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How To Visit Brombil Reservoir in Port Talbot & Things To Do!

by TheWanderingQuinn

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Port Talbot isn’t famous for many things if we’re being honest. It’s somewhere I have driven past on the M4 for many many years and I’ve never felt the need to stop there, but that all changed when I started to see photos of Brombil Reservoir on Instagram!

Brombil Reservoir is a great place to visit on a hot day to cool down in its incredible bright water. The reservoir edge is good for children to play on too making it a great place to take children.

But we know Wales doesn’t always have hot days so even if its cold or wet Brombil in Port Talbot is a great place to go for a walk all year round.

You can also do a Brombil Reservoir Walk up a track and see a great view of Brombil from above and then you can continue to walk all the way around the top of the Reservoir giving you a good walk in the Welsh Countryside without the Welsh countryside roads!

In this Brombil Reservoir Guide, I’m going to give you Brombil Reservoir directions, where to park at Brombil Reservoir because there is no designated parking, your options for how to see Brombil Reservoir and some other tips to help you visit!

Brombil Reservoir

Brombil Reservoir
Keep reading for my Brombil Reservoir Guide!

Brombil Reservoir Directions

Located 13 minutes from the centre of Port Talbot by car, 10 minutes from Port Talbot Train Station and just 5 minutes off the M4, Brombil Reservoir is in a great location.

It is easy to reach from Swansea in 30 minutes and Bridgend in 30 minutes too.

The best postcode to use is SA13 2SR and this will take you to the start of the walk because yes, a 10-15 minute walk is required first before you reach the Reservoir.

As you start getting to the end of your drive to Brombil Reservoir you might be quite confused like I was to find that you’re driving through a housing estate, but this is the right way.

You will see a signpost for Brombil within the housing estate that takes you around the back and towards the bridge with the M4 over it.

Brombil Reservoir Parking

The thing about Brombil Reservoir is there is no car park and this may be why many people in South Wales don’t seem to know of this spot, or haven’t known about it until recently.

You will need to park on the road but luckily there are quite a few places. I parked under the bridge of the M4, on a busy day as you approach, you’ll probably see cars parked on the left under the bridge, before it and after it. (See photo below to see what I mean)

There are still a few houses up this way so please be respectful in where you park for Brombil Reservoir. By parking under the bridge you are away from the houses.

The plus is that the Brombil Reservoir car parking is free!

Brombil Reservoir parking
I took this photo whilst standing at the end of the bridge, there were people parked all under the bridge and along this road too which is ok.

Brombil Reservoir Walk

Once you have parked your car you will need to find the footpath that takes you to the Reservoir.

Keep walking up the slight hill past all of the houses and you will see the gate pictured below, a house on the right and a building in front, this is the footpath you need to take.

Brombil Reservoir Directions
Lookout for this gate at the top of the slight hill, this is the start of the walk to Brombil Reservoir.

The footpath takes you under the trees and alongside a small stream and it is easy to follow.

If it has been raining like it had the day before I visited, the pathway will be quite muddy and boggy so pack appropriate footwear.

I saw a few people in flip flops which are probably ok on a dry summers day but not when it’s wet.

how to get to Brombil Reservoir
The footpath to Brombil Reservoir runs along a small stream like this.
Brombil Reservoir
Lookout for this bridge too and you’re on the right path, although it’s not hard to get lost.

After about 10-20 minutes of walking, depending on if you’re walking fast or needing to walk slowly with children, you will come to a point where you can walk two ways.

1 – One way will take you to the base of the Reservoir which is a popular place to sit near the water. To get here you’ll want to keep following the footpath around to the right which then takes you over the stream with stepping stones to help you get across.

2 – The other way will lead you uphill and this is the start of the walk to see Brombil Reservoir from the viewpoint. To get here you’ll take the sharp turning to the left and you can see straight away that the footpath gets thinner and inclines up the hill.

The below two photos help show these two ways so you know which way to go:

Brombil Reservoir
You can just see here that the footpath leads around to the right, this is how to get to the base of the Reservoir.
Brombil Reservoir
There is a sharp corner where the footpath leads to the left which will take you up to the viewpoint.

Brombil Walk to the Reservoir

From the right turning, you’ll soon have to walk across the stream using the stepping stones.

The footpath from here all of a sudden gets very small and overgrown.

It is also is a bit up and down which is another reason to wear appropriate walking footwear, especially when it’s wet, but after a few minutes you’ll be taken to the base of the Reservoir.

There are areas that you can sit along the side of the Reservoir and there is a gradual slope into the water.

Brombil Reservoir
The base of Brombil Reservoir and there are places to sit either side of these bushes.

There is a circular walk you can do from here all around the Reservoir, it doesn’t take long but it is a nice walk to do.

For photo opportunities, I really liked sitting on this wall below because you can block out the people sitting at the edge of the water on the right and just see the beauty of Brombil Reservoir!

Brombil Reservoir Ellie Quinn
I loved this spot for photos!

Brombil Walk to the Viewpoint

This is the more adventurous walk and physically demanding walk.

From the left turning, you follow the footpath up and up and there’s no way that you can go the wrong way.

Once you have climbed quite high be sure to look behind you at a view of the factories of Port Talbot which show just how close you are to them and the motorway but up here you feel so far away!

Brombil Reservoir
Port Talbot Factories in the distance!

The walk to where you start seeing the Reservoir on your right takes about 10 minutes which doesn’t sound long but it is quite steep and I definitely got a sweat on!

But soon you will be able to see the bright blue Brombil Reservoir and for photos, it is best to keep walking until you are right above it!

Brombil Reservoir
Brombil Reservoir
Brombil Reservoir

You can either turn around once you have seen the view from the top which is what I did, but you can also keep walking and the footpath will take you downhill and back up the hill the other side.

From up here I couldn’t quite see the footpath but later on I saw people over the other side so they must have found a path to walk around.

For this walk, I would definitely recommend good walking footwear because it is only a small path, very hilly and I’m sure, very wet in places!

For the best way to see Brombil Reservoir, I recommend walking up the hill first to the viewpoint and then back down and to the base of the Reservoir and walk around the base of the Reservoir.

Tips For Visiting Brombil Reservoir

Good Footwear – I know I have already said it, but I saw a few people in flip-flops and they were slipping and sliding a lot in the mud because it had rained the day before. Trainers are definitely best or good walking sandals and you can also take some flip-flops for when you get in the water to change into.

No bins – There are no bins in the area and unfortunately we saw a lot of rubbish that people had left. Brombil Reservoir is the perfect place to have a picnic but if you take all your food there, be prepared to carry it back and bin it at home.

No toilets – There are also no facilities around like toilets, but you’ll probably be able to find a bush! Just don’t leave your toilet paper!

Not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs – Because of the narrow tracks that will often be wet and muddy, plus the stream that you have to cross the Reservoir is not suitable for wheelchairs and I would advise against taking pushchairs too.

Swimming in the Reservoir – Swimming here is at your own risk as there is a sign advising no swimming.

Good dog walking – You can of course take dogs and it would be a great place to walk the dogs and give them a swim.

I think that’s everything, enjoy your trip to Brombil Reservoir!

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