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How to Spend 24 Hours in Milan!

by TheWanderingQuinn

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With only 6 nights in Italy and 4 places I wanted to visit, Milan pulled the short straw on having just a 1 nights stay and a meer 24 hours in the city. However in this time I left pretty much wanting to move to this stylish city so here’s what I got up to!

I was solo on my travels to Italy however as fate would have it my best friend happened to be there on my first day due to work and my cousin lives just outside the city and was free on my second day so it was nice to have some company.

I stayed at Ostello Bella hostel which is a 1 minute walk from Milan’s Central station where I arrived into from Florence. (Which is a really beautiful station by the way!) I found it really handy to stay here as there was no messing about getting on and off public transport with my suitcase, in fact there was no effort at all in finding it and I was greeted by the most friendly and professional hostel staff and even managed to check into my room early.


Milans Central Station!


The hostels Lonely Planet collection!

My first stop was of course Milan’s beautiful cathedral, the cities most iconic building. I actually walked down to Duomo meeting my friend half way and it was a great way to see the city and really didn’t take too long and already i fell in love with the beautiful old buildings straight away! I had only been away from London for 4 days but it felt kind of great to be back in a big city after being in Pisa and Florence!

Before reaching the Cathedral we stumbled upon what I believe is the most beautiful shopping mall I have ever seen- Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle ΙΙ, the small but large mall is full of high-end designer shops, beautifully decorated with an incredibly high ceiling and it just prove’s why they say Italians are so fashionable!



After walking through the mall we grabbed a coffee at a cafe right by the Cathedral which is something I never usually do as these places are such a rip off and this was a prime example of poor service and a bad product at a ridiculous price, however the location was great and we were both pretty tired from travel for me and work for her so it was fine, and the view was good!




Later on in the evening after seeing the Cathedral and a bit of the surrounding area and having some chill time, we headed out for dinner. Neither of us had a clue where to go but we were told about an area called Brera so we caught the metro to the Montenapoleone stop which was really easy, as was getting a ticket at the machine which costs €1.50 per single journey. We still weren’t sure where to go so we had a wander around, found a nice cafe/wine bar and had some glasses of wine out on the street while discussing how crazy it was that we both happened to be in Milan on the same night and then we headed off to find some nice Italian food!


Because Wine in Italy is a must!

Thankfully my friend happened to ask 2 girls who looked like locals where to go and they pointed us in the direction of street Via Fiori Chiari which was lined with lots of restaurant and decorations due to it being Milan Fashion Week. We knew that we’d find something good in this spot and we decided to go to II Kaimano purely from random choice however it turned out to be one of the best choices we (have ever?) made!


The street all dressed up for Fashion Week!


This heart Pizza was outside the restaurant so keep an eye out for it!

Naturally we started with a bottle of red wine along with some bread, olive oil and balsamic. For starters we had Flower Zucchini which was basically bits of zucchini (or courgette as its known to some) with ricotta cheese and it was deep-fried giving this beautiful cheesy, oily taste to it!

We couldn’t decide which main to have so said we’d order two and go half and half, the lovely waitress suggested they could pre spilt it for us in the kitchen so not too long after we were presented with a plate of half ricotta and spinach parcels and half tagliatelle with truffle and man was the tagliatelle good!!

We did the standard ‘oh no we can’t have any dessert’ but quickly changed our mind when we were presented with the menu, my friend had apple pie and I had the creme brûlée that I had been craving for the past 4 months! So its safe to say we were well and truly stuffed by the end of it but it was well worth it!

I would highly recommend going to Brera if you’re looking for a place to dine in Milan, the vibe of this place made we want to come back to Milan just to go back there and it would be perfect with friends or it could be rather romantic with a partner, and if you’re on your own then just embrace it and enjoy the food alone!

[easy-image-collage id=3642]

The next morning I was off to meet my Cousin, she met me at the Central station and we happened to come across a Cat Cafe aka Crazy Cat Cafe whilst walking around looking for somewhere to have a coffee. I’ve seen these cat cafes in a few places around the world but never been in one and although we didn’t have much interaction with the cats the cafe was obviously quite new so it was a great place to sit and the coffee was brilliant!

[easy-image-collage id=3644]

After coffee we headed towards a street called Corso Buenos Aires which is one of the main shopping streets in the city and apparently it features the highest concentration of clothing stores in Europe!! So if you’re looking to shop until you drop then head there! Shopping was not on my agenda this time so we carried on walking down the street further into the city and walked through a park along the way which is also home to Milan’s Natural History Museum.

The Natural History Museum!

The Natural History Museum!

From here we kept going straight, exploring some of the residential streets of the city with beautiful flats and townhouses and I imagined that if i lived in Milan I would love to live in some of these houses and then I finally ended up back at the stunning Cathedral because seeing it only once in 24hours would not have been enough!


Well thats a cool house!



Because this is Milan!

From Duomo I headed up a street called Piazza dei Mercanti and onto Via Dante where I walked straight up towards a huge park which also features a bit of a castle! This was another great park to walk around and chill in, they also have what seems to be their version of an Arc De Triomphe at the end.





After this it was time to head back to my hostel to catch my train to Venice!

Although I only had 24 hours in Milan I fell in love with the city and I’ll certainly try to take advantage of the cheap flights from the UK to head there again soon as there is plenty more to see!

Milan also works great as a base for Day Trips including a day trip to Lake Como from Milan and a day trip to Bologna from Milan!

To SEE my 24 hours in Milan then check out my Italy Vlog here!




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