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How to Manifest What You Want From Your Blog!

by TheWanderingQuinn

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A few months ago I wrote and published a post called Manifesting What You Want In Your Life in 10 Steps. If you haven’t read this yet I would really suggest you head over and read it first to understand how I got into the idea of manifesting and how I think manifesting works from what I have been hearing, learning and experiencing.

In that post, I give examples of things you might want and need to manifest – a new job, a trip, a new place to live. Although they are very possible to manifest they are very general things because I wanted to keep that post as a good overview.

However, one of the big ways in which I think, no, I know, I have been manifesting in the last year is on this blog! In fact, as soon as I clicked with what manifesting is, I realised that it had been happening to me and I had been doing it on my blog without realising it!

I first mentioned it in this post – 10 Real and Honest Ways That I Have Tripled my Page Views in Less than One Year!

For example last summer I was reaching out to a lot of brands and tourist boards via email to see if they wanted to collaborate etc. I only heard back from a few and something only happened with 1 or 2, however around that time I got a few emails in my inbox from people and brands I had never heard of offering me a press trip or a sponsored post. I thought that this was strange and wondered how they found me, and why me out of all of the bloggers out there, but looking back it’s so obvious!

I was showing the universe that I was willing to put in the work, I wanted to work with brands, take my blog to another level, earn money through my blog by contacting people, and that I believed in my blog. In turn, I was creating the opportunities that were being sent to me. Not by the people who I had contacted but opportunities still, and that’s just what I wanted.

I talk about this in detail in my podcast episode of What She Said with Lucy, I’m Episode 12 of Series 2 which you can listen to here. It’s a really positive and honest conversation so I hope you find it useful and inspiring.

How To Manifest Through Your Blog.

I can imagine you are probably in the same situation and I bet that once you have read the rest of this post you will have a few lightbulb moments, and if you don’t I hope this post will help you create what you want out of your blog and/or freelance work life, because just thinking that you want ‘lots of opportunities’ ‘lots of clients’ ‘lots of paid work’ isn’t enough I don’t think.

I am going to use the same 10 steps as I wrote in my main manifesting post but this time apply and give examples directly for blogging.

1- Work out what is it that you want and need, and focus on the why.

What do you want? What do you need to get you there?

Do you want to become a full-time blogger? Do you want to become a part-time blogger? Do you want a diary full of clients? Do you want to go on a press trip to a particular country or city? Do you want just one decent sponsored post to appear in your inbox because you need to earn and save more money this month?

Become aware of the fact that if you are not clear in what you want, you can’t be provided with it. How does the universe know what you want and know what to create for you if you do not know?

I’ve also added ‘why’ to this. As Lucy and I speak about on the podcast, it’s so important to know WHY you want it. Why do you want to grow your stats, is it because you can then monetize with advertising, is it so they look more appealing to brands?

It’s very hard to stay motivated and focused when there is no why, because other wise you will spend a lot of time questioning why you are doing all of this work.

2- Write it down & add timeframes.

Write down what it is that you want after working it out from the above stage, type it into a document or write it into a journal that you keep close to you.

In addition to this and to take it further I suggest breaking down what you want into a timeline. Write down the headers 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year.

Firstly this is going to make you focus even more on what you want but secondly this will keep you on track.

You may want to become a full-time travel blogger but you actually don’t want that to happen until the Winter so that will be in your 6 month plan (for example), then when you’re 3 months in from writing down the plan and feel rubbish that you aren’t full-time yet you can look back and remember that you knew you weren’t going to do it in 3 months, you gave yourself 6 months, as long a you’re on the journey there, that’s ok.

Timeframes help organise things and make everything a lot more realistic and possible. It will also help you prioritise. It can often feel like we have a million things to do and a million things we want to do, but by breaking it down it will help you not get stressed about something that is on your 9 month plan and instead focus on the 3 and 6 month plan first.

Another thing us bloggers experience is FOMO or that feeling when you see someone else going on a press trip or getting a collaboration that didn’t come past you. Writing down what you want will help.

As I said in my podcast with Lucy, for the last 2 years I have been focusing on Europe only as I worked full-time and therefore had limited annual leave. This has meant that I’ve only contacted European tourist boards and brands etc, so if I see someone get a press trip to Asia I don’t feel jealous that I didn’t get asked because I know that that type of trip isn’t right for me now.

Remember that you can only be in 1 place at 1 time and only work on so many collaborations and have so many clients, so don’t go asking for it all. Be specific in what you want and focus on YOUR own path.

3- Put it out into the universe.

Start talking about what it is that you want.

As I said above, I really feel that me emailing brands and tourist boards seeing if they work with bloggers and had any upcoming press trips were what created the other emails I got in my inbox to people I hadn’t approached.

Start emailing people and asking about press trips. If you’re going into coaching, start telling people that that’s what you’re doing.

Write a blog post on it, add bits into your Instagram captions.

Put it out there. Create a vibration.

4- Show up & Work for it.

Bloggers work hard that’s for sure! Full-time bloggers work well over 40 hours a week and bloggers that have a full-time 40 hour week job and blog on top of that can easily rack up a 60 hour workweek.

If you know that you are working hard and putting in as many hours as you can I’m not saying to push harder, you don’t want to resent your blog or burn yourself out. Keep doing what you’re doing,

However, if you are still treating your blog as a hobby and doing minimal work, that’s fine but don’t wait for sponsored posts to come to you or wonder why you aren’t being paid yet. Remember that you aren’t going to grow your stats or monetize without regularly posting and working on your blog.

You also need to keep learning and put money into your learning, not a lot, I’m definitely one for not wanting to spend too much money (although I admit that maybe what is holding me back). However, I have invested in a few courses which I believe have helped me understand SEO and rethinking my blogging strategy.

This links in with my post – 10 Real and Honest Ways That I Have Tripled my Page Views in Less than One Year!

When you’re struggling with the work, remember the WHY. Why are you working so hard on this? Remember your desired outcome and it should help!

5- Feel it and be grateful for it.

If we aren’t grateful for what we’ve been given so far and we haven’t recognised it, why do we think we’ll be given any more?

Think about the opportunities you have had in the past, feel grateful for them. I often think and have even written down that I’m grateful for the internet because without it, I wouldn’t be able to do this. I wouldn’t be able to connect with the amazing people  I have and do connect with daily online. I’m truly grateful for the internet and that blogging is a thing!

Also, think about what it is you are asking for before you even have it. Imagine the feeling of handing in your notice to take your blog full-time. Feel what emotion you will have when you get your first coaching client.

It’s all about vibrations and energy. Showing that you will be grateful for something before you even have it is key I think.

6- Know that you are worthy.

This is another biggy for a lot of us. We compare ourselves so much, number of followers, quality of photos, number of event invites and it’s so easy to put ourselves and our blogs down.

You must believe in yourself! You must believe in your blog! Because if you don’t, who will?

When you approach a brand, approach someone to coach them, put a course on sale, you must believe that you are doing them a service, that you are worthy enough to work with them, that you are offering value.

Firstly, this is business right? If you were approached by someone who wasn’t confident in their job and their ability, you wouldn’t want to work with them would you?

Secondly, it goes back to vibration. Operating on a high vibration is everything!

So go back to your pitch email and next time you send one make sure it sounds like you are truly worthy and that they would be silly not to work with you! Confidence is key!

7- Trust.

Trust that it is going to happen.

It won’t be overnight (unless you are manifesting something that is an overnight goal), that’s why you have written it down and given it timescales, to help remember that it will come and will happen when its ready.

I had a few months of not getting any emails about press trips etc and I did think, hmm is this me done with? Will I get asked ever again? But then I realised that I don’t have any extra annual leave to take in the next few months and I already have some trips booked so actually, even if I did get an email for a weekend away in a few weeks, it’s likely I wouldn’t be able to go.

Don’t wish for things that wouldn’t work for you anyway. Trust that what will work will come around and at the right time.

8- Let it come in its own form.

This one is important. It’s likely it won’t happen exactly how you wanted.

Maybe there’s a brand you wanted to go away with but instead of them contacting you to work with you, you entered a competition, won and got a free trip with them anyway (this is a true story from someone I know).

Maybe you were expecting a full new wardrobe from a clothing brand but they only offered you a few items.

Maybe you didn’t get the press trip to Asia you wanted but you got offered another trip instead which turned out to fit your schedule a lot better.

I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason and I believe that the outcome you do get will be for the best.

9- Stop believing in coincidences.

It isn’t a coincidence that you got that email, it isn’t a coincidence that you were at an event and out of everyone in a room you just happened to speak to a PR person who is looking to work with a blogger or freelancer like you. It isn’t a coincidence that you are reading this.

If you believe these things are coincidences you are putting down your power and the power of the universe. It was meant to happen like that, you worked for it.

I explain why I don’t like the term coincidence more in Manifesting What You Want in Your Life in 10 Steps!

10- Recognise the power.

Lastly, recognise the power that you have.

Once you start to have a few things go your way or you get emailed about something that you had just been thinking about, you will start seeing the manifesting in action but remember to be aware of it and recognise it. Otherwise, you are undoing a lot of the steps above, especially the gratitude and high vibration pieces.

I’ll end on this point:

Put your plan out to the universe, show up every day, do the work, and it’ll manifest as its meant to be.

I really hope you have found this helpful and relatable.

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Zoe August 1, 2018 - 7:53 am

I really enjoyed this post and I’m going to sit down and follow these steps over the next few days. I think you could apply the same process for the blog as anything you desire. I am going to do one for my blog and one for my career! Thank you!!

TheWanderingQuinn August 3, 2018 - 9:21 am

I’m so pleased to hear this Zoe. Yes you can definitely apply them to everything! Let me know how you get on and enjoy the process 🙂

Jessie (The Badass Backpacker) May 6, 2019 - 3:21 am

I love this article. And so many of these ideas can apply to travel and life in general as well: defining your goals, trusting that they will take shape and being positive about them. Great advice!

TheWanderingQuinn May 6, 2019 - 3:37 am

Yes I think so too! Thanks for reading 🙂


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