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9 Of The Best Travel Talk Tours To Go On in 2019!

by TheWanderingQuinn

Some links in this post contain affiliate links including amazon associate links. I receive a small commission if you use the links at no extra cost to you.

Travel Talk Tours is an awesome company that offers Group Tours, Adventure Travel and Sailing Holidays. They are based in the UK and are very popular for Australians and New Zealanders in particular but also Brits, Canadians and Americans. What makes them so popular is their great value tours, they offer full experience tours but often at a fraction of the price that other tour companies do, they are definitely one of the best value tour companies.

I should know as I have been on 2 of their tours, I had such a great time on both and I’ve never nothing but good things from the other members of the tour group who have usually been on more than one Travel Talk Tour, no one seems to have just been on one!

Although I love solo travel and I enjoy planning my own trip and having the freedom that comes along with travelling on my own itinerary I will not deny that I also have a love for group tours.

Group Tours are the best way to travel if you want to travel alone but not solo, aka not with close friends and people you know but new friends. From my experience Travel Talk tours is one of the best companies for solo travel if you are 20-30 years of age and looking for a fun time with a great group of people.

I’ve also found that groups of friends go on trips with Travel Talk Tours as they want to go away together but do not want to organise it themselves and want to meet new people!

I often find myself on Travel Talk Tours website luring over the many group trips they have on offer around Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia so I wanted to put together what I think are the best trips they offer incase you want an adventure in 2019 with a new group of friends.. and who doesn’t want that??

The links in this post are affiliate links, if you book a tour using one of the links I get a small commission for recommending the tour to you which is what helps keep this site going so I would appreciate it if you could use a link when you do book! 🙂


Best of Greece Tour

I went to Greece with Travel Talk Tours on the Best of Greece Tour in June 2018 and I had such a great time, like, such a great time! We started in Athens and got a good taste of the City and then headed to 3 islands – Mykonos, Santorini & Ios before returning to Athens, how dreamy does that sound!

We spent 2 nights in Athens and 2 nights on each island which was the perfect amount of time. Our guide George was an absolute legend and everything went so well. We explored the Acropolis, went to a beach party in Mykonos, went Quad Biking in Santorini and enjoyed the awesome nightlife in Ios.

The group that I was with were great and this tour just shows how well Travel Talk’s Tours work for all people as I was 27 at the time of going and my sister who came too was just 19 and she really enjoyed it too!

Travel Talk Tours Greece Tours are very popular and they offer tours that just combine the islands or just Athens, Mykonos and Santorini but the people who left after Santorini were so gutted because we carried on the fun in Ios which is why I recommend doing the Best of Greece Group Tour!

Read all about my Greece Trip with Travel Talk Tours here!

Check Rates, Availability and Book your Best of Greece Tour here!

Check out all of the Greece Tours here!

Travel Talk Tours greece


Felucca Odyssey Tour

If you want a great value tour and want to visit a Country that not many people are visiting right now you need to visit Egypt with Travel Talk Tours! I went on the Felucca Odyssey Tour in 2016, this was my first taste of Travel Talk Tour life and guess what? I loved it!

Egypt is one of the few Countries that we cannot travel independently in, or at least not properly so a group tour to Egypt is definitely needed. Because of its situation Egypt is a very cheap Country to travel in and whereas some tour operators offering Egypt Tours will hike up the price, Travel Talk Tours keep the price down to reflect the real costs of the Country offering budget tours to Egypt and they often offer huge discounts on their Egypt Tour Bookings.

We started the tour in Cairo ticking off the Great Pyramids of Giza before heading South to Luxor and Aswan stopping at the incredible Abu Simbel and then setting sail on our Felucca Boat along the River Nile. The Felucca ride is what attracted me most to this tour because this is a traditional Egyptian Boat and a traditional way to sail along this world famous River.

I won’t lie, and you can read here anyway, that the tour was very intense. We were getting up early and going to bed late with adventure and bus journey filled days but it was the best way to see Egypt!

If you need a budget tour to help with your bank balance but still want an adventure to an incredibly interesting, and safe Country, go to Egypt!

Read all about my Egypt Trip with Travel Talk Tours here!

Check Rates, Availability and Book your Felucca Odyssey Tour here!

Check out all of the Egypt Tours here!

Travel Talk Tours Egypt


Exotic Morocco Tour

Although Morocco can be travelled solo or with a group of friends it is one of those Countries that is best travelled with a tour, especially if you want to see the best places in Morocco in one trip. One because it’s so big and there is so much to see, two because it’s a Country known for it’s scams which makes it intimidating and tricky to travel around.

Travel Talk Tours offer a few great tours around Morocco which cover most of the Country but I really like the look of Exotic Morocco. It starts and ends in Marrakech which is usually where the cheap flight to Morocco fly in and out of, then heads to Essaouira. I went to Essaouira in 2018 after a surf and yoga trip and I loved it there, it’s very relaxed for Morocco and I think it would make a great second destination after the craziness of Marrakech.

The tour then heads to the Cities of Casablanca and Rabat which would definitely be hard to travel to alone, and then onto Chefchaourn aka the Blue City, also a place that I’ve heard is difficult to visit alone!

The next stop is Fes which is a City that is becoming very popular as an alternative city to visit to Marrakesh and then into the famous High Atlas Mountains before heading into the desert for a night of camping!

Another reason I really suggest doing a group tour in Morocco is because camping in the desert is a must do activity in Morocco but I have heard so many horror stories of trips going wrong when people have booked it themselves in Morocco or even online. Not enough food, not enough bedding, awkwardness in the camp etc.

This will not happen on a Travel Talk Morocco Trip!

Read about why I love Essaouira so much here!

Check Rates, Availability and Book your Exotic Morocco Tour here!

Check out all of the Morocco Tours here!

Travel Talk Tours Morocco


Balkan Discovery Tour

New to Travel Talk Tours range of Tours in 2019 are 3 Balkan Tours! There is so much to see in the Balkans and because of the Countries and Cities close proximity it is pretty easy to see most of the area and the best places to see in the Balkans in just one trip!

I like the look of the Balkan Discovery Tour best which starts and ends in Sofia, Bulgaria which is a very up and coming place to visit, and cheap too!

The tour visits a whooping 6 Countries in just 10 Days- Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania and Macedonia so if you want to get your Country count up a bit and see a lot of Eastern Europe in one trip, this is the tour for you!

I have been to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia and they are great Countries, especially Bosnia! Best of all they are all relatively cheap Countries which is reflected in the tour price and will mean your spending money will not be as much either!

Check Rates, Availability and Book your Balkan Discovery Tour here!

Check out all of the Balkan Tours here!



Oktoberfest Opening Week

Wanna go to the world famous festival of Oktoberfest but don’t have anyone to go with? Go on a tour!

I was really surprised when I first saw tours to Oktoberfest but it totally makes sense because you can’t go to Oktoberfest solo, or maybe you can but that would be no fun, and it is hard to get friends who have enough money and time off work to go to go festivals in another Country like this with, so going with an awesome group of strangers is the best way I think!

Not only that but I’ve heard it is hard to get a table and Oktoberfest requires some good planning but you won’t need to worry about that as Travel Talk Tours will do all of this for you!

Travel Talk Tours say that the Opening weekend is the time to go to Oktoberfest if you want to catch the official opening ceremonies. At noon on the Saturday, the Mayor of Munich has the honor of tapping the first keg of Oktoberfest beer. Once the barrel has been tapped you can quench your thirst for beer! Oktoberfest lives up to all expectations; an Adults Disneyland filled with rides, 14 large beer tents, delicious food and great people!

This makes me want to go! Maybe I’ll see you there!

Check Rates, Availability and Book your Oktoberfest Opening Week Tour here!

Check out all of the Oktoberfest Tours here!

Remember you’ll need Travel Insurance for these trips, get a quote now before you forget!


Essential Jordan

Jordan is such a great and interesting Country, it’s also becoming more and more popular which is why I think it is a must visit Country for 2019! The Essential Jordan tour includes going to Petra to tick that off your bucketlist, but also staying in the Wadi Rum Desert and going to the Dead Sea, if these weren’t two things on your bucket list already they will be and you’ll be ticking them off because both are so much fun!

The Wadi Rum Desert is one of my favourite places actually!

Travel Talk Tours Jordan Tour is only 7 Days so if you have more time a popular thing to do is to combine it with a trip to Egypt, this way you can see 2 amazing Countries properly in just one trip!

Check Rates, Availability and Book your Essential Jordan Tour here!

Check out all of the Jordan Tours here!



Highlights of Russia

Travel Talk only offers one trip to Russia but one is enough because it visits the 2 popular cities of Moscow and St Petersburg in one week.

I know a few people who have done this Russia Tour and they have really enjoyed in. Russia is a hard place to get around as none of the signs are recognisable and English is not well spoken, therefore a tour around Russia with local guides to show you both cities is a really good idea.

If you want to try somewhere a little different and see incredible architecture, the Highlights of Russia Tour is for you!

Check Rates, Availability and Book your Russia Highlights Tour here!


Spain & Portugal

Amazing Spain and Portugal Tour

Although Travel Talk Tours offer a lot of trips to slightly ‘less visited’ places and places that are not easy to travel to alone (which is why I like them), they also offer trips to Spain and Portugal and I love the idea of this combined trip visiting amazing Cities in Spain like Madrid, Granada, Cordoba and Seville and then heading to the beach and backpacker town of Lagos and before going to the awesome city of Lisbon!

And all of this is done in just 8 days so if you’re on a tight timeframe but still want to see some of Spain and Portugal this tour is for you!

Check Rates, Availability and Book your Amazing Spain & Portugal Tour here!

Check out all of the Spain & Portugal Tours here!



Best of Turkey by Gulet Tour

Finally Turkey! Turkey is also becoming more and more popular to visit, especially because of the hot air balloon craze in Cappadocia! However Turkey is a very big Country and although it is easy to get around as it’s well-connected by bus, going on a tour is the best way to see all of Turkey and all the popular tourist attractions.

My friend Liv from Liv On A Shoestring (and the person I went to Egypt with) went on the Best of Turkey by Gulet Tour in September 2018, she said she loved it and from what I saw online it looked it so great and the best way to see Turkey. Although she did say it was tiring and very fast paced so be warned of that!

Starting in the City of Istanbul which is a crazy mix of Europe and Asia, then heading South along the East Coast for some History, stopping to Sail in the Mediterranean before going to Cappadocia which honestly is better than anything you’ve seen online (I’ve been twice and love it there!), and back to Istanbul!

This tour around Turkey really does pick out the best of Turkey and show how diverse the Country is in just 12 days!

Read about Liv’s trip on the Best of Turkey by Gulet Tour here.

Check Rates, Availability and Book your Best of Turkey by Gulet Tour here!

Check out all of the Turkey Tours here!

Travel Talk Tours Turkey

I hope this gives you some ideas for your 2019 trips!

Whether you plan to travel alone or with a group of friends going with Travel Talk Tours will give you the chance to meet lots of new friends and be stress free as they do all of the planning for you and you have their local, friendly guides to help you out when you are there!

Travel Insurance

Remember to get insurance before you go on your trip! It’s something I know a lot of us forget or think isn’t important but it is! If you still need to purchase travel insurance I’d recommend World Nomads. Firstly you can get insurance even if you’re on your trip right now! Secondly they offer 24/7 emergency assistance, trip cancellation, protection of gear, and a lot more. Plus they’re flexible and simple! Just what we need! Get a quote here!

The links in this post are affiliate links, if you book a tour using one of the links I get a small commission for recommending the tour to you which is what helps keep this site going so I would appreciate it if you could use a link when you do book! 🙂

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