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5 Fun & Interactive Online Japanese Cooking Classes To Take!

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Japanese Food is some of the most interesting food in the world but it can be hard to find authentic Japanese food outside of Japan, so why not take one of these online Japanese cooking classes and learn the art of Japanese cooking at home??

Perfecting Sushi Rolls, making Japanese Dumplings using a Japanese Grandmothers Recipe, Dancing on Ramen Dough, and testing your Japan Food Knowledge are all things you can do from the comfort of your own home by partaking in one of these Japanese cooking classes online.

But, if you don’t want to do a live interactive class, you can also follow a Japanese cooking video online and then cook Japanese food at home in your own home!

I have loved my visits to Japan and the food in Japan is one of it’s best draws, although there are plenty more reasons to visit Japan!

So whether you want to bring back some memories of Japan from your trip there, or you want to visit Japan when you can, take a Japanese cooking class online like this and you’ll be transported there!

Japanese Cooking Classes Online

Japanese Cooking Classes Online
Keep reading for Japanese Cooking Classes Online!

1 – Make Sushi Rolls At Home With A Pro

Have a craving for a really good Sushi roll? Join Hide who is a Japanese professional sushi Instructor and learn how to make Sushi Rolls properly!

This is a really interactive online Japanese cooking class where he takes you through how to make decorative Sushi & California Rolls correctly step by step and once you know how to do it with the help of his Japanese cooking class, you’ll be able to make your own professional Sushi Rolls at home anytime!

He gives you a list of all the ingredients and utensils you’ll need on his page so you can be ready and prepared to make the best Sushi Rolls!

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Price for this Japanese Cooking Class Online: From £19.00

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Japanese Cooking Classes Online sushi
Learn how to make the perfect Sushi Rolls in this Japanese online cooking class!


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2 – Cook Gyoza From Scratch Online Japanese Cooking Class

Gyoza are Japanese crescent-shaped dumpling filled with a minced stuffing, steamed, boiled or fried!

Kai who lives in Tokyo will share with you her family recipe of how to cook pan-fry gyoza, soup gyoza and fried gyoza all from scratch!

She gives a list of ingredients that you’ll need to bring with you for this Japanese cooking class online and from her impressive 4.99 ratings on Airbnb Experience, other guests loved what an amazing host she is and how she interacts with all the guests well.

She can help you make Gluten Free Gyoza if you wish which is really unique and she will give you some interesting facts about Japan if you are missing the country or hope to visit in the future.

Time: From £11.00

Price for this Japanese Cooking Class Online: 1 hour 45 minutes

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Japanese Cooking Classes Online gyoza
Cook Gyoza in this Japanese Cooking Class Online

Test how much you love and know about Japanese food!

Book onto a Japanese Food Trivia Night with Yuma, a culinary-trained sushi chef and owner of Ninja Food Tours in Japan!

This experience is a combination of fun trivia games and a virtual visit to Tokyo with pre-recorded high-quality videos. They will take you virtually to Japan’s biggest fish market, a kitchen town, a professional kitchen, and more! Perfect if you are missing Japan right now or plan to go soon to get a feel for what it’s like!

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3 – Make Ramen By Dancing on Dough!

This is an incredibly unique Japanese online cooking class because not only does Manami take you through how to cook Japanese Ramen from scratch but she makes it extra fun and interactive by including a cooking step where you dance on the noodle dough!

That’s right, step 3 of her Japanese cooking class online is kneading the noodle dough with your feet by putting the dough in a bag and dancing on it!

She knows how to bring a party to your kitchen whilst also teaching you how to make this popular Japanese dish!

Time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Price for this Japanese Cooking Class Online: From £18.00

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Japanese Cooking Classes Online Ramen
Make Ramen at home with this online Japanese cooking class

4 – Japanese Souffle Pancake Japanese Cooking Class Online

Do you want something sweet?? Japanese souffle pancakes are a light, fluffy, mouthwatering treat that are served in cafes all over Japan so if you’ve been to Japan before, you’ll probably remember them!

These pancakes are a fun addition your breakfast, brunch or dessert so make them from scratch with your host Kenji.

Kenji will teach you step by step in this Japanese online cooking class how to make his Grandmothers recipe whilst telling stories of his Grandmother and life in Japan.

This is one of the really good, unique and interactive Japanese cooking classes online which you can join as a team, family or on your own.

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Price for this online Japanese cooking class: From £11.00

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Here’s my 2 week Japan itinerary for first time visitors which will help you plan yours and you can adapt it whether you’re in Japan or longer or less time.

5 – How To Make Ramen at Home Video

Ramen is one of the most common Japanese dishes and if you’re looking for a Japanese cooking class online that is free on how to make Ramen, then have a watch of this Japanese cooking video.

It is filmed and edited in a really calm way, Audrie has listed all of the ingredients needed in the description so you can be prepared, watch the video to see exactly how she makes it and either cook along at the same time or make notes and cook it at a later time.

This Japanese at home cooking video has over 2.7Million views and 238K likes which shows it is very popular!

Price for this online Japanese cooking class: FREE

I hope you’ve found these Japanese Cooking Classes online helpful!