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My 6 Favourite and Recommended Wellness Podcasts!

by TheWanderingQuinn

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Podcasts have literally changed my life, and I’ve only been listening to them for the last year. Over the course of the last year I have kept my podcast subscription very light yet very dedicated, meaning I’m not subscribed to that many but I listen to pretty much every episode that is released because I love the person hosting and the topic of the podcasts so much.

The main podcasts I listen to are around Travel, Blogging and Wellness.

The wellness podcasts are the podcasts I’m referring to though when I say that podcast’s have changed my life. I’ve learned about so many topics that I didn’t know about and hadn’t even heard about before, I’ve realised that there really are a lot of people in the world who think like me, people who are interested in things that I am, and above all, these wellness podcasts have opened my mind.

This time last year I didn’t think I would be listening to podcasts about Shamanism, Astrology, Ayurveda, Manifesting plus so much more and that I’d be so interested in it all too.

With this in mind and the fact that I want to start talking about my wellness more on my blog I want to share with you 6 wellness podcasts that I really love and in my opinion are the best wellness podcasts out there and I therefore recommend them to you too!

Below I share why I think they are the best wellness podcasts, a long with my favourite episodes so you have somewhere to start.

(I listen to podcasts through the podcast app/iTunes on my iPhone which is where the links below direct to but most podcasts can be listened to on Spotify and direct from the persons website by searching for the title.)

best wellness podcasts

1 – The Melissa Ambrosini Show by Melissa Ambrosini

It’s only fair that I start with Melissa Ambrosini as her podcast was one of the first wellness podcasts that I listened to after being recommended it on Twitter, and I honestly believe this podcast alone helped me grow so much in the last year.

Each week Melissa interviews a guest – ‘thought leaders from around the globe’ as she calls them- which I very much agree with. Her tag line is ‘Love is Sexy, Healthy is Liberating and Wealthy isn’t a Dirty Word’.

Melissa starts by asking everyone what they have for breakfast and ends by asking them what their morning routine is, what they are most grateful for right now a long with one tip for more love, health and wealth in our lives, and each person gives a totally different answer!

What I love is that although Melissa interviews someone in every episode you get a really good insight into her own life and thoughts because wow, does she have some incredible thoughts and a lot of wisdom!

Melissa’s podcasts focus a lot on health and food but they also range to topics like relationships, parenting, the pill, careers as a coach, finances, overcoming anxiety and depression, sex, ayurveda.

Very recently she has also started a Monday Motivation Series, the episodes are 8-15 minutes long, contain meditation music and she talks simply but powerfully about things like gratitude, being enough, trusting, growing and letting go of our story.

Favourite Episodes:
Conversations with God and Neale Donald Walsh (E32) – I love this episodes and I’ve even gone on to buy Neale’s books called Conversations with God which are so powerful and insightful. It’s worth noting that God can be whatever you want – jesus or the universe and in this episode Neale shares his story of how he became a modern day spiritual messenger which involves a lot of ‘ooh that makes total sense now!’.

Vegan, Paleo, Low Card, High Carb – What’s YOUR Ideal Diet with Dr Stephen Cabral (E59) – Stephen knows his stuff, seriously! In this episode he talks about a lot of the myths that are out there around diets, and most of all talks about how we can’t all follow one diet, which is something I am very passionate about. He explains why we’re not losing weight and what we can do about it. I love this episode so much that I’ve listened to it 3 times and each time I’ve picked up on more on more as it is full of information and definitely needs a few listens to consume it all.

Living a regret free life with Bronnie Ware (E43) – Bronnie has spent many years caring for terminally ill people and from this she got an insight into what people s regrets are which led to her writing a book called The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. In this episode she shares her wisdom with some life changing thoughts and tips on how to live a regret free life and who doesn’t want that??

Get Grateful (E56) – This is Melissa’s third Monday Motivation, its only 5 minutes long but it’s so impactful! (Which is idea of these little series.) If you only have a few minutes to spare listen to this podcast episode about how to be grateful and what it does to your vibration levels to attract more into your life.

best wellness podcasts The meiissa ambrosini show

2 – Soul on Fire by Jordan Younger at The Balanced Blonde

Jordan is an absolute babe and I follow her religiously on social media now. Her podcasts are a mix of interviews and solo episodes, most of them about an hour long.

She’s a blogger which I love too, and although she has been interested in yoga since a young age it’s only very recently that she has started her spiritual journey. She is so passionate and interested in everything, she wants to give everything a go, and when she does she’s great at talking about her own experiences. At the moment she has some health issues which she is really open about, a long with her journey to healing these issues.

She talks to a lot of owners of companies like the founder of the Mushroom Coffee craze, NoBread and Wild Friends Nut Butter. She also interviews people about topics such as Crystals, Astrology, Ayurveda, Shamanism, Manifesting, Blogging, Reiki, Health and so much more!

Favourite Episodes:
Shaman Durek – Tapping into Ancient Wisdom & Shamanic Ancestral Knowledge in a Live Conversation (21 March 18) – This episode is different to her others as its recorded during a live event where people in the audience ask Shaman Durek questions. Shaman Durek is incredibly interesting and he tells you how it is! I’m pretty obsessed with him now and this is very much a life changing episode with lots of wisdom!

Trevor Hall & Debra Silverman – Saturn Returns, Music, Astrology and Inspiration (3 Jan 2018) – This is also quite a different episode as Trevor who is a folk and reggae artist (and an amazing one at that. I now listen to his music on repeat now!), and Debra who is one of the most famous Astrologers are on the show together as they know each. Trevor is into Astrology as well which makes for a very chatty and funny episode. This was one of the main podcasts that got me into Astrology and I learned a lot. Especially Saturn Returns which happen to everyone at around 30 years of age!

Lacy Philips – What We Don’t Own Owns Us. Manifesting Your Free and Native Self (13 Dec 17) – I actually found Jordan’s podcast after searching for podcasts on Manifesting and this is the podcast that drew me in to listen. Lacy is a manifestation advisor which is interesting in itself as I didn’t know this was even a thing. She talks about how to live a high vibe life and celestial beings!

best wellness podcasts The Balanced Blonde Soul On Fire Jordan Younger

3 – Highest Self Podcast by Sahara Rose

I found Sahara as she was a guest on both of the above podcasts where she spoke about Ayurveda. She has a book called The Idiots Guide to Ayurveda which even has a forward by Deepak Chopra who is extremely famous in the Ayurveda World. (He has a book called Perfect Health which I wrote a review about as I loved it!)

Anyway, Sahara is trying to modernise Ayurveda which I love, but she also wants us to understand our mission on this planet and live to our full potential. Her podcasts are a mix of topics with interviews and solo episodes but they all come back to being our highest self and how we can grow.

She starts by asking everyone what makes them their highest self and most of the podcasts are quite deep and extremely knowledgable through her own knowledge and the knowledge of her guests.

Favourite Episodes:
How I Manifested Working with Deepak Chopra and The Power of Synchronicities (E14) – This episode is so inspiring because it really explains how much of a normal person Sahara is, yet she saw an opportunity, went for it, and manifested it into an exciting book which created a friendship with the very famous Deepak Chopra. It’s really inspiring and a great insight into the book writing process, how synchronicities work and how to spot them.

How To Complete Everything On Your Bucket List: Interview with Ben Nemtin of The Buried Life (E53) – I’d never heard of The Buried Life before but it turns out it’s a show that was started by Ben and his friends ticking things off of their bucket list whilst also doing a good deed back to someone, and it even turned into an MTV show.
This episode is very travel related and it’s a really inspiring to hear how you can do more in your own life whilst helping someone else.

Shamanic Activation in the Modern Age With My Teacher Malaika of InMyElements (E55) – Sahara met Malaika in Ubud a few years ago and found out she ran Dance Activation Training which Sahara attended, its a retreat that still runs now. Malaika really looks at the world from a unique perspective and helps people connect to their inner body spirituality which I found so interesting! This is a mind opening episode that’s for sure!

best wellness podcasts The Highest Self Podcast with Sahara Rose

4 – From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen

I love Rachel aka Yoga Girl. I’ve been following her on Instagram for years where she has 2.1 million followers so of course I was so happy when she started a podcast! Some of her podcasts are about yoga but not all of them, in fact not even most of them. Some of them are solo episodes, some of them are interviews.

She started the podcast just as her baby was born so they are very much based around babies and motherhood however I don’t have a baby and I still enjoy the baby related episodes.

Most of her solo episodes are totally unplanned, she talks a lot about her life and real life situations that are very relatable and more often than not ends up crying.

When she does have guests on they are a mix of pretty famous & influential people to her husband, best friend and mum.

Favourite Episodes:
Manifesting Abundance (7 April 17) – In this episode Rachel talks about how she moved from Sweden to Costa Rica at a young age, survived in Costa Rica with little money, met her now husband, moved to Aruba and created what is now a total empire, all through the power of manifesting and manifesting abundance. It’s a great first episode to listen to to get to know Rachel.

Mindful Relationships and Making Sacrifices For Mother Earth with Waylon Lewis (14 Jul 17) – Weylon Lewis created Elephant Journal which is a site I have visited quite a bit but I didn’t have any idea of how it started. In this episode Waylon talks about how he started Elephant Journal and risked it all for the sake of caring for the earth. It’s a very real and honest episode and I now have much more appreciation for Elephant Journal.

Peace, Love and Veganism with James Aspey (20 Oct 17) – This is the podcast that really influenced me to go Vegan as James is an extreme Vegan activist and he has all the facts about veganism! He actually turned Rachel back to being Vegan after this episode too!

best wellness podcasts from the heart conversations with yoga girl

5 – The Health Code by Sarah’s Day and Kurt

This is a pretty new podcast at the time of writing this. I’ve followed Sarah aka Sarah’s Day on YouTube for about a year, she dubs herself as a holistic health princess and she’s very knowledge on staying fit and healthy habits. Her boyfriend Kurt is also really into his health and fitness and also very much into videography and photography.

They created their podcast to talk about health, health hacks, fitness and motivation but also careers, leading a balanced life, relationships and real-life talk that not many other people talk about! I’m very invested in these two so I love hearing updates on their life and the projects they are launching as its great to hear but also very inspiring to see them grow!

Favourite Episodes:
Balancing a Busy Life & Huge Announcement (Ep4) – Although this episode talks a lot about their upcoming projects and what they have been working on, they also talk about how to balance a busy life and prioritize health, fitness, work and a side hustle. They appreciate that not everyone has the same lives as them (freelancing & YouTube) so they have made up people such as teachers and students where they give them advice which makes it very relatable!

best wellness podcasts the health code

6 – Broad New World by Nick Broadhurst

Nick is actually Melissa’s husband (from podcast number 1) and it took me awhile to realise he had a podcast. He has been uploading very regularly, in some cases once a day for a while so he has a huge amount of content. His episodes are all solo and range from a few minutes to an hour, I like this because the shorter ones are very digestible.

Talking of digesting, this is something he talks a lot about as well as Ayurveda, how to live a long life, relationships, past lives and so so much more!

It’s also really great to get a guy’s perspective on these things and hear a man talking about it!

Favourite Episodes:
Ayurveda Series (E21-24) – This series is broken into 4 episodes, starting off with an introduction to Ayurveda followed by an episode each dedicated to the 3 doshas/body types- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. I had already listened to a lot of podcasts about Ayurveda before I listened to these but I still found them really interesting and because they’re all separate and short they’re easy to engage with and stay focused on.

Do You Have Leaky Money Buckets? (E64) – This is a very empowering episode to help get control of our finances which leads to personal transformation and spiritual evolution, it definitely left me thinking ‘ooh yes I need to remind myself of this!’

How To Be a ‘Superior’ Man (E62) – This is one of the episodes where I’m so glad I listen to a guys podcast because he gives his opinion on the concepts around masculinity and femininity and ultimately how to have a really good relationship with someone.

best wellness podcast broad new world nick broadhurst

And there you have it!

This post ended up a lot longer than I intended but when I started talking about these 6 podcasts that I loved I couldn’t stop, and then I wanted to tell you why I loved each episode so much! It was also really hard for me to pick just 3 favourites!

I hope you liked this. Please let me know in the comments below or on twitter- @wandering_quinn if you found it helpful and you are now listening to one of these podcasts as I’d love to know!

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This post contains affiliate links but at no extra cost to you.

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