germany in Nature

2. Saxon Switzerland National Park

As you’re a nature lover you may have seen photos of unique rock formations in Germany, well, Saxon Switzerland National Park is where you’ll find these and it is a dream destination for ramblers and climbers.

For beautiful places in nature in Germany, it doesn’t get much better than this. You can spend a few days completely disconnected hiking in the national park, chasing waterfalls and finding bizarre rock formations! A trail called Malerweg / Painter’s Way is a good trail to do.

places in Germany in Nature

3. Geierlay Suspension Bridge

Located between the popular cities of Frankfurt and Cologne is a record-breaking rope bridge! Geierlay Suspension Bridge is 360m long and 100m high. This bridge is not for those who are scared of heights but it is a must-see Germany nature attraction!

After you have crossed the bridge taking in the amazing views you can spend the day hiking the many trails that surround it in the trees below!

places in Germany in Nature


places in Germany in Nature

4. Brandenburg Rafting & Canoeing

Brandenburg is an area of Germany located very close to Berlin so if you’re on a city break in Berlin and looking for nature, this is where you can head. The best way to explore this beautiful place in nature in Germany is by getting out on the water on a rafting or canoeing tour.

There are around 104 canoe trips that you can do around Brandenburg which are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who love nature activities and taking in the countryside from the water. This is a great place to visit in nature in Germany for families as well as couples.

places in Germany in Nature


places in Germany in Nature

5. The Rennsteig Trail

This is Germany’s longest hiking trail at 170km long and one of Germany’s most famous walking trail. A huge advantage to this trail is that you don’t have to walk it all to enjoy it, you can walk part of it on a day hike. Start in the forest surrounded by majestic trees and let the path take you into green meadows.

places in Germany in Nature

6. Hirschgrund Zipline

Located in the Black Forest is a zipline which is 570 meters long and 83 meters high making it the longest nature-zipline in Germany!

The best way to enjoy this part of the Black Forest is to stay overnight in unique accommodation like a tipi, do a hike and take a ride on the zipline to zip across valleys and hills taking in the nature below whilst experiencing pure adrenaline.

7. Wadden Sea National Park

Germany only has ocean to its North so it’s easy to forget about but the Wadden Sea National Park will show you why you have to visit the coast in Germany. This National Park offers incredible views, a unique look at the tide in the North sea, the largest continuous area of mudflats in the world, salt marshes and sand dunes.

This is easily one of the best Germany nature attractions on offer and it’s easy to reach from the popular city of Hamburg.

places in germany in nature

8. Mecklenburg Lake Plateau

Finally, also known as the land of thousand lakes is Mecklenburg Lake Plateau located between Berlin and the Baltic Sea. It is home to the largest network of lakes, canals, marshlands, and rivers in all of Germany making it a great place to explore the nature of Germany.

To see the best of this German nature attraction you can canoe the waterways, rent a houseboat for a day and even stay overnight on a houseboat too.

places in Germany in Nature

I hope these ideas have helped you find beautiful places in Germany nature to visit!

Alexa: That was fun, see you soon in Germany



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