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A Short Break to Brighton Beach from London.

by TheWanderingQuinn

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As with so many places, I had wanted to go to Brighton for years and I said to myself that I would visit whilst living in London. I kept putting it off until a sunnier weekend was on the horizon but as the British Summer is so unpredictable I decided to pick a weekend, stick it to and hope that it didn’t rain (which thankfully it didn’t!).

Brighton is just South of London and a really easy train ride away (except on a Friday night as I experienced first hand!). I went from Victoria train station and although the journey was not as pleasant on the way there due to everyone finishing work and trying to get out of the city and to Gatwick airport, the journey on the way back to Victoria did take the promised hour and tickets are as cheap as £5.00 each way if you book in advance on The Train Line and not during peak hours.

I stayed at the Premier Inn Hotel which is in a great central location, right on the main high street, really close to the lanes and only a few streets from the beach. From the window I also had a very slight view of the sea and as a girl who grew up in the Midlands aka Middle of England, aka the furthest you can get away from a beach in the UK I was pretty happy!

You can just see the sea!

You can just see the sea!

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Saturday was the day for exploring and as I said, thankfully it didn’t rain and the clouds actually added a certain prettiness to the coast and ocean, I also think they kept a few people away from visiting Brighton so it was a lot less busy.

First stop was of course Brunch! Kooks came up high in the search results of ‘Best Brunch Spot in Brighton’ and it’s only down the road from the Premier Inn so we headed there, surprisingly we didn’t have to queue for a table and had a yummy breakfast!

Always happy when i find a good brunch spot!

Always happy when i find a good brunch spot!

The next stop was the coastline! We headed down to the pier to start with which is pretty much your standard British Pier but to me, going to the sea-side and going on the pier is such a holiday novelty that I enjoyed taking in all the rides and candy floss stands from a perspective of my younger self. My older self however recognised that a pier is actually just a bunch of planks of wood that don’t seem too thick well over the ocean and are holding up not only a few hundred people but some very heavy rides! Also a big note to self was to not get my phone out on the pier as I can only imagine how many people drop their phones down the slots never to see it again!

Happy to be by the sea!

Happy to be by the sea!


So British!


After the pier a walk a long the beach was needed, unfortunately Brighton Council had decided to carry out their beach works during the summer (which seems a little silly to me) so there was a lot of construction going on and in the way of the walkway along the beach which was a bit of a shame. When I was there the famous Brighton wheel had been removed and replaced with what is a rather large pole, known as the i360 Vertical Cable car which is 138 meters high and higher than any other British Seafront attraction/viewing platform.

2017 update – the i360 is now up and running and it actually looks really cool and the view from the top is amazing! you can buy tickets here and I would recommend getting them in advance as it does book out quickly!


View of the seafront and the soon to be i360 in the distance!


Such a cute stall a long the beach.

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Heading onto the Promenade off the beach is quite a nice idea and not as busy, however before long we turned back as I was starting to get a little hungry and I had an ice cream shop on my agenda.


The quite Promenade.

I heard about Boho Gelato from Alfie Deye’s vlog the week before I was going to Brighton as he lives in Brighton and I’m so glad I saw him speak about it as their range of flavours are like nothing I have seen before- Jam Donut, Honey and Lavender, Olive oil, Raspberry and Elderflower, and these flavours change on a daily basis, they had a Gin and Tonic flavour in there the week before, as well as a cheesecake flavour, so it’s safe to say I was pretty happy! It’s also really easy to find just a few streets away from the pier.

[easy-image-collage id=2971]

Next up was exploring the streets and lanes of Brighton, I had heard a lot about the lanes and they are indeed very cute and very small, although any street with colourful buildings and colourful bunting is good with me! Not only does Brighton have all the high street shops and restaurants that you could ever need it also has a huge amount of really nice independent shops, cafes, bars and restaurants which I think makes it quite unique!



Before heading back to the hotel to pick up our bags and do the short walk to the train station we went to see the Brighton Dome, I didn’t expect it to be anything like this and I don’t think I’d seen any photos of it before (which isn’t usual for an Instagram and travel blog addict like me) but I was pleasantly surprised with how pretty it was outside and there were lots of people sitting on the grass and enjoying their Saturday.



My time in Brighton was short but sweet. I’d definitely recommend staying as central as possible as it really helps.

Head to Kooks for brunch and Boho Gelato for ice cream and if you have time which I didn’t, then hunt down those famous Brighton Beach Houses which are closer to Hove.

If you can visit during the week I would, as everyone has the same idea about heading to Brighton over the weekend!

To book your train down to Brighton, check out The Train Line for the best train times and prices!

Oh and watch out for the seagulls, they look like they’re on steroids!!


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LC // Birdgehls August 10, 2016 - 5:03 pm

I fecking love Brighton too. Perfect day trip – at least it was until Southern Rail started being particularly special, cancelling trains willy-nilly and leaving commuters stranded!

Emily March 30, 2017 - 10:39 am

Brighton is an amazing city – I lived there for just under a year and being from the Midlands myself I know exactly what you mean about getting excited about the sea! The excitement didn’t really go away even after a few months!

Next time you head to Brighton you should definitely head a bit further along the seafront to Hove – you’ll spot the iconic beach huts and there are loads of lovely places to eat and drink in that part of the city too! Let me know if you ever want recommendations!

TheWanderingQuinn March 30, 2017 - 1:55 pm

Thank you! Hove is definitely on my list for next time! I bet it was great living there!


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